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  1. Equipping an Oxylus with the Scan Lifeforms mod will force all conservation encounters to be pobbers (if you are host or solo). To fix it you need to equip a different companion (or remove the mod), and return to your ship. Shy explains this far more eloquently in her video
  2. chronos280

    Bolarola Conservation trails only created if client

    Ok so it seems the issue (for me at least) is that pesky oxylus. The precept appears to give more conservation opportunities but also converts them all to pobbers..... To fix it I had to not only remove the oxylus, but switch to another sentinel/pet/moa and go back to my ship, after which I could find all types again.
  3. chronos280

    Bolarola Conservation trails only created if client

    I've just bought the kubrodon lure and started running into this bug too. There are several people who've reported this issue, but equally probably lots without the issue. @Taverius do any of the following apply: Recently equipped the Oxylus Swapped out the pobber lure in your inventory for one of the other lures (I realise all of them can still be accessed) Completed the conservation emblem These are the only things I can think of, as I bought the lure yesterday, then caught three kubrodon completed my badge and went to bed. Today I equipped the oxylus and swapped the pobber lure for kubrow lure in my inventory and headed out to conserve. Since then I have been unable to find anything but pobbers if I am hosting/solo. I have tried removing the oxylus, swapping back the lure and removing the conservation badge, but the issue persists.
  4. chronos280

    Limbo advice needed

    Yeah my bad I meant to type rescue not capture, though at times it feels like it would be simpler just to capture the taret with the AI in place 😛 Never had an issue with heavy gunners shooting into Limbo's bubble, at least other than the firing as the enter, in which case they get a few shots at most, possibly I've just been lucky. For spy missions the sentry drones will only trip if you do 4 then 2, if you cast 2 then 4 the drones will not trip until they unfreeze which should be plenty of time to complete the vault
  5. chronos280

