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  1. I was really excited for this update as I’ve always enjoyed RJ since it hit. I had with all my components ( Lavan Shields, Vidar Engines, Zetki/Vidar Reactors) all maxed out. I also had all maxed Zetki MK3 weapons so I decided to jump right into the Veil missions. So far it’s been a blast. The gameplay for me is really fun and the addition of a crew allows to me to have a chill time as I play solo and don’t mind taking my time with the new missions. Considering how the new missions are playing out I also don’t mind the Flux to Energy change as I don’t have to constantly run to the forge to fil
  2. Yesterday I was trying to complete the Nightwave Intermission challenges on the Plains and the Bounties kept failing due to enemies not spawning at all. The missions in particular were the Liberate Camp and Sabotage Supplies phases. With the Liberate Camp the enemies failed to spawn but the area controlled still drops to zero. With the Sabotage Supplies the Grineer carrying the Supply Drop Beacon doesn't spawn at all and ultimately the timer runs out. This seems to happen especially after chaining bounties together. Whats bizzare is that the drop ships carrying grineer either spawn at the edge
  3. Thanks alot for this thread. I did my last Orphix today and this advice helped me grind all the stuff I needed including all of the legendary arcanes and most of the rare ones.
  4. Bumping this thread. It's already possible to disable Ironbride mid air so why can't it be activated mid air. Can we also have a more specific input for the Ironbride heavy attack while hovering. Sometimes while hovering Bonewidow will do the slam attack out of nowhere sending you completely off the stage. Thanks for bringing this up. I genuinely thought my controller was causing this. I've lost count of the times I raged because of this.
  5. The game is extremely bugged after this update. Getting stuck in operator mode and not being able to use your Necramech until some kills you. Please fix. Thanks
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