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  1. I get that, and by no means I wish to harm the creators of those amazing skins. I do apologise If it looked that way. I assume I will just let it be though, provide feedback over the stuff I´ve purchased and see how to adapt to them.
  2. I like how you just assume I didn´t. Regardless, there have been exceptions where a refund has been possible, so this is why I was asking. I am sorry for asking a question, because I see that nearly everyone who replied did it to be hostile and not to actually provide anything. A no was enough.
  3. Mine was just a question, to be fair. I´ve gotten my answer at the first reply. Regardless if I can ask it or not, I am still no longer happy with those items so it won´t change my opinion. That is simply why I´d like to get one, if it´s not possible then so be it.
  4. I don´t like it anymore because DE decided to make awful changes on everything. I have spent my money willingly on an item looking one way, and it has been this way since forever. I don´t have to like the changes, and also those items are no longer what I have paid for. And yeah will most likely do. Thank you. :)
  5. Because I had a legit question, so I asked. That´s why.
  6. Hello, I´d like to ask if it´s possible for me to get a refund on Tennogen items. I own Mithra Valkyr and Opticor and Napellus Saryn skins, but since yesterday´s update I no longer like the way those items look and they are honestly something I wouldn´t have paid for. If nothing is done, can I attempt a refund request or there is really nothing I can do? I ask in case someone is or has been in this situation.
  7. Saryn Napellus tennogen skin helmet is now animated? When walking around the bun on the back of the head it´s bouncing up and down, meanwhile the longer front part gets weirdly pulled left and right. While standing still the top part is squeezed into my warframe head. https://imgur.com/a/DrYSN4w Meanwhile on the market the top part of helmet looks like it´s getting pulled above Saryn´s head. https://imgur.com/cGqXjNK
  8. Please hotfix the Napellus tennogen skin, the helmet is entirely ruined with it randomly moving and getting stuck into Saryn´s head... https://imgur.com/cGqXjNK This is how the skin looks for me in the market.
  9. So what happened with the Saryn Napellus tennogen skin? What are those weird animations the helmet has? Also the top part gets entirely squeezed into my warframe head, meanwhile in the store the texture are simply pulled above. Please, fix this...
  10. All I hope for is that it won´t be a Friday release. I´m down with waiting next week if needed. But yeah wondering how come certain stuff disappeared aswell. :/
  11. You will be able to earn relics for Valkyr and Saryn Prime in the Void and bounties in PoE and Orb Vallis, if they keep on following all the past unvaultings.
  12. I don´t mind it. Don´t like it, don´t dislike it. I don´t care about farming Kuva, but I do think DE should moderate the Riven prices. Some prices are really dumb, and I think no mod is worth 1k plat or more. Not even 500-600. Kinda agree that a more rewarding system might make rolling Rivens less frustrating for some, and the price of 3.5k for a roll should get lowered a bit too. Silly how 40 minutes in a survival are enough to do 3 rolls (maybe more if lucky with booster + charm). Also Riven disposition changes aren´t necessarily a bad thing. I wouldn´t mind seeing more weapons being used, on the other hand though this is clearly not working. Maybe they should "pause" with this and make more weapons usable before.
  13. Please, Fix the K-Drive bug. Second time I get stuck on it, unable to get off and help my team. None of the commands were answering, all I could do is move around. Also, once killed, my character just started flying still unable to perform any action besides using abilities.
  14. Are we going to get some sort of "Vacuum" for Titania tho? It´s kind of annoying having to fly so close to the ground to loot, I feel like we should be able to loot more easily if we are playing with a Sentinel or Pet.
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