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  1. or maybe DE could create an secondary objective that allows you to get an little progress (10% speed compared when you received the kill code from another player) while defending the uplink in murex
  2. @mintaka5 if warframe isn't enjoyable anymore, you can decide to take an break or change your approach to the game most of the people that attempts to "gotta go fast" style are expecting something else, more in the future, which require to do that same repeating tasks over and over, which is the nature of every free to play game: they need to hook people to play it for some time by giving meaninful tasks, throwing carrots even if warframe is more fair in terms of premium currency and what sort of thing you can acquire, its still has that sort of free to play model i simply can't motivate you to keep playing, in fact, if you don't find any other goal before it starts to be detrimental for your "sanity", making you think that is an task, instead of just an "experience"... jump out of the box did left other games that has even more agressive approach, from smartphone and PC... and funnily enough, half of them did shutdown 6 months to 1 year because they didn't learned from their mistakes, even if i was warning them, like one that it shouldn't have raised lv cap from beyond lv 70 or other that every mandatory tool for item upgrade were paid items that denies you item from breaking, instead of being just an help myself, did stopped playing Warframe 2 times: broken PC and burnout, but the good thing was that my progress wasn't lost
  3. considering that i got caught on that before, i think that its required add some sort of secondary objective for 10% progress of receiving the kill code from ground team just enough for the railjack team not being that dependant from ground team, which already can do their part in the events by themselves
  4. i'm more bothered by that being an required mechanic for the railjack part which doesn't even work if the ground team isn't there, since, depending on the flotilla that you are playing, you can be stuck there for almost an hour without any progress, like my first playthrought at this event i really wanted that they did made oplink being required to gather those kill codes from the ground team, but not mandatory, by creating an secondary objective that could grant some minor progress over time, it could be much better, like: instead of gathering the hacked condrix's signal, you search around the Murex for some points of interest (outside of the oplink's place) those points of interest allows the railjack team to get an minor progress, like =~10% of the progress granted by receiving the kill code from ground team (which is much better than dealing with 0% almost all the time) if those points of interest are destroyed by the enemy, it appears randomly in other place of the tileset, stopping that progress its not like that feature is bad if we look in paper, but some situations can be unbearable
  5. on PC< he arrived and brought some Split Flights not sure about console since i don't have one at that moment
  6. could be: mentally broken, aka sort of prototype Umbra warframe physically broken, aka amalgamation of various warframe parts used by Alad V while doing its Zanuka project broken, with means of "unrefined" warframe, aka prototype version of an warframe that was released before they could fix their external appereance, but still functional (Rhino prime's codex has that sort of idea when it describess him using its Rhino skin) but i'm not expecting them going all out in "meme" warframe, since warframes appears in cinematics and they always attempt to merge gameplay, about how we feel, and how the tenno perceive it The Sacrifice quest relates that quite well during our journey to get Excalibur Umbra
  7. timed events are an good way to test new features without the drawback of developers being forced to adapt those features for every update but sure, i'm all against the lore being locked behind the event, but some new game modes are required to have some sort of massive tests and events are exactly meant for that, like invasions and survival
  8. now, talking about myself as an Design Council member: i'm not an Founder, in fact i'm f2p, but somehow got elected to become one of the members because i'm quite old player (started 2 weeks after its open beta release) and was quite active at the time they decided to add more members there (for now, i'm more casual, but still playing weekly) we didn't had too much options from the themes DE restricted us to choose, but Hive and Kamaitachi were the second place and third place, respectively, Broken warframe didn't won by significant margin, so much that almost any combination of 2 between 2nd and 6th position's votes could have surpassed it (Calligraphy as 4th, Falconer as 5th, Ghost in the Machine as 6th)... which makes me even remember the elections in my country... an terrible experience... no one did wanted the top 2, but the votes were too pulverized between 11 candidates DE didn't ignored player's feedback, but they could have adjusted between how many themes they could have listed for us to vote, because Broken warframe did become the default choice in case that none of the other options didn't satisfied those voters (which makes me remember the election in my country again... the "broken" one got elected here) i didn't pick Broken one, but Calligraphy, but even then, Broken warframe could become the thing i said in the 1st page of this topic: "mentally broken", which could justify an appereance of an new Umbra warframe created before Excalibur Umbra, "amalgamation of warframes done while Alad V was doing the Zanuka project", "unintended prototype release which didn't had its abilities fine tuned" like Rhino prime's codex or the thing everybody did want from it: failure in the matrix which not even the creators and Man in the wall can't explain its existence maybe things could be different if they did created an 2nd turn to filter better our options, like: 25~30 themes at the first turn, 5~8 themes at 2nd turn... but oh well, what's done is done
  9. considering the description of "broken warframe", it still could be anything: - things like people who voted on it said and think like that: a failure in the matrix, the very being that breaks the 4th wall, making even the Man in the wall and Ballas confused - an warframe with background somehow similar to Umbra Excalibur (mentally broken because of his "single burning memory")... basically, one of the Umbra prototypes - one that could be Alad V's doing: "an "amalgation of many warframes used as Alad V experimentation while creating Zanuka, which somehow got out of the jail, like vanilla Valkyr", which maybe could deny its prime variant's existence - an unintended prototype release from the old era because of facility's breach before they could fix its flaws, and somehow, they just kept like that, like Rhino prime's codex (just see the description of it using its second ability there and compare to the playable one) still... i don't think that you should spoil the results from design council that early, come on, let them guess for few hours x=
  10. 3rd build can be neutral nova: no power strenght or at most Power Donation aura, which can allow you to use increased range from Stretch and Augur Reach, Escape Velocity for mobility as exilus, some duration mods like Augur Message, Constitution and Primed Continuity, to compensate Fleeting Expertise, allowing you to spam all those 3 skills: Antimatter for splash damage, portal for mobility in big tilesets (or just for the speed buff from Escape Velocity), molecular prime... you know about it already if you want to switch from neutral to slow in-mission, Pax Bolt, Energy Conversion and/or Growing Power can be used this build will make you quite squishy, since you will have only one or two mods to use as defensive options and yes, it could create an titanic chain reaction explosions in the past, but now the explosions themselves aren't that strong... unless you apply an weapon effect that can do that sort of chain reaction, like Acid Shells from Sobek, which scales based on maximum target's hp on death and augmented by Faction damage mods and Rhino's Roar
  11. will be probably like "+12~15% duration" remember that some people needs it and some doesn't it, plus that those "band-aid" mods are meant to be used on exilus slot
  12. yesterday, i tried solo for the first time got only 5/9 and mission fail because i got forced to hold that beacon for almost 1 hour without anyone giving me enough codes
  13. definitively doesn't look bad, but the strenght of the kuva Brakk is massive status procs, plus that Augur Pact isn't that good since Hornet Strike already give an huge bonus (generally, mods with same stats are addictive with each other) try to find those elemental + status mods dropped at Vor in void t4 (toxin), spy missions (fire and ice) and sold by Baroo ki'teer (electric) Target Cracker, Pistol Gambit and Heated Charge has Prime variant, but base version can be used in that case Lethal Torrent could be an better option in place of Augur Pact, found on nightmare missions (unlocked by doing all the nodes in one planet) as i said before, Kuva Brakk has huge falloff penalty of 96% after 20 meters, maybe you could compensate, an bit, with projectile speed mods (Lethal Momentum)to reduce that problem (can be used on weapon exilus slot) to increase from 10~20 to 14~28 or try to use that one almost at point blank range
  14. unless you ignore Riven mods or mission modifiers (like grendel mission that disable mods or sortie modifier that increases armor/physical/elemental defense), it doesn't exist it depends on enemy's level, armor type, scaling armor value, where you are hitting the enemy, your mods, warframe buffs, companion buffs, aura effects from squad... many factors, but they are mostly predictable before you can start the mission (except for some enemy formations that includes some nasty aura stacks) considering that you enforce so much about your arsenal weakening over time and you don't specify anything about the faction that you are fighting... you can show or say the mods of one of your weapons different from Kuva Brakk, including their levels? maybe the mods that you are using after leveling up are wildly different from the usual optimized builds, like lacking leveled Serration, not using enough crit mods for crit weapons, thinking that filling slots with unranked mods are better than using few maximized ones or just some recent nerf like what happened with Kuva Brakk, which can't get 100% status proc per pellet anymore
  15. that's comical, since Saryn just mass murder everything and that aura only heals if you let them kill something just like Harrow: he can only heal teammates if those teammates allow him to hit something
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