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  1. its one of the phrases that Helminth says if you enter with Nidus equipped nothing new yet
  2. Zeyez

    4x Harrow Covenants?

    the answer is: you shouldnt have more than 1 Harrow in your team, covenant can't be stacked like, if one uses covenant, everybody get the buff, but if the next one uses covenant, only this harrow will have the effect, while the other ones will keep the 1° covenant
  3. Zeyez

    4x Harrow Covenants?

    Harrow's covenant can't stack with each other, after all, they know that was possible to keep the entire team invulnerable if its was allowed
  4. Zeyez

    Returning player after 4 years

    1° play Cetus until you complete the terminal's objective, since this place isn't exactly meant for starters, come back there after you ended War Within's main quest 2° play at your pace, looking at some stuff from time to time, like hidden lore, how to make an warframe, the main story quest... 3° try get mr 2 to start getting some little help from others with basics mods (serration, random mod aura, elemental damage mods...) from trade system 4° for the most of the items that you get, try to keep 1 copies until you know its true potential, maybe you will need it 5° don't try kubrow/kavat on start, since its needs some upkeep to keep them healthy 6° know how to trade some items for platinum, eventually you will need to use it for extra weapon and warframe slots... if playing as f2p, but can be used to buy some items that you don't have (strong, upgraded mods) or stuff that you wont have access anytime soon throught playing (vaulted prime equipment)
  5. maybe an short teleporter could do the trick at least, will work differently from grinner in termos of mobility, but need some delay between teleportation and slam
  6. Zeyez

    Ridiculous Riven Challnges

    check an ore before going for the kill "or" means that you just need to pick one of those... at least, its what im seeing not so troublesome, if you harvest an bit close from one of grinner headquarters
  7. Zeyez

    Chains of Harrow BEST METHOD??

    remember to upgrade your operator arsenal/focus, since you will need for less headache on last stage
  8. Zeyez

    Make it able to downvote

    i think that before those changes on "like" button, we had almost enough options to say, in 2 clicks, what was our general view about the message, especially with "confused" one, that dictates someone isn't understanding what message that person tried to say... was great for the person with many of those on its post to explain him/herself about what's his/her idea by using another approach right now, what's the difference between "upvote", "like" and "satisfied"? all those 3 says the same message: you agree with that idea "woah" says that you are surprised, but won't be uncommon for "applause" fall on that category "haha"... obvious, funny i will bring my quote from post from the moment that changed, almost an year ago:
  9. Zeyez

    Is the main story line required?

    you should do the main story... even if you dislike, since its unlock some new abilities for your account, like focus school, access to void damage, which allows to reset sentient resistance and damage Eidolons, allow you to harvest kuva for some equipment and riven mods... on War Within, specifically, you will earn the ability to use your operator... and can't be skipped if you did go beyond certain point: or you do this, or will be locked on this mission until you finish it
  10. gas can apply some "AoE proc" on Tigris Prime, but obviously, only meant against corpus, after all gas itself is weak against grinner and the proc is almost useless vs high level infested (toxic ancient and healer make them immune, somewhat), magnetic damage type and proc is bad against non-shield enemies, anyway viral and radiation can't stack with itself, then applying once is enough (which could be done with your sentinel), besides viral can make enemy softer, it just half their health until this effect expires... good if you kill it in time this damage combination is strong vs some dangerous units, like bombard (alloy and flesh are weak against radiation and viral, respectively), but when it starts not killing in 2 shots because of armor scaling, corrosive becomes better over time, since only needs 10 procs to cut off 90% of its armor... but this case is meant for beyond level 100 enemies, before this, radiation + viral is better in resume: depends on the enemies level, before level 100, better radiation + viral, if you can't 2 shot it anymore, better corrosive + blast, gas + magnetic only against corpus
  11. Zeyez

    Petition for Riven rework

    on my case, i prefer to change the worst negative effects on riven: remove -%damage, -%multishot, -%magazine, -%reload... any negative attribute that can make any weapon unusable, despite of its positive values
  12. New Loka, syndicate proc deals corrosive AoE, regenerate health and gives an little health buff just for sake of information: radiation/viral isn't good on tigris prime, since those procs can't stack with itself, better combinations for this would be corrosive + blast (corrosive melt armor, blast apply crowd control for the next shots) or gas + magnetic (at least, gas can stack with itself)
  13. for control, Vaykor Hek (Syndicate blast applies AoE blast on nearby enemies + healing and more manageable clip size) for sure kill against non-status immune: Tigris Prime (known by its dozens of procs, blasting their armor, shredding their skin and blood in one shoot) for faster kill against status immune: Sancti Tigris (little lower damage, but faster reload than prime version, plus has syndicate proc to heal yourself from time to time and its price is similar to Vaykor Hek)
  14. do you know that he has an augment that allows apply his shield on allies, specters, sentinels... isn't? i agree about nezha shouldnt be too tanky.. but this damage reduction is limited and he can't recast it while active... at least it still can be overwhelmed quite early
  15. Zeyez

    Coming Soon: Devstream #106!

    since we are into massive amount of changes (warframe, weapons, trial...), let's ask for another change that everybody is expecting, at some point: short question: DE, do you expect to look back at some mods of the actual system that can't fit anywhere? long question: many mod's categories can't be used on any build, because they are outdated (pure status mods), surpassed (ammo mods) or even almost an waste of slot if you don't play the way this mod is asking (Channeling, Acolyte mods and even some augments), which makes the Warframe mod's system proposal an bit... problematic, since the idea of this system is giving to the players our freedom of choice about how we should mod our weapons: - do you want to solve the ammo issues of the weapon? go for it - maybe you want even more firepower, so i bring those corrupted mods for you, but you will have an penalty by going too far - want to use my meele weapon as quick shield, while playing with your guns? so, put some mods on my Dakra Prime with auto-parry and switch speed and makes you feel like ninja with high perceptiveness, even more if the weapon is on main hand (i know that exist Reflex Guard, but its linked to the warframe, not the weapon itself, plus those force animations that stuck the player and deny his ability to act) - do you want to becomes an almost unstoppable juggernaut (not the infested) tank? equip some armor, health and shield, but you should adapt based on your actual warframe... and have reason that doesn't make you decide to invest "shield into Inaros" or "health into Mag", just because one or another protection layer are useless (i know that, right now, health and armor are much better than shield, only Harrow should invest shields because his ability use it and his passive helps). ... obviously, i'm not asking that mod's system can outflaw every failure of every weapon/warframe, but at least, since they share the same slots, they should have "almost" equal value between each other. what DE think about it? i had my opinion on this topic: