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  1. Pixelated door AND floor texture: Yes, that door with that green marker. Pixels. This is Lua, but same also happens to Void doors of this same shape. Now, here's a closer look at the floor: Same pixelated floor texture is also used here: EDIT: This from the Void. Same texture, again: Pixelated wall deco: I could be nitpicking here, but void lockers need some work IMO: Especially that grey wear thing really stings my eyes. Disclaimer: I have no idea if any of this is related to this update or not. Could b
  2. Hello. I don't post too often and am here to tell you that Xaku is fine. For the most part anyway. I think the only real issue with him is that Grasp of Lohk's weapons target enemies lifted up by Gaze(and apparently also wild animals, according to the thread). It is frustrating and doesn't feel like intended behavior. Would also be nice if Grasp of Lohk had more targeting range. Just a few more meters. It doesn't necessarily need it, but would feel a bit better with it.
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