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  1. Spira prime dagger ribbons are showing on the tip of one of the daggers held when Oscira throwing weapon skin is selected.
  2. It doesn't have to be it's main strength. Warframe is a game of creativity and creativity has expanded so much now. Throwing in more individual ideas is now a great topic for the community and DE can value that. :)
  3. DE. Will you give Necramech or Necramechs the option to auto pilot in future content and provided with a cephalon similar to Titans from Titanfall? The Titans each had a class and their own AI personality and voice. They are incredible machines and I have recently created a custom voice and it seems to suit the Necramech's role. I will be making a demo and an experience for players i come across and can have a listen while I am in a Necramech.
  4. I can no longer trade with players and clan members at Maroo's bazaar and clan dojo. I can't even see them in the relay and they do not appear in the chat list.
  5. Will there be new mods that will be exilus and provide punch through or fire rate in smaller values for future content.
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