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  1. The best thing for me about Hildryn is her Larkspur and her Surator Syandana. Other than that she's just chilling with Baruuk and Revenant somewhere on my Orbiter.
  2. Might be bugged after the update. I used mine the other day and it was on both hands except for when carrying the data mass.
  3. Saryn is one of my top frames but I hate her deluxe. That flower and those boots kill me everytime🤦. One can only hope they give her a second one in time.
  4. I doubt DE would do that but it would really break the current mould of Nekros/Hydroid being indistinguishable from farming(Khora and Ivara are ok cos they can fulfill other roles besides looting). I wonder how many players are actually playing Nekros/Hydroid for the sake of playing them and not for extra loot? This would only work if Desecrate also delayed the time corpses take to disappear or freezes them in place for x duration. Otherwise you would have to spam it after every few kills to get the most out of it. Hence why its a set and forget ability currently because they disappear too quickly for the player to cast the ability.
  5. Yeah Nekros' design is pretty dated. Having a frame function as the prime farming utility really reduces the whole Necromancer concept behind Nekros. I wanna see some floating skulls or something.
  6. Yup lets upvote guys. Where is the Ranger Theme? Looks more like Khora or Gara. Hell could even pass for an Equinox with those colours lol. DE can you please give us a Ranger Theme?Thanks
  7. Is there a support option one can use to notify DE. I watched a 30min stream and watched the Dev stream but nada.
  8. Honestly I expected it to be worse this time around but its kinda manageable I guess. Glad they left the Arca Plasmor alone this round cos those rivens are slowly becoming trash tier. RIP Rubico though. Soloing the Profit Taker is really gonna more fun than it already is. Isn't this the 3rd cycle that it got nerfed? DE should really consider not nerfing a riven more than two consecutive times.
  9. Ok. I've been playing her for a few weeks and she's a great frame. Her passive is cool and I really enjoy her Haste mote on weapons with otherwise low fire rates and slow melee weapons. Can't complain about the Vitality mote as survivability is always a plus for me and the CC from the Shock mote is great. Her Breach Surge is better after the recent buff but could still use more utility. The only issues I have are: 1)Vitality not working on Companions: not so much on Kavats and Kubrows etc but on Sentinels. I mean abilities like Oberon's Renewal already affect companions so why not the Vitality mote? 2) Sol Gate really doesn't fit her style. I hardly ever use this ability. I mean it looks cool and all that but during actual gameplay slows her down and more often than not will likely get you killed higher up. It's the Tenno Chest Beam with cool graphics but without invulnerability. I hope this ability gets reworked honestly because it feels weird not using a Warframe's Ultimate and makes her feel incomplete, in my book anyways. Off the top of my head I'd suggest keeping it a damage dealing ability but without hampering her movement. How about her opening a stationary portal still in the shape of a large ball or large flower staying with the mote theme. The portal irradiates and possibly blinds enemies within its radius and fires bursts of homing solar blasts at all irradiated foes. That way she's dealing damage without remaining stationary, the ability has utility in terms of CC and the damage scales with Power Strength as per the usual. If not this then something tying directly into her Wisp theme. Skyrim had Wispmothers that summon Wisps that drain the enemies life. In this case possibly have her summon Solar Wisp spectres that reduce enemy armor and damage enemies over time for the duration they are still active. Anyway thats my two cents.
  10. Wow. Was thinking about this earlier after wanting to cast Avalanche while bullet jumping into a crowd. Gonna be awesome.
  11. Same sentiment here. Woke up this morning ready to start grinding for Equinox Prime and her weapons but I am really put off. Sigh...
  12. Expect more of the same next cycle. Its just dumb.
  13. Arca Plasmor again? Vectis again? Corinth? What are you guys thinking? If you want me to use a bad weapon over a good weapon how about boosting the actual stats of those bad weapons. If said 'unpopular' weapons become 'popular' due to these changes does that mean they're getting the nerf bat next cycle? Also if popular weapons like the Arca Plasmor still remain popular can we expect even more nerfs? Well at least if you nerf the Plasmor again it will be at 0.5 and hopefully you guys will finally leave the weapon alone.
  14. Really enjoyed the Exploiter Orb. Was the most fun I've had in a while. The whole thing was really compelling and the story made you want to take down the Orb. Melee combat was fine till this morning's recent update. I first had major issues with my wireless Xbox 360 not working at all. Then it worked all of a sudden but the melee and movement was completely buggy. For some reason crouching is bugged now. I experienced two different crouching animations with one being much lower than the other. Bullet jumping is no longer smooth as the player gets stuck in the crouching animation alot of the time. Also sprinting and crouching doesn't always cause a slide now and with the Tatsu does some kind of a lunge meaning slide attacks don't work. Reload times are longer on weapons like Tigris Prime and Vectis Prime because the automatic reload is interrupted by the melee and you have to manually reload the weapon each time you switch from melee to those weapons. Maybe look at increasing Reloads Times across the board. Hopefully all these can be looked at but all in all the updates have been good. Thanks
  15. Thanks DE. This made me give Defection another go and I got the Systems after about 5-6 games. Still at Rotation C but I wouldn't have done so without this change. In the same token I also tried my luck with Khora Systems and got it after 1 game so 2019 is off to a good start😃 Hopefully now I can play without goggles😂😂😂
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