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  1. It would be respectful if we were allowed to craft 2 forma each day at the very least. You increased the range and the damage it deals. Is this the way you test things? buff them for a while and then see if its used more?. This is ridiculous. You could very well do a simple hard cap of damage to each enemy, something like preventing damage above 40% of the total health (either ever or in single cast), but I guess golden maw, a single enemy found in a single place, has priority over the rest of the game and cannot be made status inmune... Everything else is great. Why is it always like this? great stuff that makes the game better but also, a handful of incomprehensible decisions that make no sense and stick like a sore thumb.
  2. A digital or synthesis related warframe. Cephalons and The Weave are by far one of the least explored ends of the lore, surely Suda loves Octavia and Simaris had Khora's remains in his basement, but who enforced orokin cybersecurity? who was responsable of keeping the sentients from infecting The Weave all this time? perhaps a long-exiled warframe could have been standing watch all along and never had a reason to return to reality...until now. This warframe would need to follow the trend of all things Cephalon being designed for science first and war second, giving deadly functionalities to otherwise odd tools. Considering the design of recent warframes, I think this theme could serve as a way to experiment with more semi-permanent "structures", maybe this warframe can deploy something along the lines of Simaris's technology which needs to be kept working...by murdering everything around it, off course. All Cephalons stand out in their own way, this warframe should do so as well.
  3. Only now, 3 years into playing this game, I've realized there are only 4 songs for missions and a handful of 6-8 short motiffs from older trailers used on profile and in market dioramas. Could there be a chance to integrate those short motiffs into the mission music selection? even a simple fade-in could do a lot to keep music fresh. Also, any chance we will get back the thunder sfx we had for melee slams and heavy attack? those were great and stealthly removed 😛
  4. I think there could be a simple compromise about the back-breaker bussiness: instead of instant killing, halve the health. The ability to retaliate is the only thing that makes liches special in any way, to take this away is to turn them into a pretentious bullet sponge.
  5. That mission results screen seems way too crowded. Maybe it would be better if it worked like the index/rathuum/sanctuary results screen, with multiple sliders. If I want to look at my mods, I want to see only mods, not blueprints or whatever else I picked; likewise for everything else.
  6. Slingshotting into a ship about to explode deletes the player model from memory but the player location object remains in the dojo scene after returning to drydock. This didnt happened before this patch.
  7. Still no comparative stats for wrecked armaments...
  8. Please enable the wreckaged parts to be compared in the sidebar when selected; like how it does with the components...
  9. There is a problem with alternate shift run in both archwing and railjack missions where it takes priority and translates player collisions every second, making boarding ships a dead end. I just lost 1 and half hour trying to battle this bug and lost all my progress with the mission. This has been in effect since april or so, fix it already.
  10. - How will lich levels work with Empyrean? Whats their max level? What do we get from making the liches stronger? - Will we be getting more lich types/personalities next year? - Will there be more types of railjacks like how we have types of landing ships (Xyphos, Mantis, etc)? Would something like that be farmeable or plat only? Unrelated but I would like to ask again : - If kuva variance transfer is allowed, will you be implementing that for all variants in the future? It sure its demoralizing to put formas onto a weapon that could get primed/vandalized/wraithed SooN(TM)
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