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  1. better remove Hydroid from the Docks to make sure that its "dry" enough...
  2. about Dark-Split sword: since an long time, that weapon did arrived in Warframe and was quite of unique deal being 2 weapons in one: Dual blade and Heavy sword, but at that time, DE said that game's engine couldn't handle the possibility to allow this weapon to swap its category in-mission after those changes in meele 2.0 and changes on game's engine, its possible to look at this again? like using Heavy attack button as swap button between Heavy and Dual mode? (obviously, will need another slot to identify what secondary stance will be and check what kind of buff will grant to that weapon in place of Heavy attack)
  3. this were DE's idea since long ago, but the game's engine couldn't handle that feature yet funny thing that i did mentioned the exact same idea in recent topic that was asking for custom combo set, taking movements of each individual stance the idea was literally create an additional slot stance for Dark-Split sword and allow swap between both modes with heavy attack button still, if you didn't create that topic, i would be doing that in one week or less since im quite busy now
  4. from 5 liches i fought until now my 3rd lich were the fire one, did got that Ephemera that before DE raises the chances to "10%"
  5. the only weapon that really requires that feature is Dark-Split Sword, because it can be dual sword or heavy sword depending on equipped stance (they could use heavy attack to swap between heavy and dual stance mode, adding an timed swap buff based on meele combo counter) but any other... then why they used that much time to create every stance variation if you can just pick the best of each one? it will break the possibility of balance between each stance, since they will need to look at effects of each combo inside of that stance and compared directly with other ones of same weapon type remember that not all stances has all 4 combos, so some stances will just add an extra attack option without drawbacks, like polearm stances
  6. well... if its sucks... enemies, then you did equipped that mod and an kavat: Tek Gravity but its still an valid opinion about make the enemies scatter around the field , after all, how we can feel that our combo are fluid if they simply become out of reach? probably people will tell that you simply should use the dash-in combo, instead of ground slam... for now
  7. Critical damage increases everything: IPS, elemental, AoE component, instanced damage (Toxic Lash buff)...
  8. well, Parazon multi-tool its an new concept for Warframe i only thought about ressurection because DE told that they pretend to apply that too (in fact, i did put more 2 mods at my reply above, since i got more time to look about it) plus there's not much things we can do about Mercy and Hack, which are limited roles... unless DE mention more about what kind of roles Parazon can do, we are limited by what we know about its base functions
  9. Ressurection: Sacrificial Hand pay 25% of your current health and energy to instant ressurect selected ally Ressurection: Multitask ressurecting an ally in bleedout state is now 1 handed action (allow to use your gun and meele, but can't use more than one extra action at same time), has 5 meters range Ressurection: Equalizer after succesfully ressurecting an player ally, split equally (or try it) the energy between each other (example: if you have 600/600 energy and ally has 0/150, will become 450/600 for you and 150/150 for your ressurected ally, if you have 0/225 and ally has 300/300, will result in 150/225 and 150/300) - can't be used at same time with Sacrificial Hand Ressurection: Companion Care ressurection timer becomes +50% longer, but will bring back its companion (sentinel, MOA or beast) too edit: did put more 2 mods in the mix
  10. in theory, it should be counted as weapon kill: - rhino's roar buffs weapon skills, everything, killing with that buff active add affinity based on what you used to kill - nova's molecular prime now (after becoming what it is now) consider what weapon was used to kill the enemy to give affinity and add after-effects fro what you used to kill (like Acid Shells from Sobek) - elemental augment (volt, saryn, oberon...) from 1st skill counts as an mod, so it killing should count as weapon kill ... but looking at wiki, toxic lash apply another instance of toxin damage, instead of working like an mod, so... maybe it can count as warframe kill if its that damage that kill that enemy probably its better ask for others about it
  11. there's some options to witstand that toxin modifier: - Antitoxin mod or the Toxin resistance Aura - Nezha's Safeguard allows you to shield the operative - Harrow can heal everybody while attacking if Penance is on, plus you can use their damage against themselves by using covenant - Vazarin's void dash (heal 60% max hp over 5 seconds) - Wisp's totems (but it won't help the operative, only your teammates) - Adaptation (if you have enough hp to avoid being one shotted) - Equinox's Peaceful Provocation (an bit hard, since it doesn't work at long range attacks and against nullifier) - Oberon's Phoenix Renewal (he can heal operative while keeping the allies... alive) - Vauban can use its new bastille-vortex to keep them from approaching too much, plus that armor steal effect applied on binded ones can give some extra resilience ... and so on just try coordinate with your team and probably can finish it without much troubles i even fought with randoms and won... besides they did denied me from changing my elemental weapon to physical... so my ally Mesa did solved the damage part
  12. your heavy attacks doesn't consume your combo counter, so you can keep the multiplier going (that question was already made before but... whatever)
  13. Killing Blow for extra heavy attack speed and Swift Momentum Aura, then?
  14. Condition Overload now counts as additive damage bonus, which doesn't stack that high like before, which was exponential for every status effect right now, that mod only counts as +1 Pressure Point per status on enemy, limited by 3 status, plus the fact that high mastery meele weapon are quite strong for lv <100 enemies, so why use 2 mods for overkill instead of one? in theory, to get the best of Condition Overload, just need to apply 2~3 status in 3 strikes, which make it stronger than PPP its how the meta shifts around: efficiency between mod's usage and scaling
  15. its already implemented for kuva weapons my Seer riven has 5* on normal weapon, but its 3* at kuva variant
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