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  1. I'm genuinely disappointed by the fact that DE is still trying to solve problems with this broken system. Remember the time when they added LoS check for Trinity's EV? It was so ridiculous that you can cast EV on something - which requires you to see them to begin with, and not receiving the energy because the LoS check somehow failed. Turns out little has changed over the years.
  2. Only on PS4 Chinaframe if I recall correctly, plus you have to get it through lottery or buying an absurd amount of plats. But yeah, it's just madness, which is why I don't even care about it despite that I am from China.
  3. I would not call rush building "not nearly so expensive", because it is as expensive as the market. While you can pay 35 plats for 3 forma instantly, rushing a forma costs you 10 plats, plus the effort of getting a blueprint. Personally, I think building time & rush costs should get a general revise, especially on consumables which are used in large quantities. I can wait a whole day for a catalyst to be built, but 24 hours to build a forma while I'm literally burning dozens of them in the same time? Not okay, especially there's hundreds more are waiting to be built. The build time d
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