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  1. I have around 100+ platinum missing. Recently I had around 280 platinum, and I bought the 370 platinum pack for $19.99. After that I bought the 30 day affinity and 30 credit boosters which was 400 platinum. From there I attempted to buy a friend the Gunsen with a 50% off coupon I had, but it didnt let me because they didn't meet the level restriction (I dont remember exactly how much platinum I had but I know it way more than enough to get the Gunsen with the coupon). I also bought weapon slots for the 12 platinum. About 2 days after all this I noticed I only have 84 platinum and besides those 3 things (and the attempted 4th) I haven't bought anything, nor do I see anything new on my account. If someone can please help me find out what went wrong so it can be fixed I would really appreciate it.
  2. Have the moa do what looks like a scan, and depending on the enemy types in a mission have it make a different noise and will have a short physical response. For instance on missions where infested enemies are after the scan it'll make a sort of fearful high pitch screech type of scream and it'll take a couple fearful steps back. Then on a mission with grineer after the scan it'll do a little distasteful low pitched set of beeps and disappointed head shake. Then the same for the others just different emotions for each.
  3. As the only person in my clan that does anything for rooms and decoration, I can 100% without a doubt say my clan isn't winning anything. On a more positive note good luck to all that participate.
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