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  1. I did, for what ever reason nothing apeared. I try to do my homework before asking something like this. My guess is I got a very bad end of luck.
  2. Ah, now I am slightly saddened. I will keep an eye on it incase it changes because I really hope I can one day move from Play station to PC
  3. I figured I should ask that question. I mean, I understand if it is a cloud save based on an account, but with the new Consoles, well, I thought it would be nice to be able to transfer said account to another system. I mean, I plan to not upgrade, just play all my games from the PC, but literally spent thousands of hours into Warframe, and I fear looking into how much money I spent into it too, but I really don't want to lose all that and start from the begining just because I chose not to have an upgrade in the consoles. I am sure others have similar stories and me digging around about
  4. Still thinking on stats, but a few things I thought of adding after some thinking. First, augments. Heated Rays adds Blast Damage, causing Rays to explode on contact. Light Speed Armor changes the properties of Light speed ring, causing the player to have increased mobility instead of damage when a ring is picked up. This covers all movements such as reload and melee speed. Light Sword and Shield becomes twin swords that doubles damage output at the cost of some efficency. For the Helmith, Rays is the ability you get for sacroficing the frame, though I am not sure how well this
  5. I always seen her more as an illusion type of frame more than controlling light... I mean, ya illusions could be light monipulation, but still.
  6. This is an idea that I been playing with, seeing Warframes kind of can do things that, well, kind of break physics, example in case, Frost can litterally turn your entire body into ice in a fraction of a second. Anyways, to what this Frame is, this frame has the ability to monipulate light, using it as a tool, weapon, and defense. I know it will be a caster frame stats wise, but still playing around with how it would be balanced out. For now, its abilities. 1. Rays. This ability grabs and freezes 4 slivers of light over the frame's arm. This ability will act as a secondary weapon, but
  7. Well, for now my biggest hope is we don't get "Copy paste" kind of deal, I mean, I am fine with how it starts out being the same or at least super similar, but if we are going to be chalanged to take down the other factions, I hope it is somethign besides just glyphs in an order, like maybe for the Corpus you have to hack them, or the Infested its a form of toxin/antitoxin kind of thing where you carry the items into the mission as gear to protect yourself form them or use a life steal mecanic agenst them. Also, if they do like the did with the Kuva weapons... anyone here curios what a "Kuv
  8. Ah, that I was unaware of. I was just thinking how interesting it would be to have posibly 3 kinds of trouble on you at once. Also, just to be hones,t I really hope it isn't dropped to the back burner and given a "basic" thing like our Railjacks... or the kiddos growing up.
  9. I am not sure if these are in the works or not, but I kind of had this idea that the other factions might look at the Grineer Liches and would like to copy that "Success" seeing they kind of do counter the Tenno. Now really quick, I know that Liches Spawn because of Kuva and Kuva is kind of limited to Grineer. These are more so just my ways of thinking of how the factions might get around that. First, the Corpus. Being the more Robotic faction, I would imagine they would invest quite a bit into trying to figure out how to defeat, capture, or even harvest Warframes, hell, its already happe
  10. I might have skipped over it when looking at all the new shinies... So on that part I would have to say is my fault. And I agree with that... I kind of had the thought of maybe it would mark/highlight wild Kavats in the Deralic.
  11. So, I am sure we all know the "Wounderful" sentinal that is the Oxylus. I wanted to sugest a small rework involving its "Mods" and a secondary weapon for it. First, the mods. Scan Aquatic Life Forms This... the only good thing about it was the "Fishing hot spots" for me, but I don't think I ever, EVER used it outside of the plains, so I have no idea what so ever if it shows up locations on other open worlds. For now, I will think yes. Now for my sugestion for the rework. Scan Life Forms It will mark fishing hot spots and animal track starting areas (the scat) on your mini map. As
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