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  1. Guess that's the only reasonable explenation of current Ephemeras' situation 🙂, and certenly is sufficient to put my mind into rest. Thank You Very Much for that Mate ^^. to point it out, In my Opinion there is a rly big gap in logic behind introducing the Ephemeras in Warframe, but after all they are just meaningless cosmetics. Probably ill try again to get schocking and frozen ephemeras in the future, but after 100 fruitless fights with Exploiter even a thought of facing it again is nauseating. Gratz to those who fought with RNG till the End.
  2. In devstream 123 the crew said that Ephemeras will have to be "earned", and you'll need to face a specific challange to acquire the Ephemeras. Maybe that's my mistake, but i understand "earning" as doing specific task and getin' expected gratification afrer completing it. When Rebbeca said about challange i was hoping for something like 'prodman poster' on index. Instead it's RNG all over again which has absolutelly nothing to do with "earning". I know it probably just a matter of semantics, but i rly was hoping for some challenges. For excample, I never was tempted to go beyond 16 round of ESO, but guaranteed drop of Blazing Ephemera would be a great motivator for that. In my case, words that i heard on Devstream are the only reason i treat this case different then excamples that You gave above. Not gonna start the discussion that there are also the alternative ways to acquire some of those items or ways to dramatically increase the chances of droping their parts with some time, ducates or patinum investments, cos that's not the point. Implementation of those items never was marked with "You got to earn them" statement (at least i dont recall that). With Ephemeras case was different, and proof of that is quite easy to check. Just play dev123. They talk about them around 40th minute.
  3. You're partially right mate. You need to play the game for a while to unlock every map, farm resources and whatnot to be able to get components for Ephemeras. That requires some skill and knowledge, and may seem challanging for new players. Agree on that. Nontheless the proccess od acquiring their BP has nothing to do with skills or knowledge. Dude on MR1 that has never fought any Boss in this game can get Smoking Ephemera while doing for example public Lith extermination Fissure cos other player was marked by Stalkie Boi and manage to defeat him. Thats the real problem here mate, acquiring BP's is based on pure luck, and has nothing to do with skills. And please dont get started with statements that you need to progress in game to be able to participate in some game mods. That doesn't change the fact that every one of Us eventually starts from the same position. "thats my first attempt to get x Ephemera", and it does not matter if you are mr 27, 18 or 9. From that moment, every one of US struggle with mercy of RNG, which has nothing to do with skill, knowledge, dedication or preparation. I'm trully astonished that some of You guys managed to overcome bordom and frustration and fought RNG till the end doin 200-300 runs. I gave up after 100 without getin' single one from Exploiter. As i said earlier I spent over 20 hours without getin any miningfull reward. In the same time my friends got both in few runs after spending 2-3 hours. As I and many, many Others said earlier, DE blew the chance to make Ephemeras truly unique cosmetics that could mean that player who got them is one true Badass. Now it's token that says: "I was lucky". I dont need them to show off, i just rly like some of them, but fighting with RNG isn't funny for me, therefore all I ask is a alternative way to get BP's. I would preffer to get a guaranteed chance of blazing ephemera after wave 30 of ESO and i would prepare and face that challenge instead of doin' ESO all over again till wave 8 and hoping for that 1,01% chance.
  4. I have made 100 attempts on ephemeras that drop from exploiter orb and didnt get a single one. At 50-60 attempts i was angry, now im only extremally dissapointed. After 20+ hours of farming Im sittin on 14 articulas, over 2k thysts, zodians, servofishes' parts and other staff that is completely useless to me, but hadnt achieved what i was aiming for. Im done with trying for now. Maybe next time I'll have more luck. The sadest thing in this situation is that when They introduced Ephemeras in devstream 123 They pointed out that they will be earned. Damn, my hopes rised instantly. Was hoping for challenge like farmin' John Prodman on index. Something that you need to put quite some effort to even get close to accomplishing it. Instead we get not only a RNG festival, but Ephemeras as cosmetics got stripped from their uniqueness. Now When you see someone that wears blazing, schocking or any other ephemera you dont think: "dang, that dude knows how to play, went an extra mile to get that", but rather "dang, that dude was lucky". In my opinion, they wasted an opportunity to make Ephemeras truly unique thing. Guess that fear of criticism from wide group of players that wouldn't be able to complete challenges made DE change the approach and They decided to lock them behind RNG's mercy. There is a lot of great solutions for that situation in this tread and many others. If DE wants to give all players a chance to get Unique Cosmetics, they sure can useRNG low drop chance mechanic, but in my opinion They should give us alternative way to truly earn them. For example: 1,01% from rot C of ESO and guaranteed drop after finishing round 25 or 30 for Blazing Ephemera. This is an simple way to eat the cookie, but still have one. All players would have a chance to drop them. Some by pure luck with RNG mechanic, some by putting an effort in earning it. DE, please, Just give us a chance to make our own decision on that matter. Cheers!
  5. I tested her a bit more today and got a few insights. I know a lot of people mentioned it above, but i think that the more we'll underline the most crutial aspects, the more chance that DE will consider changes. First and foremost the damage decay is unproportional to the time that is required to build dmg. On ESO you build your dmg for a minute to lose vast majority of it in 3-4 sec. Not to mention missions like defence where a pause between waves of oponents is part of design. But seriously in current state playing her can be rly stressfull, especially on higher tiers, where ability to output high dmg often affects survivability. Im not a supporter of faster dmg stacking. 10 cap sounds quite resonable (15 or 20 would be better in my opinion), but dont force us to moding her for duration just to keep stacked dmg (which in fact is also sub-optimal solution -like a band-aid on artery). What struck me rly hard is that your team mates are now your worst enemies in some situations. was runnin ESO with fellow equinox. With over 2k dmg stacked i try to put new spores on spawned enemies and press button, in the very same moment my team mate nuked them with maim. And all my stacked dmg just vanished. Thats rly not fun at all. Reassuming, I love the direction you heading with her, Gameplay now requires more active approach and i rly hated "press button and forget" mechanics, but in current state gameplay is a bit stresfull 'couse of fast decay of dmg, and risk that youll lose it all by casting ability on enemy that will die before it reaches him. Much slower decay would be (in my opinion) a solution that could balance that the spores no longer spread when they kill enemy. It would be realy beneficial to the gameplay if you had a few seconds to spare when your spores kill the last infected oponent, not worrying about that when youll find next one, your dmg will be cut in half or so. I hope that current state is not Saryn's final shape, and look forward to more changes. cheers
  6. After few hotfixed saryn's testdrives i must say that changes are generally heading in good direction. Love the idea of more active gameplay instead of "cast and forget" mechanic, but there are 2 things that feel strange. For one, current changes makes Saryn the energy hungry monster again, and this is something that we all hoped will never happend again. In curent state, Need of high efficiency is blocking a number of different builds (for ex. str and range oriented) or forces us to play saryn in team with energy providers like EV Trin. Second thing is even more strange. With complete removal of spore spreading after it kills the oponent, it (as someone wrote above) forces you to race with your own ability. If you get the oponent first and manage to pop the spores you run to next fellow with hope that he wont be killed by spores before you reach him. I totally get it why You try to remove the mechanic that allows player to wipe whole map full of waves of respawning oponents with one button push. Its boring as hell and frustrating for rest of team members that are unable to even see the enemy. But on the other hand runing like crazy and hoping to beat your own skill is not a good solution in my opinion. I guess that the best solution for that situation would be either changing energy regen ways for Saryn (maybe return of toxic lash energy regen? ) or return of spores spreading after killing oponent but with hard cap on number of affected enemies.
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