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  1. Is this riven good?

    its good, could be better if you have got something different for cold, but ignoring this, its almost the best option for amprex
  2. if you want an sniper... maybe Vulkar Wraith could be an option, because of the augment Lasting Purity, which gives +60% total damage while aiming if you are thinking about an weapon which you can aim once and forget, Buzlok can be an option, since it has some perks by using as critical focused rifle and the beacon gives an flat +50 critical chance if the bullets are tracked to it
  3. ok, the range limit i didn't got entirely, i thought that range limit would be the moment which the weapon will have damage reduction, like shotguns but i was considering that flight speed interaction could affect them, since they just patched the Sinisters Reach and Ruinous Extension, which are mods that increases beam range, but they didn't anything against flight speed, so, i'm still right on throwing that though... maybe this could be simulated with Zephyr's augment with really high power strenght, if someone has the time for it
  4. but we can think about the possibilities: - if affect and can increase/decrease, the positive flight speed will be almost perfect on atomos and amprex, if can affect those bounces - if don't, will be the best option as negative bonus on riven, since all non-shotgun weapons has 300 meters of falloff, by default, and there's no beam weapon with that range
  5. negative flight speed will affect the weapon usability on plains, since all weapons, if not listed their damage falloff, has 300 meters before starting to lose damage (sniper has 600 meters) with this flight speed penalty, you will start to lose damage on 50 meters, plus akmagnus isn't slash focused pick the first one
  6. Crit resistance pvp argument

    since critical damage, on conclave, is linked to headshots... are you asking for an better helmet?
  7. Daikyu base damage quartered

    extinguish dragon key?
  8. Reorganize the player's reward system in Sortie.

    by default, if one player has riven capacity limited, it can't play sortie until (s)he deals with the extra riven on inventory or you really found an bug on the system that allow said player to even try?
  9. Like REALLY bad at rivens

    the mod is good... but the channeling, itself, is bad, especially on multi-hit weapons, since it costs energy per hit unless you reallly want to keep this for the future channeling rework, want to use this dagger for channeled finishers only (Life strike r0 , Dispatch Overdrive and Covert Lethality) or something crazy, like an build for Enduring Affliction (which extents the duration of every status proc on the enemy)... roll it
  10. things that i expect: - the people who has multiple copies of the same arcane, since they disliked the idea of changing the arcane sets from one cosmetic to another every time, will only need 1-2 at most, their extra will come back to the market - you will equip your syndanas and helmets based on your liking, instead of the effects... so, fashion frame at its finest - (wild guessing...) the "old arcane helmets" will become an arcane item without level and restricted to the warframe itself - the price of arcanes, in general, will drop because the people who has more than 2 sets won't need those extras anymore - people who keep holding their second set, since it was locked per warframe because you put it on helmet, will start using their incompete sets (like myself, i have an guardian arcane full, but i didn't have any warframe to keep only for this helmet) - will be easier to modify their sets, since those arcanes will be linked on arsenal's configuration, instead of doing individually, like it still happening to focus
  11. - an mod that grant status resilience/immunity while the shield is up (except against magnetic)... or even to boss's Proto Shield, which ignores Slash procs and toxin going throught health until its depleted - change shield resilience's properties (normal shield vs proto shield vs unique modified shield vs ...), which can have more protection against reduced amount of hits, but its collapses faster against many projectiles at same time, even if they deals less damage (like the concept of the nullifier's bubble shield)...... thinking again, this is almost the Shield's Gate concept >_>' - mods that grant some bonuses if you respect the conditions for your shield, example: | while your shield is full, your warframe receive energy/health regeneration | by the time your shield is fully depleted, your warframe release an impact proc AoE on everybody around you | by casting your abilities, you will remove the delay of shield regeneration based on the amount of energy used divided by 10 seconds (if an ability cost 100 energy, you will have no delay on shield regeneration for 10 seconds) | ...
  12. Well, I think that DE and I are about done...

    there are many points to look on this case, but let's make an resume on simple questions, since i need to sleep (beyond midnight here): - how they should proceed if someone has ilegal platinum? (deduct directly and auto-ban the ones with negative balance | lock those involved player's platinum until the authentication is over | revert all trades that has be done with this platinum and ban the one which generate the platinum, plus giving an advice for the others involved about what happened | ...) - what kind of paths they can choose to keep unintended victims without any harm... or at least, reduce the damage that they will receive in the process? (just don't allow the involved ones to trade platinum, plus the mailbox alert | call the Stocker against the culprit | validate their platinum | ...) - what are their options to increase the security behind of the purchases of platinum and their problems? (extend the authentication time to give the platinum to the player or lock to the account until this timer is over to allow to trade this currency | limit the payment options for the ones which is more safer or with less time to negate the effect | increase the system security, if the problem is SQL injection or any kind of hacking | ask for more data of the players, since with this, they can process the culprit | ...) - on the actual case, right there, what kind of actions they could do right now to reduce the victim's burden? lock all involved player's platinum or block trading/gifting is the fastest option, on my Point of View, without denying those players to play the game at least, you could play with others at your will... you will just be denied of trading with other players for the duration of the process, which won't last too long........ i expect...
  13. Well, I think that DE and I are about done...

