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  1. I had to farm her twice because I sold ALL the pieces convinced I was building them, and those were extras. I feel you, good luck.
  2. I really like the recent deluxe skins, I just feel like they are given to the wrong warframes. I will surely buy this tho, I do not mind a buff Valkyr.
  3. I give discounts even just to get rid of the items I am selling. I don't feel like I have to, regardless if someone buys one thing or fifty. Also I usually take off 5 to 20 plats if the buyer has to wait for me when I am in a mission, depending on how long they have to wait. My page on warframe.market specifically states "If you need me to lower a price, ask. Rivens too". Only players I make no exception for, and show no mercy to, are the ones who bother using the copy paste whisper and edit the platinum amount to try and scam me out of 1 to 10 plats in the hope I won't notice.
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