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  1. The mission has been run twice without going back to the dock, first time we got 1 Oberon drop, and second time around we got it 4 times. It was pretty incredible to see it this many times in the same run, but the drop chance doesn't feel nearly as low considering we got it another once or twice when we ran the mission again. I shall test it though, running the same Railjack mission 2-3 times in a row, and see if we get an overwhelming amount of the same drop again.
  2. I guess I'm really just hoping it is an unintentional change, as "punishing" anyone who didn't buy a bundle is silly. Anyone can have second thoughts and decide to buy the rest of the items. Especially when they are Baro only items, so there's all the rng of what is he bringing next, and when.
  3. I purchased multiple bundles after buying the skin separately, but it seems like after the latest update something went wrong and you're unable to buy bundles if you already own something from it. As I said already in my first comment, I've made a bug report a few days ago already to point this out to DE. Multiple others have reported the same issue too.
  4. I doubt it, as players have asked a million times to be able to purchase bundles for discounted prices if the skin was already owned and it simply never happened. I just think that right now their main priority is taking care of railjack issues, and they will eventually revert it to the way it was. Just wish they would have slipped in a fix before Baro, so no one would have had to miss out on the armor. I have the same issue as I've purchased pieces before.
  5. Same issue that has been happening with Deluxe bundles, if you own the skin, you can no longer purchase it. I made a bug report, I believe yesterday or a couple of days ago, there is sadly no workaround (Since we can't buy individual pieces) till DE changes it back. :( I highly doubt it was an intented change.
  6. I love these so much. You're doing an amazing job, they're fantastic!
  7. I think they match the actual Lich armor, but I am not even 100% sure. I believe if the icon is purple, then the armor is purple, if red, then armor is red too and so on.
  8. Not saying the new RJ sucks, I am quite enjoying railjack in fact. I am just annoyed at the rewards. They made it simple for anyone who already most likely has both warframes,(So you just don't need to farm them again) and complicated for anyone who doesn't and needs them. I just don't see the point. :(
  9. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Opened the market to check out not owned deluxe bundles, even if I did own the skin already. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Open the market, and look up an unowned deluxe bundle, of which you have bought the warframe skin already. EXPECTED RESULT: Being able to purchase the bundle. OBSERVED RESULT: Inability to purchase the bundle, as it shows as "owned" because of the skin. REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time.
  10. Maybe it doesn't happen with all bundles? I do not own the Vauban skin, so I can't check. :( I'll drop it in a bug report just in case. Definetly doesn't seem like it's intented. Edit: Just noticed you're playing on console. Probably why it isn't an issue for you! Maybe the latest update messed it up for us on pc.
  11. I would still prefer getting Oberon parts thrown at me left and right outside of railjack. Did a Skirmish in Veil Proxima, got x4 Oberon Neuroptics as a "bonus" reward. What the heck. Edit: I do agree with OP though. Moving Ash + Oberon to railjack wasn't the wisest choice. Can't wait to tell my low MR friends that we can go happily farm Oberon against lvl 80-90 Grineer.
  12. Can confirm that you could buy bundles even if you already owned the skin, as I ofc bought multiple deluxe skins, and then decided to buy the full bundles... However now it isn't possible, as it says it's already owned. Most likely not intented, it will probably get changed back.
  13. If you're worried about steam account security, you can download the steam app and activate steam guard so whenever you login, you'll need a code shown on the app. Meaning someone will need to steal your steam name, password, plus phone to enter which is very unlikely. (Although you should still take the usual security measures, like changing password every 1-2 months or so.) Also WF has a 2FA too, that will send a code on your email whenever you login from a new unknown pc. Edit: The only thing that happens when you connect steam to warframe, is being able to use the market and ma
  14. Some will say yes, some will say no. To me, as long you're playing the mission and doing your part, you're not leeching. Doesn't matter if you move around or not.
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