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  1. Thanks for all the replies. Upon further reflection i thought it would be better if they separate this from existing mission goals and just call it a new "Scavenge" mission where you are put in a randomly generated high level area where you have to scavenge for supplies, find secrets and kill enemies to get rewards, not finish the mission as fast as possible. If only to diversify it from current ones and make it feel like a "new" mission type.
  2. When i started playing Warframe i was one of the players that opened every container and cache as well as killing every enemy encountered no matter the mission i was in. I found it very satisfying to do so because it reminded me of Link in legend of Zelda and breaking pots and bushes in order to get useful items. As i continued playing the game and got all the starter resources i needed though, the game devolved into a speedrun fest where all the rewards i need are at the end of each level. For example when farming relics, kuva or void traces, i just select the mission i can do the fastest and speedrun it in order to get the reward at the end, there is no exploring the level, breaking containers or shooting ALL of the enemies encountered (or in short full- clearing/exploring the mission). And that is where the boredom starts for me. I can bear to hear mom telling me that "this is a capture mission" only so many times before i get bored and mute her. "I know this is a capture mission MOM, this is the 60th time i run this mission in a row..." As i am sure you are already aware, DE, there are many types of players that fit in several categories. I like exploring and figuring how things work more than i like being as efficient as possible to get a game carrot or focusing on the social aspect of the game (thus i mostly play solo). But for a player like me, there isn't much to do once you leave the starting areas of the game. Sure, you could argue that you added a few things to find out in Fortuna, like how to get past the electrified passage one of the caves or how to reach an unreachable place with a few containers in the middle of an underground lake which i am sure 90%+ (if you are offended by this random percentage that i used for the sake of emphasis then pretend i said "most") of the players haven't even found yet. Hell i am sure that even i haven't found them all yet even though i do like searching for things like that.After finding these two and seing that you didn't put any reward behind them i didn't have any reason to explore for further places like these. Fortuna feels a little bit like Fallout 76 in that regard. You come across something peculiar like an electrified passage, search your surrounding to find out how to get through, see the cable, look around some more look at the tire, jump on it and have a nice "A-ha!" moment, only to find a few seconds later that all this was all for naught. You might find a few random containers or a few more places to mine some ore but apart from that nothing particularly interesting. Going back to normal missions now, as i said before once you get all the mats you need, there is no need to continue with exploring anymore and you just run each mission as fast as possible to get the specific reward you selected said mission for. That's a problem that needs to be addressed because it becomes boring pretty fast for players who like to explore and are at end-game levels. One way to do so is to implement high level missions (since this is for end-game explorers, not early game ones who already have a lot of things to "break pots" for) in the range of 80-150 with specific rewards that drop from the enemies as well as containers and caches. Think of a rescue mission that you don't do in 1 or 2 minutes but stay for 20+ breaking every single pot, opening every cache and killing every enemy you encounter and after rescuing the prisoner you actually defend him from incoming enemies while also searching for pots to break and containers to open instead of rushing to the exit while paying little attention to what is happening to him a la speedrun style. This could easily be achieved if enemies,pots and containers in said mission could drop: 1. Credits as a common drop, even players at end game need these and index announcer can be very annoying at times. 2. Kuva as an uncommon drop, you know we need it cause of the rivens we need to roll, give it to us in more types of mission. (i swear if that girl bullies me one more time by calling me a disgusting flesh thing i am gonna report her...) 3.Void traces as an uncommon drop. Void trace farming usually devolves in speedrunning a capture mission. Do not want. 4.Relics as a rare drop. Unvaulted and ranging random from lith-axi. Running low level mission for lith relics feels like a waste of time with fully decked out frame and weapons. 5.Vaulted relics as an even more rare drop. Again ranging from lith-axi and maybe only from a glowing big cache stash that has a very low chance to spawn each mission, rewarding full exploration of the level even more. And ofcourse, no other rewards. No mods, no endo, no other resources. This idea would not work in defense or other missions which generated a fairly small map size and of course excavation already provides way too many relics so it wouldn't really work really well there as well. But i think for all the other types of missions it would be a nice change of pace. Or better yet, you should just separate it from existing mission goals and just call it a new "Scavenge" mission where you are put in a randomly generated high level area where you have to scavenge for supplies, find secrets and kill enemies to get rewards, not finish the mission as fast as possible. As far as the little secret places in fortuna, why not add a guaranteed toroid spawn in every one of them? Toroid farming is already easy enough with the orb fight so it wouldn't affect game balance much but it would provide a nice incentive to explore more of fortuna instead of just running to each mission marker and doing the missions as fast as possible. I hope you'll think about it. Thanks for reading, Tl;dr: End game player rewards being almost always only at the end of each mission is a bad design decision as it discourages exploring. Plz fix.
  3. Thanzilla

