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  1. I really like the rework. I've put a reactor on him and went straight for Arbitration and survived, even managed to resurrect other dead team members, Only one point of feedback - using 2nd or 3rd ability cancels run toggle which makes it really annoying to press it again after using the skill, anything can be done about that?
  2. I had good time with season 1 of nightwave. Highlights: I got motivated to do Lua challenges which I always hated, I've run some vault and nightmare missions which I have not done in a very long time. What I really really wanted and it didn't happen - since you gave us Saturn six captura scene I was hoping that some kind of "kill the wolf" fight will be happening there since the map was ready, maybe like the last tile to a map instead of Saturn boss hangar tile. Downsides: wolf hammer parts drop chance and insane price of said parts, wolf was too much nerfed for the tactical alert. Side note: I really liked the wolf fight before the tactical alert, slightly too long, but overall a nice challenge.
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