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  1. I only bought Khora due to I really wanted her, but when the game mode to farm her was just introduced it had countless issues. Didn´t feel like farming for hours risking to lose it all to a host migration. But besides that, I farmed all my other ones.
  2. Please, Fix the K-Drive bug. Second time I get stuck on it, unable to get off and help my team. None of the commands were answering, all I could do is move around. Also, once killed, my character just started flying still unable to perform any action besides using abilities.
  3. Are we going to get some sort of "Vacuum" for Titania tho? It´s kind of annoying having to fly so close to the ground to loot, I feel like we should be able to loot more easily if we are playing with a Sentinel or Pet.
  4. Loved your Equinox Divisa skin so much I couldn´t resist. I hope to see you working on a Revenant or Khora skin at some point! Keep up the good work, you´re great!
  5. I know it´s not as important, but still waiting for Kubrow´s textures to get fixed. :/ I´d love to use mine, but he looks all weird. Anyways, thanks for everything. ❤️
  6. Please fix Kubrow´s fur textures too. 😞 But yay, prime Vault and new weapon! ❤️
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