    New warframe concept: The Archon

    1. The ability does stagger all enemies (except for status immune ones), you just have to use it twice if the enemies have shields. 1st cast absorbs and 2nd stuns/knocks them prone. The frame has enough survivability as it is imo. As i said before you should try building a mesa for shields and take some bullets to see how she fares. 2. This ability is an activation ability. It starts your shield recharge on activating it and let's the recharge be uninterrupted by hits or magnetic effects or whatever might stop it. The amount it recharges depends on your recharge rate and shield total. It also increases the overshield limit and keeps recharging towards it. It is a pretty strong ability. That's why i gave it a cooldown. Players could play around with Rolling guard, the new immunity on roll mod, go on operator mode or stun things with 1 while the ability is on cooldown. I vehemently despise channeling abilities and i think they don't fit in warframe unless the channel is really short. Inaros' 2 is unusable in missions because it introduces the dilemma of actually standing there and channeling (aka doing nothing) or actually dealing with the mission objective. That's why i always use Inaros' 1 if i want to regen or CC. I will probably not even bother using this ability if it is channeled and will just rely on arcanes like i do with inaros. 3.I have doubts about this ability as well.If the devs feel like it is too hard to implement or something else would fit better then by all means, change it to whatever is best. Creating clones of you might be another idea, or projecting yourself where you aim and teleporting to that location while damaging everything in your path might be another. If you guys have any other ideas for the devs then please feel free to share. 4.Reversing it makes no sense to me. It is really hard to obliterate one tough enemy with a warframe ability (because the tough enemies have a lot of armor+health or take reduced damage from warframe abilities) unless it is damage over time and even then we have warframes that do that on a big aoe (saryn/volt etc). Even if you do tweak the numbers to fit that then it still becomes an ability that you don't have to think much about using. If it's a tough enemy then you press 4 and it dies and if it isn't then you get the dmg reduction. There is no choice in building for it. You just go for aoe and strength. I like my way better because you can have different builds for different missions (full aoe and dmg for ESO or reduced aoe and more duration for fighting a sortie lephantis or maybe use a hybrid build and when you need resistance for fighting multiple enemies then stun them with 1 and kill or jump away and then use the ability etc.) Not always press 4 to win. I think it will be a very survivable frame with the mods we have availabe atm. Only time and the dev's willingness to implement the idea will tell who is right. 🙂 Thanks for putting these numbers based on my description together btw. Now the devs or someone else reading this might have a better idea of the concept in case i haven't expressed myself well enough.
  4. Thanzilla

    New warframe concept: The Archon

    Yea maybe that would be going too far. For those who don't know. A starcraft unit called Dark Archon is formed when two Dark templars, which are invisible melee units, fuse together. Dark archons have an ability called Feedback {that does something completely different from what i suggested) and the normal archon sometimes says "Power overwhelming".That's where any similarities between this concept and the starcraft units end though. DE Could change those to something else if they think that compromises this warframe's design.
  5. Thanzilla

    New warframe concept: The Archon

    I've already posted some stats but frames like these can't be balanced properly without actually playing them and seeing how the effects interact with each other. Like the damage reduction of the fourth ability with the energy shield recharge oh the second, what if players use Quick thinking or shield recharge rate mods? Will that buy them enough time to activate the 2nd again after the cooldown ends? What if they go into operator mode etc. Having said that i will post some subjective stats of how i think Archon should be just for fun's sake. Feedback should absorb 100% of enemy shields. That would be a lot of shields in high levels and next to nothing in lower ones. It should probably be unaffected by ability power. The duration of the stagger could be 3 seconds base. affected by duration mods. Power overwhelming could have 3 seconds base duration (affected by duration mods) and 5 seconds cooldown (unaffected). Overshield limit would be increased by 50% of whatever the current overshield limit is (affected by ability strength). Void zone's reduction to mobs attack fire and projectile speed could be at 50% unaffected by ability strength while the extra elemental damage could be at 40% (affected by ability strength). I would love if this was a toggleable ability that drains energy and just manifests around the archon wherever he goes but a static globe lasting 20 seconds would be ok as well. The damage reduction on Archon's 4 should be capped at 90-95% with sufficient ability strength modded on the frame. The duration on the reduction could be 20 seconds base (affected by duration mods) and reduced by 1/10th for each enemy hit. This would mean that if it hits 10 enemies, then he gets no damage reduction at all but he gets, let's say, 10% more dmg for each enemy hit. So if he hits 20 enemies he can increase the damage of the magnetic proc by 200%. The base damage could be at 1500 magnetic with no ability strength mods eqquiped. Magnetic is a really bad damage type. On another note, i feel like his 3 could be slightly complicated because it does a lot of things at once. I also don't know how hard it would be to code an ability that recognizes what type of enemies you are fighting. So i thought that maybe it could spawn a clone of you that does something else instead. Not sure what though. Maybe two scythe holding melee assassins that are always invisible and fuse into a dark version of you when they get enough kills that then slows the enemy and attacks like a specter of you.
  6. Thanzilla


