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  1. I've advocated for overheat about four years ago, and I've gone AWOL since, it's nice to see DE (thank you) add this back in some aspect. (missing the fire effect >.<) The Good: -LOS needed to be removed on her -4 is fun -"Overheat" is back! (Touching someone for a free fire proc would be awesome) -I'm not mashing 2 for stunlock on high level missions The Critique: -Abilities: 1,3,4 should affect 2. Not sure why this isn't the case to begin with. -Efficiency of 2 should be toned down to somewhere between the (old) world on fire drain and this new one, this new "over time" drain is too high. -I think adding (old)accelerant+augment properties to her (new) fireblast would be great compromise to those who used her to massively increase dps, esp on how many ppl are complaining about energy drain. -Unfortunately, like Frost and Volt, the 1 still sucks. Charging needs more benefits, maybe extra fireballs (Fireball Frenzy?) instead of 1.
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