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  1. Epicagemo

    Switch account transfer time?

    When I was doing it, it said I needed to have a warframe account on the switch-This means, at a minimum, you need to start the intro. OP could find another person who has a switch with warframe downloaded, start a new character, then do the migration.
  2. The idea of arbitration is good, but the execution is terrible. The ONLY changes from normal missions is: -New enemy drone that makes enemies immune to abilities. - This one, is not so bad, exclusive to mission type, and adds a layer of difficulty. -instant death = no teammate revives = REMOVED FROM PLAY. Which means, any slip up will cause instant death for glass cannon frames meaning anyone playing a squishy support frame is severely punished. This makes players less willing to bring anything other than survival frames to this mission type and I consider this to be selfish and migrates this game more towards solo gunplay and not teamwork. While the 300% Strength promoting certain warframes is beneficial and nice, it is mostly nullified by the fact that most players will ignore the bonuses and brings a bulky, survival frame anyways. People in my squad have said that this mission type is meant to be hard--it's not, everything can still be one shot by a proper weapon, the only threat is a stray bullet hitting a supportive warframe, removing you from play. If this mission type is meant to be difficult, it doesn't restrict a game play mechanic in a fair and meaningful way to make this gamemode challenging, clever, and fun. Another glaring issue is that anything on the gear wheel Ancients and energy pads can be spammed endlessly. A simple solution can solve most issues of this game mode in a FAIR and meaningful way: -Restrict gear wheel-Ancients and energy pads are my most common way to cheese difficult content. To be honest, the gearwheel in general needs work for regular gameplay such as cooldowns to prevent spamming, but that's another topic for another day. -Remove Instant death. Teammate revives are OK. Reviving is a good co-op mechanic, instagib is not. This, at least allows a chance, rather than having RNG simply saying, "Nope.". -No self revives-arcane bonuses and the stock 4 are gone. P.S. Copy and paste these restrictions for sorties as well.
  3. Epicagemo

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Melee attacks (including spin attacks) will no longer sweep through walls or objects. a handy thing about this was when enemies/objective spawned in the walls and we had no aoe wall abilities. I hope something is done so walls arnt an issue without punch through or a frame without AOE abilities
  4. Molt should do damage based off the absorbed damage and should also generate aggro like Iron skin too.
  5. Epicagemo

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.1

    There needs to be a way to extract out of the mission other than letting the % go down to 0.
  6. Epicagemo

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.17.0 +

    with the fix to commanders, i hope the disrupter/healer hook hands are being looked at. I mean it's been a few years!!!
  7. Epicagemo

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    I’m quite happy with the changes to ember, she’s finally not “press 4” and afk/ waltz through frame. Same with banshee, but I can already see players exploiting the new banshee for better CC/ damage. Hopefully the instances of the soundquakes are capped. Chromas breath looks pretty silly. cant wait to try these new changes soon!
  8. Epicagemo

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.6

    Wanting/Waiting for: "Thurible now applies to teamates" (even at half gain would be great)
  9. Epicagemo

    Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.6.1

    Just remove the x amount of allies and make the cost for renewal fixed. I mean, trinity doesn't drain per ally right?...
  10. One easy solution for defense is to make the mission an actual defense instead of an exterminate. While it is off topic, changing defense to time based objective eliminates any stalling enemies and speeds up the mission for higher waves so it would be comparable to survival in terms of rewards/minute. Also, im not sure if this relates, but instagibing bosses with a Tigris tends to leave behind phantom bosses on the client side. The easily to replicate Phantom bosses being: vor, Tyl regor, rhuk, sometimes Lephantis-though we were only able to do this with the volt multishot bug for lephantis which was a while back. Having high latency seems to be an easy way to reproduce. Tyl regor is the most recent one I could do this with and should be easiest to replicate. -when farming, I always had to wait for host to kill him. This leads me to believe: high pellet count over poor latency can cause issues. I don't believe I can replicate them because the volt exploit was fixed... wink wink.
  11. Epicagemo

    Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.4.4

    Change the crafting requirements of the tomato and there won't be an outrage. I have quite a few tomato BP rusting in my inventory because formas have more value than tomatos and I refuse to build them.
  12. Why even bother with removing it? Leaving them in saves you guys some work and makes the community happy. So give yourselves a break and leave it in ;)
  13. Epicagemo

    Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.2.3

    Recastable silence!!! Longer duration is worse because we get less CC!!!
  14. Epicagemo

    Octavia’s Anthem: Update 20.2.0

    Speaking of legacy stuff... I would love a legacy star chart (pre liset)
  15. Epicagemo

    Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.1.1

    Something happened in the Dojo this patch and I can't jump in decoration mode... Can we have that back? It was really nice to move around the decorations.