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  1. Thanks alot for this thread. I did my last Orphix today and this advice helped me grind all the stuff I needed including all of the legendary arcanes and most of the rare ones.
  2. Bumping this thread. It's already possible to disable Ironbride mid air so why can't it be activated mid air. Can we also have a more specific input for the Ironbride heavy attack while hovering. Sometimes while hovering Bonewidow will do the slam attack out of nowhere sending you completely off the stage. Thanks for bringing this up. I genuinely thought my controller was causing this. I've lost count of the times I raged because of this.
  3. The game is extremely bugged after this update. Getting stuck in operator mode and not being able to use your Necramech until some kills you. Please fix. Thanks
  4. Ok so I've done my fair share of grind for this event. Upon researching how to get higher scores I find out that you actually have to farm the sentients spawning around the Orphix while trying to kill it as fast as possible. Isn't that abit counter intuitive to the actual goal of the mission? Also what happens to all those sentients that disappear or die when you do kill an Orphix? Aren't we supposed to at least get some points for those? I am forced to play solo mostly due to Strict Nat issues. Currently I can complete an Advanced Mission in 40min which gives me 733 Phasic Cells. Looking at A
  5. I noticed this earlier while trying it on my Necramech. It's definitely semi-auto burst instead of full-auto. I hope its a bug cos it feels wierd since I've spents hours in Railjack with this being an automatic trigger.
  6. Yes I appreciated this as well. Only problem is that I bought Lavos parts only for them to drop a few runs later. 😂. I hope we'll be able to trade extra blueprints back to Father for Phasic Cells. If not I'm gonna hold off on buying anything till close to the end of the event. Which is gonna be hard.
  7. Hi DE. Really loving the event. Its fun and challenging when things go smoothly. I also appreciate the fact that we have dual ways to obtain the blueprints as opposed to only needing Phasic Cells. There are however a few issues: 1) The markers on the Grineer tilesets , especially the Gallion, need to be more accurate. Countless times I've been sent in one direction only for the marker to move in the opposite direction effectively ending the match because the timer has reached 100%. Another solution could be to freeze the timers until the player reaches the designated area as in the case
  8. Yeah. But I guess the OP loves both missions unlike alot of players who want to get them done quickly and efficiently.
  9. Levelling on Hydron? Sanctuary Onslaught? Are you kidding me? What do you think people are doing there?
  10. Well its clearly the most glaring issue and at least the one DE saw fit to try and fix. Also no one is saying Fetch will fix the Pets issue. But by solving the Vacuum issue we can all move along and focus on whats really wrong with pets in general. This is besides the point. The OP is suggesting that Vacuum be made a menu toggle instead of a mod. I can get behind that. DE has taken what many regard as a QOL feature and turned it into a mod. Thus making the mod mandatory for those players viewing the feature as QOL and hence the loss of a mod slot. Thats the best way I can put it
  11. While some are crying over Overpoweredness I'm looking forward to seeing if it can outperform my Zaw. If it does then goodbye Zaw cos the weapon looks hot as hell. While you guys are letting the power creep you out I intend on enjoying the game.
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