    Let's stop a moment and take a look at other games. For example Path of exile. Path of exile is a very deep action arpg that has a lot more "mod" stats and stat values than warframe does. Here is a list of some of the mods. They constantly add new ones and they spawn in many different items which means even more "server or database storage stress". In path of exile's case you can buy stash tabs that can store a maximum of 144 items with 1-6 different stats with a wide stat value range. Now how many stash tabs are you allowed to have in Path of exile? I believe the number was 52.627. On the other hand, if warframe is really struggling with riven storage, then i suggest removing the decimal values on rivens {and maybe rounding them up} to conserve server space and letting us have more riven slots if that really is the issue. So for example all rivens that give 149,01 - 149,99 crit chance would give 150 crit chance instead. I believe that would free up a fair amount of space.
  7. Thanzilla

    New warframe concept: The Archon

    Indeed, archon is my favourite starcraft unit.
  8. Thanzilla

    New warframe concept: The Archon

    The general idea is that the damage reduction is significant enough to let Archon survive a tough boss fight at sortie level. For example if you play around with mesa's 3 and build for shield you can see that enemies have kind of a hard time removing your shield with that 95% reduction. If you couple that with Archon's 2 then he becomes really good at surviving. That's why i think that his 2 should have a cooldown and a short duration as well. (like 3 seconds base duration and 5 seconds cooldown) So this way you would either go for ability strength + range if you want to nuke or -range + duration + ability strength if you want to survive.
  9. Thanzilla

    New warframe concept: The Archon

    I noticed that while we have a few warframes relying solely on life for survival, we have none with just shields. Here is a new warframe suggestion to remedy this: The Archon. Health 0 (0 at rank 30 , or 1 and 1 at rank 30 depending on what is possible with the game engine.) Shield 250 (750 at rank 30) Armor 0 Energy 150 (250 at rank 30) Sprint Speed 1.0 Abilities Passive: 100% chance to avoid slash, toxin and gas effects (and whatever else bypasses shields) 1.Feedback Sends an energy wave in a cone in front of you that absorbs enemy shields and grants them to the Archon. If the enemies have no shields then the enemies gets thrown out of balance for a few seconds leaving them prone, unable to attack and open to finishers. (kinda like inaros' 1 but with shield synergy). 2. Power overwhelming The archon's shield recharge automatically starts and cannot be stopped by anyone or anything for a certain amount of time. If he is at full shields then he recharges overshields. Grants an increase to the archon's overshields limit depending on the archon's ability strength. (Possible augment: Immunity to magnetic procs or granting allies overshields and shield regen as well.) After the skill's duration ends the Archon is unable to use it again for a while. (like with elite sanctuary onslaught when you use an ability too much and it becomes unavailable) 3. Void zone The archon creates a zone of void energy sapping any enemy's attack speed/ fire rate and projectile speed that is foolish enough to enter. While in the zone the archon gains extra weapon elemental damage depending on what enemies are in the zone with him. Radiation for grineer, magnetic for corpus and heat for infested. Corrupted enemies are immune to the void zone's effects. 4. Search and destroy The archon emits a massive wave of magnetic resonance in all directions. Enemies are marked on the map, briefly disoriented and shortly after are dealt a massive amount of magnetic damage.The archon gains damage resistance that lasts x seconds. Each enemy affected increases the magnetic damage dealt by y% amount and reduces the duration of the damage resistance by 1/10th. The idea is to either use it as a nuke or a way to survive a tough boss fight at sortie level. All numbers in this concept are to be balanced by the devs. This is a rough idea of what i think would nicely fit the warframe type that seems to be missing from the game. Thanks for reading.
  10. Thanzilla

    Mesa Feedback

    I think my phone posted this by itself while it was in my pocket. Coincidence or have our phones grown sentient and are striving for world domination? Who knows?
  11. Thanzilla

    A Thorough Analysis of the Riven Mods

    I had similar thoughts recently and wanted to make a thread like yours albeit smaller and not as eloquent. The general idea would be to nerf weapons alongside rivens but have the rivens cap at a lowest dispo of 3/5, which makes sense since rivens cost 18 and are supposed to be 2 in 1 mods which is not the case with lower dispo rivens.
  12. Thanzilla

    Where is Update 23!? [LIVE]

    Oh so it wraps up the lore This makes sense. Thanks for letting me know.
  13. Thanzilla

    Where is Update 23!? [LIVE]

    This news update seems redundant? Also why is a new cinematic quest such a big deal? I don't get it. I hope you won't have to work through the weekend because no one likes that.