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  1. Just like in the past once, seems like the bug where Alad V and Zanuka stand in place frozen without fighting back at all during the entire fight is back, just experienced it in a Kuva Flood mission. EDIT: Was playing solo with Nezha if that helps
  2. You are supposed to shoot the green center point, not cast it again while its out, and if you have Piloting 10 dont accelerate into it as that will also detonate it
  3. So there's two bugs that im aware of when exiting Railjack buildings IF you press the space bar and skip the exiting out of the building with your archwing cutscene. First one involves the Asteroid Hangar, when there's two buildings in the mission. The other buildings spawn points for exiting players when the Asteroid Hangar exists in the map are overwritten by the Hangar's one. Here's an example where doing it out of the Pulse Turbine teleports you to the Hangar. Here's one where doing it out of the Shipkiller platform does it too, and in this case i hadn't even wandered close to the hangar previous to this, as you can see by Cephalon Cy doing his "investigate this hangar" speech when teleported into it. This one is specially weird considering the Shipkiller platform actually only has the exiting animation in this situation. In a mission like Ruse Warfield where the Shipkiller is the only objective around, the player is instantly teleported outside of it when exiting, without any cutscene popping out, as evident in this other video Now the other bug around skipping this animation for exiting the Pulse Turbine when the Asteroid hangar ISN'T around to override it's spawn point. The player is placed inside the empty space of the building, making it impossible to progress with the mission if the player doesn't have the teleport back to the railjack with the omni intrinsic, forcing them to have to abort. If there's an angle where you can return to space from inside it i haven't found it in multiple attempts EDIT: As far as i'm aware, for the asteroid hangar bug, it also overrides the exiting point of the crewships when skipping the exiting animation too
  4. Happened to me twice today, after a host migration in ESO, the conduit you jumped into and the host didnt progress towards works fine, but on the next conduit you jump into and beyond the AI stops working correctly, they no longer shoot players, they only wander around aimlessly, unsure if this came with a reduced enemy spawn rate along with it, since i noticed a lack of enemies, although that might have been cause of them hanging in their spawn points
  5. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  6. To add to this bug, you seem to be able to bypass it if you first farm all the needed toroids and mass donate them, but if you happen to donate the first 3 alone or one by one, it wont let you donate the 4th, as shown before
  7. I personally always max out Little Duck's syndicate points donating the necessary ammount of crisma toroids in order to max out, even if it wastes standing out. Since the new update came out, it's not letting me donate a toroid that would put me over the limit. For example, no matter what i do, it wont let me donate a Crisma Toroid that would overcap by 2000 points, letting me no other option that to go farm smaller toroids in order to get the full Standing cap each day. Before this update i was able to just donate enough Crisma Toroids to her, not mattering how many points i was "wasting", as it was faster than going and farming smaller toroids. Upon clicking it, it does nothing and the text for Total will just flash around
  8. Thanks a lot DE for the fix! 😄
  9. So after hotfix 27.5.4 where the change to Baruuk's desolate hands now sharing it's daggers with teammates and defense objectives without consuming his own charges, a bug has appeared where desolate hands tries to, unsuccessfully, share daggers with any of your companions, be it a pet or a sentinel, and throwing the daggers at them up to half your max charges. This of course repeats itself on recasts. It happens in all maps and game modes as far as im aware. Carrier Prime example Kavat example Current stats in case it's relevant
  10. There seems to be a bug around this update where now daggers will try to fly on cast towards your sentinel or pet, but instead fly into the sky or hit the ground as they cant seem to attach to them
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