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  1. If your post in a Hotfix/Update thread includes 'Still no fix for...."


    1) Include a link to a relevant bug report/screenshot that has details on reproducibility and the nature of the issue.

    Without these details it is increasingly difficult to troubleshoot the specifics involved in resolving a bug.


    Glad we're putting those support tickets to good use.

  2. I for one am very excited that DE is offering this incentive.


    For those that have criticized this program so far, why be upset over FREE stuff that takes absolutely no work to obtain? Maybe you already have machete but who knows, they may have a weapon released in the coming months that you do not already have? In short, FREE stuff is GOOD stuff. :)


    So is S#&$ also "GOOD stuff?"

  3. Are you currently aware of the exploit allegedly used and how it is done, provided it was done at all in such a scummy way?

    Keep in mind, WBP lost 52k points.


    From the initial "exploit" fix. The cap hurt WBP bad, too.


    There was no event winning exploit that went unnoticed this time. I'm fairly certain they nabbed or blocked most of the big ones, and certainly all of the event breaking ones. DE was very diligent.


    There is also the other side of this argument, in that this "exploit" has existed for months with a number of videos displaying such. They had plenty of time and opportunity to fix this by simply adding a level cap or even modifying the game to accept higher levels.


    The fact that they finally decided to fix it during this event doesn't quite fit the description of "diligence."

  4. What are you talking about ?

    Read my comments before...

    The sound which we hear in his video comes from a software of macro.

    You can reproduce this continuous sound by typing as a horse on your keyboard, okay ?

    And Nekro is my main, i have a 5 formas Nekros, spe Desecration, so i know about what i speak...


    Still doesn't mean that any extra software was needed, as he was explaining. you could've simply mashed 3 and you would've achieved the same thing. And casting it that fast meant you'd clear out the corpses faster than we were before and after 13.3.0.

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