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  1. Some feedback after the hotfixes: In spite of the changes to armor and health of enemies they are taking even longer to kill. Devs need to review those changes and test them ingame. Health Bubbles in the Veil are making missions extremely difficult especially with the health increase. Elite Outriders in the Healing Bubbles are the worst. There also seems to be an issue with empty Crewships still firing off Healing Bubbles. This needs to be fixed. In fact DE should completely remove the whole Healing Bubble concept. The whole mechanic makes no sense and giving the tankiest enemies in RJ healing capability just serves to prolong already time-consuming missions. Just drop the whole thing. The 3 second invulnerability is great but can this apply on entry of Points of Interest as well. Or don't let enemies spawn at the entrance of the Asteroid Bases and others. Let them spawn further inside giving players time to set. Still on the to-do list should be the enormous resource cost for repairs and the crazy RNG we have to deal with. Also the stat overlap between components and their classes are way out of order. I just got a Zetki MKIII Reactor with 10 avionics and 270 flux. Is it even possible to use this?
  2. I've taken a break from Kuva Liches honestly. I'm fine with everything including grinding Murmurs but the Requiem Relics are pushing it. They aren't even properly integrated lore-wise. Corrupted Fissures have zero to do with Kuva Lich Requiems. Yet here we are having to use Void Traces to refine them instead of something like Kuva gained from killing Thralls or Murmurs. Considering all the layers of RNG with the 5 Forma Weapons, Stats and Ephemeras DE could've spared us and placed the Requiems in the Market. 20k credits for a random 3 pack. Once we've completed the Murmur grind and know which Requiems we need, we buy the Packs and deal with the Lich. With the condition that you need to get all your Murmurs before being able to face the Lich. That's off the top of my head anyway but would've been much simpler than grinding for Relics, doing Fissures and sitting in Trade Chat. All that after a few hours of Murmur Grind. I just hope they overhaul the current system and if possible completely remove the Relics from the system. As it stands they are totally unnecessary.
  3. Its my go to for any healing I need on frames with no innate healing abilities. I was never a fan of Life Strike old or new anyways. On the topic at hand I would welcome any buff on healing cos why not. More healing is always better.
  4. Maybe it's a matter of perspective but I don't really care about Volt's speed. Gauss works perfectly for me on both Orb Vallis and POE and is personally is my go to frame over Volt. The way he traverses large distances especially water bodies is way more fun. But yes any decent augments will be welcome.
  5. Yeah best to make peace with it. It looks like they are done with Gauss.
  6. This bug is frustrating the hell out of me. 40min plus matches and loot all lost cos I have to abort.
  7. Well I was watching a video of Tactical Potato and it looks like a nerf is coming. My question is why though. The other Archwings are outrightly bad. Their abilities don't work in RJ. Their survivability is subpar. At some point DE has to realize that just looking at the numbers without looking at the "why" is not the way to go.
  8. At the end of the day let us not forget that this is just a video game. Give the good souls at DE a break.
  9. Lol. Are you still on this tip?
  10. Damn thats rough. Thanks for the heads up though.
  11. Whatever. I know I did and I know enjoy it and it still can't be compared to Grendel. Stat. 👍
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