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  1. When you trade using "new" emotes from sindicate and you delete them from trade the other party still see it and if you finalize this emote trade go to void no party have it!!!! YOU LOSE EVERY EMOTE THAT YOU "TRIED TO/PUT IN" TRADE SO IF YOU SEE THAT YOU CANT GIVE THIS EMOTE END TRADE AND START AGIN BECAUSE IN LOGS DE HAVE THAT YOU TRADE THEM I TRIED THIS WITH MY FRIEND!!! VIDEO TRADE: https://streamable.com/ohb13s EDIT: THEY DONT GO TO VOID BUT YOU CANT DELETE THEM FROM TRADE THIS ERROR IS COMPLICATED EDIT: When you delete emote from trade other party still see it and yes you still trade this. EDIT: when u put emote and delete it and then give 6 random items (full trade) the other party recive 7 items (6 items/mods + deleted emote)
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