    they have evidence that this platinum that with you is fraudulent, but they don't have any evidence that this platinum will benefit you at any ilegal way, since they can know the origin and which accounts this value went to get you, but they need to revaluate each and every trade to see if those exchanges are fair trades or not (like its fair pay 1k platinum for an good Opticor riven? or its too much?) to understand what accounts benefitted in an ilegal way not saying that you had any benefits... by default, you thought that your trade was the same as any other trade, as many players that could be involved in your case, except, at least, one on that, we could give an suggestion of an way that they could use to protect those innocent involved, but how? revert all trades maded by this platinum? speed up the process of authentication? delay the time which the players can receive their platinum until this authentication is over? the platinum should be locked to the account until the authentication process is over?... because, in general, they are not paid for those generated ilegal platinum... whether it be a cloned credit card case or denial of purchase (with an credit card, you can do it if you suspect that someone is using without your consent or if you give up), duplicate platinum code or even hacking directly to their database and now, you edited your own post while i was writing mine with your older quote... sigh this auto-ban let us to think like that, but by default, isn't twice, its an "forced" once, done by Bots as i said to @LSG501 right above, the problem is the method which DE use to solve this dilemma they should lock the player's platinum, at some point, until the authentication is over or they have more paths to choose? if have, which ones are the best options for the unintended victims?
  14. Mod Rework Ideas

    first of all, i already did an topic talking about similarities that was posted here, but we focused on different paths, at some point as reference: now, to your topic: Intruder reducing the level of the puzzle is good, in fact, i didn't thought about it... Equilibrium: ... i'm in doubt, since even if you can pick an health orb to fill your energy while your health if full... somewhat, you could pick energy orb to fill your missed health because of randomly slash procs, making you waste an energy orb, so, i'm not sure if this change will be good on weapon, outdated, physical damage mods: i thought more about damage conversion, like what happens on conclave, since you can apply physical damage on pure elemental weapons, on this way, and not removing the uniqueness of the 120% version mods on weapon, outdated, status mods, neither your way (+90%) or flat bonus, like what already happens on Entropy Burst Shattering Impact: at some way, it benefits fast-strike weapons that has any amount of impact damage, but i can understand why you are linking this effect with the overall impact damage... but this mod drains from the base enemy's armor, which isn't affected by level yet, and by that way, you need the same amount of strikes to strip their armor, doesn't matter their level Channeling mods: my opinion about those mods are: - they should offer some basic bonus without channeling, and will be amplified if you channel (example, Quickening grant +12% attack speed while not channeling, +60% if channelling, and no energy penalty, since the extra attack speed already makes you use more energy by default) - unique bonuses channel mods (like Dispatch Overdrive and Enduring Affliction), in future, shouldn't have an huge penalty, like an massive negative channel efficiency - channel should cost energy per attack, or energy per second, with values based on weapon type, instead of energy per hit, since you don't have any control of your energy pool if you are swinging in middle of an crowd of enemies Rift Strike: let it be an teleport of sorts, since Limbo is the only warframe that can travel in and out... how you will leave the rift if your weapon only knows an way in? remember, there are an grinner unity that uses this weapon with this effect magazine/reload mods: definitively, they should change, for better, since it can't compete with other QoL mods, like punch-throught or reach for beam weapons archwing mods: doesn't need to change archwing mods, in fact, we need more mods on this mode... right now, there's no reason to change those ones Retrieve: definitively, this one needs to change, but if this companion should have an vacuum... why we don't put on everything? anyway, my opinion on it would be to remove the interaction that obligue this companion to bring it back those items to you Cat's Eye: they are just going by the path that warframe abilities/companions shouldn't buff the operator by any means
  15. Well, I think that DE and I are about done...

    whats happened to you is basically auto-ban, its happen whenever someone has negative platinum on account balance... probably caused because you receive some platinum that was removed by association with an fraudulent method this way that DE uses to deal with fraudulent actions is troublesome for all parts, since its like they are expecting the legitimate players should send an ticket to ask them, even if this cost time and demotivate those involved, but didn't anything wrong but, even then, they can't let those ilegal platinum, by any means, lurking around