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  1. How To Make Void Dashes Good

    same as @Kaotyke said i'm having fun with theses on smaller missions
  2. How much is Braton Satidra worth ?

    this riven looks.... crazy at some points: looks good, since can increase DPS (multishot, fire rate and negative bonus), but additional recoil + fire rate doesn't combine really well into an rifle if you maximize this riven and use it.... i think you will need Stabilizer to avoid the massive recoil caused by this combination probably, you will sell this riven because someone wants an braton riven with 0 rolls, instead of its stats
  3. Riven Slot for Weapons

    we lost 2 mod slots, but all 4 abilities becomes integrated to the warframe itself it was an loss... only for the guy who uses only 1 ability at that time but like @Horonelius said, riven would be mandatory if you have an dedicated slot for an long term, it's better to fix other mods, instead of granting extra ones
  4. An Analysis of Puncture Damage

    they pretend to change the actual's proc interaction of impact (from pushback to ragdoll), puncture (until 90% damage reduction) and slash, and probably the others too they said on the devstream 101, if i remember well
  5. food for thought short question: DE, do you expect to look back at some mods of the actual system that can't fit anywhere? long question: many mod's categories can't be used on any build, because they are outdated (pure status mods), surpassed (ammo mods) or even almost an waste of slot if you don't play the way this mod is asking (Channeling, Acolyte mods and even some augments), which makes the Warframe mod's system proposal an bit... problematic, since the idea of this system is giving to the players our freedom of choice about how we should mod our weapons: - do you want to solve the ammo issues of the weapon? go for it - maybe you want even more firepower, so i bring those corrupted mods for you, but you will have an penalty by going too far - want to use my meele weapon as quick shield, while playing with your guns? so, put some mods on my Dakra Prime with auto-parry and switch speed and makes you feel like ninja with high perceptiveness, even more if the weapon is on main hand (i know that exist Reflex Guard, but its linked to the warframe, not the weapon itself, plus those force animations that stuck the player and deny his ability to act) - do you want to becomes an almost unstoppable juggernaut (not the infested) tank? equip some armor, health and shield, but you should adapt based on your actual warframe... and have reason that doesn't make you decide to invest "shield into Inaros" or "health into Mag", just because one or another protection layer are useless (i know that, right now, health and armor are much better than shield, only Harrow should invest shields because his ability use it and his passive helps). ... obviously, i'm not asking that mod's system can outflaw every failure of every weapon/warframe, but at least, since they share the same slots, they should have "almost" equal value between each other. what DE think about it?
  6. Adding arcanes to my zaw

    it's possible? oh... i should bought more arcanes (i got only 2 sets per type)
  7. Adding arcanes to my zaw

    probably, you need an zaw infested piece on it
  8. Hunhow's villain decay and how to prevent it

    the basic problem is Teshin is linked to conclave, who will take his place? one of the Conclave cephalons? (they are broken, somewhat... just thinking about Vur being the manager gives me chill on the spine)
  9. you weren't looking at all of my complaining from the start... my quote from page 24 Bolkor dropship isn't receiving corrosive procs anymore after the update 22.6.0, so, corrosive damage lose its effectiveness against them
  10. its the opposite, i was satisfied with the performance of my pistol, while the rest of my arsenal couldn't destroy it without frustrating me or put the mission in danger, until this update i don't want the difficult to decrease from below of the moments before the update, but i really want an reason to keep this fortress of doom above my head, without any means to destroy it easily or to avoid, after all, it can kill me in 2 moments with Redirection + Vitality the Plains already force me to use an mobile warframe (Volt, Nova, Zephyr...) because of its size, if i need to use Frost/Chroma to survive against the actual Bolkor all the time... i simply will be bored, because i need to run... run... run... from one mission to another while using an selfish build (archwing can solve part of it, but its hard to use to get cetus wisp/iranite on the way) if you are confident enough that the Bolkor is okay, try against it on bounty t5 without Corrosive Projection maybe i'm just badly geared against it (alloy + robotic receives extra damage against radiation and cold, but i'm using corrosive + fire) and i'm not relying on my switch speed to swap between damage types
  11. Corrosive status effect not applying [Fixed]

    i was trying to do the bounty t5 missions today, after this udpate, and i was expecting the problems that Bolkor bring all along: -it can chew my health in 2 moments while i'm using Nova with Redirection and Vitality - it already resilient enough to make me change my priorities to shoot it on sight - its aim is too fearsome on higher tiers that makes me feel affraid, after all, one alone can kill me if i'm distracted or not moving at maximum speed - 2 at same time can make me think that i can't complete the mission, because of what i said before and now, after update 22.6.0, looks like the Bolkor Dropship can't receive corrosive procs anymore, which was one of the points that i keep my Sicarus Prime (80% status chance) with riven (+233% damage, +160% critical chance and +94% toxin damage) as a weapon to deal against them before the update, i needed 36-48 (between 1.5 and 2 clips) bullets to destroy it, now i need to use almost 200 bullets (basically, my entire pistol pool) DE need to look at this once again, since unless i'm using Chroma or other tankier/berserker warframes, people barely will survive those high tier Bolkors and being suceptible against corrosive procs was one of our few safeguards against those dropships, especially when appear more than one at same time if you say "Corrosive Projection", the magical "100% armor reduction" effect doesn't apply on solo missions
  12. yeah, i should be but since there's nothing on patch note telling that i can't, and my Sicarus prime (with an good riven) can deal more damage, on burst, than any other weapon that i have as secondary, and because of that, i'm expecting they introduced another problem into the game after all, i always can use my Opticor to destroy it... wait, this game is horde mode, which means, i need an secondary to deal against the crowd of enemies, and i have almost no options on Plains for secondaries (Atomos, Embolist, Mara Detron and Zakti) or maybe my archwing weapon if i could stay in archwing... wait, i can't use my Velocitus on PoE or maybe my Zarr, since its based on anti-air cannon... but it deals less damage than my pistol and i can't hit with flak mode or maybe even Ogris could be the perfect choice, since its an missile launcher... but the game doesn't care and tells to me that explosive damage is not good against armor i could care, an bit less, about them if those dropships doesn't act as mobile fortress of doom, unlike the other dropship
  13. looks like Bolkor dropship becomes an bigger problem than before this update it can't receive corrosive procs anymore, my sicarus prime, with riven, need to shoot 200 bullets to kill it now before it was only between 36-48 bullets
  14. Bolto Prime before Akbolto Prime ?

    remember: single Bolto has augment
  15. Cephalon Fragments

    except from defense missions, there's always one cephalon fragment every mission, you can find easily with Thief's wit mod, Loot Detector aura or Animal Instinct companion's mod if you are using one of those mods, the cephalon fragment will appear on your mini-map as blue glowing cube, just look around every corner of the mission, try even climb some places, if possible, to find it