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  1. Zeyez

    Can We Have More Elemental Effects?

    they just need to put some fx effects on arrows directly considering the fact that they allowed us to put skins on arrows itself, like prisma, vallentine and such, it just matter of resource reallocation for them
  2. do you know what the tenno sacrificed to control this umbra? the fact that that (s)he recognize as father of Isaah, instead of just knowing that story check tenno lines when we look at Umbra's memory on 2nd time and when you talk with the "Man in the Wall" after the quest
  3. some reccuring events are the formorian/razorback armada (based on grinner/corpus gauge from invasions), """machine rebelion weekend""" and some tactical alerts, but right now, they didnt have too much time to create an new one, because of the tennocon but focused on Plains of Eidolon, only Ghoul purge and the infested one that exist there
  4. Zeyez

    Switch version; terrible idea or bold vision ?

    even if they need to lower the setting on nintendo switch, this means that the developers ll need to optimize the game for this portable... which is good for consoles/pc, since this optimization can be brought for those versions of the game eventually, reducing the height of the game on those platforms
  5. Zeyez

    Is Ballas Evil?

    on one of the paths that you talk to Ballas, he said that he is just an stone, she is the hand... mostly his actions were predicted and directed by sentients, but his decisions about why he decided to betray orokin are based on Margulis death, sentients just use that to launch an preemptive strike, fearing that Orokin would destroy them in future, and Ballas used them for revenge... and an way to retrieve Margulis... at some way, even if "that" Margulis wasn't herself, but an sentient with capability to mimic those memories and appereance but about Natah/Lotus, she just remembered her role in the old way, specifically after meeting Ballas once again being able to read minds and mimic based on person's thoughts are quite of achievement, but probably Natah ll be conflicted by those thoughts when we meet her again... an mimic that can read thoughts, change appereance, act as one that it decided to become can create some identity troubles... after all, why Lotus would avoid her own father on Natah's quest? why she decided to come back with the sentients only after meet Ballas? and why she decided to let the tenno (player) alive before going back? "Dream... not what you are, but what you want to be", quite of Margulis's Phrase for Natah to be in doubt and, for last words, being evil or not are just matter of perspective and this game proves that you can result on elimination of an entire colony by saving Triuna, instigate her to stop the cycle by convincing her to be the last one or just bring her to the colony on "The Glast Gambit" quest, but on all cases, someone can call us evil, even by going on fully bright side
  6. Zeyez

    Muito Bom

    @IanLookBRexiste uma parte do fórum focada em português, é só procurar em "international forums", tem um exclusivo para português e sim, o jogo é bom, e teve um anuncio recente da tennocon falando das futuras atualizações, mas vamos perguntar as coisas no forum certo com idioma certo @Demon_Karris, he is just saying that the game is good and he plays since 2017, maybe didnt found the right place to talk in portuguese, since its his 1st post
  7. Zeyez

    so when venus is going come out?

    expecting between setember and november, if this happens like Plains of Eidolon, but December would be the month when the update ll be bug free from critical ones
  8. Zeyez

    Negative zoom on Buzlok

    somewhat, positive zoom on it does more harm than good, negative, otherwise, doesnt on buzlok case, this weapon doesnt use zoom too often, except if you pretend to use the beacon, so, its not an problem
  9. as far that i know, its only this one, beyond the umbra´s sentience while playing as operator
  10. Zeyez

    Update failed! Can't login (HOW TO FIX)

    logo o Brasil? algum tipo de vingança? why only Brazil? its some kind of revenge?
  11. Zeyez

    Cyst on Umbra (SPOILER)

    it just shows that you are infected, even if the size is wrong wait 7 days and solve this once and for all
  12. Zeyez


    looking at humble bundle, more 13 days and some hours
  13. depends on you and your team: want to depend on your Exalted Blade all the time and give more generic benefits for your allies? Growing Power will give more boost, plus you can buff your ally's abilities (only bad if you are dealing with unexperienced nova speed, since this player wont manage the buff) your entire team like to go meele and/or you need more capacity points? Steel Charge (considering that you are modded)
  14. Zeyez

    Curse mods: a rather negative idea.

    not enough slots to invest into pure detrimental mods corrupted has an pay-off, which you can choose use or not, if you dont want anything, just dont equip it but an mod maded only to lose? nah, you will lose thrice: slot, points and power
  15. Zeyez

    Got junk reward from sortie...

    its bad if you are not playing for the next 3 days if you can play, its good worst moment was when i got an booster, but i needed to travel for 3 days...