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  1. I was thinking that or Thermite.
  2. You can't really take away all of the grind but I can see why they took that function out. It makes a load of sense, something was stacking in a way that made the game less involved and didn't really make a ton of sense thinking of this as a "real world" environment.
  3. Creegz

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but the planet is too hot during the day and too cold during the night to go outside. I wish I could farm the cysts on the Warframe in a tube instead of on the frame.
  4. One question I have regarding Wisp is whether or not the 2 cast can be sent in any direction or does it have to follow a path that is level to the ground. I'm thinking Spy missions with vertical puzzles.
  5. I would love K Drive leveling to be a little faster. I enjoy the K Drive when I use it, which is mostly when I just want to pass some time but not really get into anything.
  6. My issue is that I am literally not capable of hitting Profit Taker in the week. Otherwise I am fine with everything else considering it's relatively simple to get geared up for some of it. That said last week my clan spent a bunch of time trying to get one newer person up to par so he could achieve some of them. So it's more of an end game event, which isn't the end of the world. But the inability to hit Profit Taker hurts my perfect score thus far.
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