    Limbo advice needed

    His 3. Anyone in the rift within a radius (based on range mods) of limbo gets "infected". When infected enemies leave the rift they are immediately put back in the rift, as are any enemies within a small radius around them. As a bonus they also take a small amount of damage and are knocked down. Killing an "infected" enemy spreads the "infection" to nearby enemies. Uses are relatively limited. You can use it do get a free knock-down on enemies which with a minimum duration build can keep a small group of enemies rag dolling constantly (see video at end of post). You can use it with your 4 to keep a large group of enemies in the rift while you come out of the rift, or you can use it with 4 to keep enemies frozen as the radius shrinks and lets them out (this can be useful for soloing an interception sortie with max range). Finally there is an augment which gives you a tonne of damage if you have lots of people caught with this (30% per enemy). Best weapons for limbo are large burst damage weapons like the tigris prime. You dash out of the rift, shotgun someone in the face and then dash back in to reload. Also useful can be something with a rapid fire to take out those irritating nullifiers. Finally for melee I would recommend something hard hitting (not necessarily fast) and ideally with slash status and some method of healing, as this lets you rift then freeze a tough enemy then go to town on him healing yourself and killing him with the slash procs which never wear off as the enemy is frozen in the rift. For example I take Tigris/Arca Plasmor, Synoid Gammacor, and a heavy polearm zaw as my standard loadout. Yeah Limbo is squishy as hell. I almost always run primed flow and quick thinking as Limbo has tonnes of access to energy. This will stop you getting one shot by most things, and then you can recover with life steal from your weapon and just getting more energy. The new mod rolling guard is pretty cool too, as it gives you the ability to dodge out of the rift, be briefly invulnerable to shoot people then dodge back in to wait for the cool down to recover. For the most part though Limbo shouldn't be getting shot, either you are in the rift (and enemies aren't), or enemies are frozen, or you are you have specifically come out of the rift because you know you have a safe window. This is one of the hardest things to learn and how you can normally tell the experienced Limbo players. There is a great video by Triburos which goes over most things you can do with Limbo. One thing to note though is that in the minimum duration knock down build he mentions, DE halved the duration of Limbo's 2, meaning with minimum duration your two is basically non existent now, though to be fair it wasn't seeing a huge amount of use in this build anyway. Bonus round - missions: Assassination - Limbo can do these, but I wouldn't recommend it, there are much better methods. Capture - Slide into the rift, sprint through the level. Slide out of the rift to shotgun the target in the back. Slide into the rift and capture downed enemy. Defection - Eh Oberon says hi, don't bother doing these missions unless for the sortie or farming Harrow. If you insist then you can use the same trick as in captures rescues to keep the targets safe from enemies but it's still going to suck. Defence - If it's a sortie defence then you can rift the operative so that they don't take any damage, if it's non sortie then stick a cataclysm over the objective (bonus points if you've a Mesa or other nuke frame who can sit in the bubble safe and getting free energy). Max duration low range. Excavation - Hail to the King baby Limbo's here. You range will depend on the enemy being faced. If it's infested the flying enemies can shoot through your bubble so you want some extra range, I use 184%. If it's corpus go small to avoid nullifiers screwing you up. If it's grineer do whatever you want (standard large bubble salty teammate rules apply). Exterminate - Eh doable but not Limbo's forte. Hijack - Eh doable no special tricks I'm aware of. If it's not a sortie then you don't have the nullifier bubble so maybe you can feed it shields while being in the rift? Interception - If against Corpus standard cataclysm rules apply keep it fairly small so that they don't pop it. Obviously not an issue against the other two factions. Ideally get as many enemies trapped in your cataclysm as possible and don't kill them so that they stop spawning. If not against Corpus and on a small map you can use a max range build to solo this. Cast 2, 4, then 3. Refreshing 2 whenever it runs out, and recasting 3 whenever you recast 4, again don't kill enemies just CC them. Mobile Defence - Stick bubble on point, rinse repeat. Small bubble if against Corpus. Note you can't insert the data if cataclysm is up so wait until the point is activated. Rescue - Slide into the rift, sprint through the level. Unlock the doors in spoiler mode if necessary. Slide out of the rift, cast 1 on the hostage, slide into the rift, sprint back to the exit cackling while nobody can hurt the operative (note your 1 will not be cancelled if the operator enters a nullifier bubble only if you do). Build should be maximum duration. Sabotage - Run through the level in the rift, pop out to do sabotage stuff. Extract. Note that the void version has a boss fight at the end which is possible, but again not recommended. Spy - Head to the vault. Cast 2 then 4, this will destroy all cameras in range and freeze enemies in the rift. Walk through lasers as you don't trigger them while in the rift, use spoiler mode to hack terminals. Limbo is arguably one of the fastest spy frames. In the rare occasion there is a nullifier in the spy vault you can still pop the cameras, but then you will have to use 1 to freeze enemies. Survival - See exterminate. Bonus tip, Limbo hates nullifiers. Press 5 to use spoiler mode and get rid of them. You can use ctrl + space in this mode to send them ragdolling hilariously over the map. Just be aware that while you're playing pinball with them your timers on 2 and 4 might be running out.
  6. chronos280

    Gara Stat Stick Behaviour

    So as you probably know Gara's Shattered Lash scales based on her weapon/weapon mods, and based on how much damage you do with it you can boost the damage done by splinter storm. I was running a few tests and noticed that my heavy zaws seem to have an innate damage bonus. Wondering if anyone can explain this? Testing as follows: Gara with 130% strength Equip melee weapon with no mods Cast Her 2, then cast 4, go outside of her 4 and cast 1 (holding for slash damage) Splinter storm gives 325 damage as base, and after casting her 1 reaches 1,365 damage with almost all weapons I use. However with my two heavy blade zaws I reach 1,729 damage. (Vargeet Jai II, Shtung, Dokrahm and Ekwana II Jai, Shtung, Dokrahm) I have tested with a zaw dagger and I reach 1,365 as "normal" and have also tested with heavy blades (Paracesis, Gramm prime etc) and all seem to hit 1,365. Is there something obvious I'm missing which explains this?