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  1. I already tried that My worry is that DE isn't aware of the issue haha I sent a ticket but from experience it's a few days at least until I get a reply Who knows what's happening but it's gonna hurt because of all the new players who saw it at e3 And download it on switch to find they can't play it and will probably just uninstall straight away
  2. On my login screen it says Warframe the Jovian Concord 2019. Is that the build that isn't up yet or what?
  3. Yeah makes me wonder how many people are in the same situation as us tho Should be a whole lot right?
  4. Same issue. Really frustrating I have heard of warframe accidently releasing future builds of the game that are unplayable but other then that modifying IPv on the switch is beyond me Can play warframe on my Xbox and pc why not the switch
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