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  1. I am trying to farm Gauss with my girlfriend. We have found 9 neuroptics, 2 chassis, 0 systems.
  2. Just saying, while not being the most popular name in germany anymore (for obvious reasons), the name Adolf still exists. I even have an uncle with that name.
  3. You seem to miss the point, because thats what people have been criticising over the past few days. Additionally, the event is a boring grind of the same mission, with of course had people afk'ing it. And now, instead of taking the criticism seriously, the red text talks down of the criticism instead of doing something about it. Thats whats frequently referred to as "a slap in the face".
  4. I highly doubt you were the first or only one doing that. No offense, but noticing the grineers bad AI doesn't take much.
  5. I haven't seen a more hostile red-text since I started playing this game. Instead of talking down on the people who come up with valid criticism, how about you do something about it?
  6. Some missed opporunities here: - Secondary weapons: Waterbombs (Should be doable with kunai animation) - Melee weapon: Pool noodle - PvP mode (Heck, just imagine it with forts and stuff. This event is silly enough, so why not go all out?) - maybe some special skills? But as it is now, all you do is run away from a stupid AI, that clearly isn't designed to fight smartly in an open enviroment, or just stay afk altogether, in order to buy overpriced stuff for an "event" that would be considered a minigame in other games events. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate every little bit of content, but connecting a very little piece of content with highly priced unlockables while providing zero variation? Not cool.
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