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  1. I ran into this playing with my clan mates. Basically what happened is that I started a Kuva Lich mission and a few miliseconds later my clan mate started a Kuva Flood/Siphon mission. What you get as a result is a Kuva Siphon mission with Kuva Thralls appearing on the map and Kuva Liches spawning aswell. It's not a one-time bug, it can be recreated easily and I fear that it could be exploited.

    Video proof and showcase how to replicate: (Kuva Siphon at end of the video)


  2. @[DE]Megan

    First thank you for the update and the quick hotfixes!

    Active bug:

    -While using Vazarin Focus school we are still unable to use the Operator's Void Blast ("E") Ability.

    I'm really liking the melee changes so far, especially the new auto-blocking and directional slam system. But as a player who uses Sigma & Octantis 90% of the time, I feel like I'm missing out. The changes to its alternate throw are nice but still being only able to slam when directly looking down, makes it incompatible with the new directional slam system.

    Suggested changes:

    -Move Sigma & Octantis's and Cobra & Crane's special shield throw ability to the alternate fire button and increase the angle that they are able to use their slam attack.

  3. Some bugs that I found while playing:

    -While using the Vazarin Focus tree I'm not able to use my Operator's Void Blast Ability (Bind to "E")

    -Harrow's Penance ability doesn't add duration to the ability (doesn't refresh)  if it's already active.

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