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  1. @Kontrollo Has DE ever responded to the Conclave community on the forums? I mean they were active in the beginning but now it just feels like screaming into the void.
  2. Honestly at the point Conclave is now I'd rather they take out all the broken stuff so that it becomes playable again. I mean they took out Ember and Wukong and it may be controversial to say but It's better than leaving them in with one shot abilities (looking at Khora).
  3. I find oberons 4 oneshot potential farily boring as it's kind of a "no skill" move that also restricts everybody thus making it unavoidable.
  4. I have to disagree, conclave got it's own balance and adding such mods to it would just break any semblance of said balancing as you mentioned mods affecting the "time to kill" and "dps". And regarding your argument of Warframes and Weapons needing mods, Conclave got it's own balanced mods, so I don't exactly understand what you want to say.
  5. Maiming strike did not get nerfed it just got moved to conclave. :]
  6. I'm too lazy to cite stuff here but I agree with @Stormdragon on most things. I also think that some PvE players lack a certain "Live and let live" attitude, I mean what has conclave done to harm them, I mean it's clearly not content for them if they hate it so much, I mean I have never seen a PvP player say delete PvE.
  7. "...or even acknowledge these issues exists." That is the problem #1 in my opinion, there is 0 communication with the conclave community and DE also the half-hearted "we got a permanent conclave dev who is working on main content" meme is really getting ridiculous, a dedicated dev not being on the content he's dedicated to doing is like just making him a PvE dev. Like wasn't Joebuck supposed to be the PvP dev so this stuff doesn't happen?
  8. Well they could also just disable melee like they did to Wukong, Ember and Vauban.
  9. Please for the love of god add back air melee momentum, it just feels off to not get boosted mid attack. I always used it for mobility to make jumps which normally would not be possible or quickly change direction. Also some combos just stop you dead in your tracks which just feels bad.
  10. Mercy kills are way too much of a bother. And by the time you get to make them the enemy has enough slash procs to kill him anyways.
  11. Will the reworked frames also be removed from Conclave like Wukong?
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