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  1. in theory, affects every ally, even cryopods and fomorian cores, which doesn't have any forms of attack, and mods that wasn't supposed to be augmented by any other form of damage increase, like Acid Shells's radial health based damage
  2. if it works... it works, but specters aren't that reliable: 30 seconds, triggered by heavy attack, can't change it until the timer wear off, besides still can use additional heavy attacks but still, its an good fast attack, status based, scanning hammer, which can save you some time while filling your codex against non steel path enemies
  3. well... before suggesting that, have you tried use hotkeys for your equipment? like placing those hunting/mining/fishing tools on specific buttons? because this could be even a good one if PoE (Plains of Eidolon) fishing spears didn't have an category type for each type of fish on PC, we have 12 hotkeys to bind whenever we desire, but i'm not sure how many vacant buttons console players have for them
  4. have you tried to look at Ambulas reborn trailer? maybe its exactly that kind of thing you were looking for [spoiler] Grofit ![/spoiler]
  5. duration has various purposes: reduce energy upkeep cost from hysteria (replacing efficiency, since you can just cast less by having longer abilities) raise the duration effects for radial blind | silence raise the base duration of the warcry raise the bonus duration from Eternal War augment in last case, its more gameplay adjustment, since if you pretend to buff your team just once at beginning and keep it active all the time, using over 200% duration (>4 seconds bonus per kill) is easier for that than calling the squad to be in one place from time to time a
  6. Radial Blind is instant AoE, which forces valkyr to be on right spot to cast it, even if it costs an bit less energy (50 vs 75) if you consider only the moment and after it, you supposedly have some breathing air while attacking those blinded enemies (15 seconds base against affected targets) but Silence is duration AoE centered on self, which lasts MUCH more in one cast (30 seconds base, almost 60 seconds by using Narrow Minded) which will set up every enemy for finisher bonus damage whenever you goes closer... sure, it has lower stun duration, but you can just go out of meele's range an
  7. better question: why not banshee's silence? her augment sets them for finisher and increases its damage, which is perfect when used with Narrow Minded since it will stun them whenever she grasps enemies at meele's reach and the stun will be reapplied just by walking away and coming back
  8. there's many options to replace her 1st ability, since she relies mostly on power strenght and duration for warcry+hysteria: Smite Infusion (Oberon) for radiation damage buff Shock Trooper (Volt) for electric damage buff Infested Mobility (Helminth) to close gap while going fully on meele Savage Silencer (Banshee) for finisher style firewalker (nezha) for self status immunity, movement speed bonus, fire proc and optional nuke from augment pillage from hildryn (nuking style for paralysis and strip armor) but if you want to change from her main stre
  9. so, basically "Umbra excalibur effect" on nekramech? i don't think they are ready for that sort of thing yet, after all, specter's AI isn't DE's main strenght
  10. because you shouldn't be using roar on nova ultra speed (10% power strenght), but instead, dispensary, Toxin Elemental Ward or any other skill that rely on power duration because if 2 people uses roar in same party, both won't stack, so it needs to be an bit more creative because if you put Roar on loki, means our definition of insanity is updated sucessfully because this system is meant for players that has time and resources to spend and some ideas for the mix, being meta, fun or whatever follows its desire because the helminth's hunger goes an bit from red to green a
  11. you can try an more generic approach on that subject, like instead of going scan mission, just scan everything for more steadily standing earning this is an good way that i found: any non infinity steel path mission (ones that the alarms aren't triggered all the time, so you can get stealth bonus affinity/standing) endless lullaby baruuk build (high range and duration) and good efficiency or energy regeneration [essential, since this skill resets enemy's alert] good meele finisher (hammer or whatever strong weapon you have) as main, some high damage silenced weapon as side
  12. not sure if its possible to go from neutral to green, but if you feed something else in the same category while one its red, it keeps going to neutral over packs (like needs 8 packs to go from red to neutral) and we need to consider that, since exp is based on the amount recovered by hellmint
  13. but i did yesterday night in my first vault attempt... and did work maybe something related to recent hotfixes? since it was rather easy for me to kill it on tier 1 and 2 (using volt prime and rattleguts kitgun)
  14. Synth set (auto-reload while holstered effect) can be used too for tests, since it work for Ocucor, which spawns extra tendrils until you manually reloads, but can be bypassed by using this set
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