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  1. - How will lich levels work with Empyrean? Whats their max level? What do we get from making the liches stronger? - Will we be getting more lich types/personalities next year? - Will there be more types of railjacks like how we have types of landing ships (Xyphos, Mantis, etc)? Would something like that be farmeable or plat only? Unrelated but I would like to ask again : - If kuva variance transfer is allowed, will you be implementing that for all variants in the future? It sure its demoralizing to put formas onto a weapon that could get primed/vandalized/wraithed SooN(TM)
  2. With the adition of requiem relics, the demand for void traces is higher than ever and its feeling very taxing get enough traces for both the regular relics and the requiems. Are there any changes planned for this? How will the level of the kuva liches work once empyrean is out? How high will their level be and what do we get for leveling them up before vanquishing/converting them? What happened to the "dual wield 1-handed-melee + secondary" idea? Discarded or pushed to phase 3? Prefered - With the adition of fusing kuva weapons, I feel there is an argument to be made about regular weapons and their variants having access to the same system. We have a lot of weapons that dont have a prime or vandal/wraith variant yet, weapons that me and a considerable amount of people have invested formas in; weapons that wont see the light of day in at least 6 months and up to 2 years in the future. Is there a chance of having this functionality for all weapons? either through some consumable item or otherwise?
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