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  1. If your post in a Hotfix/Update thread includes 'Still no fix for...."


    1) Include a link to a relevant bug report/screenshot that has details on reproducibility and the nature of the issue.

    Without these details it is increasingly difficult to troubleshoot the specifics involved in resolving a bug.


    Glad we're putting those support tickets to good use.

  2. Just covering this one, it's all RNG. It can take <10 runs, it can take three runs(Stupidly lucky. I, for once, fell into this category).

    It's all random.

    You have no proof that it's weighted away from something, aside from stories.


    Actually if you look at any eximus entry in the codex, it shows that the Oberon System Blueprint is considered uncommon, making it less likely to appear than either of the other drops. It's entirely possible that other frames use this same distribution.


    You're using a frame that relies mostly on her shields for survival and a primary that's better at dealing with single targets in a mission containing hordes of infested that are likely to deal toxic damage, and you complain that you couldn't survive as long as with another frame that would actually be more resilient to such effects with additional armor and health, and abilities that enhance this survivability. Also, you talk about mods that would've easily added survivability, but instead you used either less powerful mods like Stretch over Overextend and less reliable mods such as Handspring over most of the other mods you listed.


    The Supra and Akstilettos would not be more helpful due to their slower killing power, nor would it be a good idea to use something so close range as the Sheev. There are definitely better weapons you can use, like an Amprex, Dread, or Boltor Prime. Hell, even a Penta or Stug would work, if you don't mind the added risk.


    Honestly, I really do believe you could have done better, but it just seems like you're gimping yourself for the sake of an argument.

  4. Like it takes skill to press one button to obliterate an entire room :P


    If we're talking about Dolomighty's "double digit waves of T4D," you're going to have a rough time "obliterating" an entire room with anything. Instead, you're going to be relying more on abilities that prevent enemies from killing you first, such as Radial Blind, Snow Globe, and even Molecular Prime. The entire run ends up depending on how long can you maintain your crowd controls.



    Also I feel like the posts that discussed closed beta's cooldowns should get a little bit more attention:


    The problem with this is that they tried this before in closed beta and everyone hated it.  It didn't actually stop people from spamming it, they just door camped until the cooldown was over, or tried not to kill the last enemy in the wave so they could have it by the next one.



    They tried CDs before in closed beta.

    It sucked.  Hard.

    Missions turned into an incredibly slow slog where you would go into a room, nuke it, then wait at the door for the 45 to 90 seconds for your abilities to recharge before doing it to the next room.

    Repeat that for every single room in the game.



  5. Realize that you're asking them to not only refund you fusion cores, but also asking them to keep the mod in ALL of your different builds for a Warframe. You'd literally change not only that one build you're working with, but every single bloody build in ANY loadout having that WarFrame in it.


    You're defaulting your Radial Disarm Loki Build back to a Stealth Build without even realizing it or wanting to do it. You'd manually have to go back in and refuse the mod for the other build, but that would be counter intuitive, because now you've destroyed your Stealth Build to fix the range of your Radial Disarm Build. 


    Get the picture?


    He's not asking to outright downgrade mods. He's asking to have a maxed mod operate at a lower rank for a build, such as having Radial Disarm set to rank 0 for his stealth build but still maxed out on his CC build, without having to have another RD in his collection.

  6. The Kubrow scrambler is nothing like what PWE does. The best and closest comparison to the Kubrow scrambler are the CS:GO weapon cases. You people are letting fear and slippery slope blind you to what is actually going on and just how much people don't mind the option when it is featured in other non-PWE associated games. If not for the whole PWE thing you guys probably wouldn't be saying anything about this. Because you guys wouldn't be associating DE with PWE when the thing that you guys are comparing the scrambler to functions very differently. It's times like these that I wish downvotes existed on this forum.


    CS:GO is hardly a better comparison. Not only are you able to keep the weapon skin, but you can also resell the skin itself rather than selling something that increases the chance of the skin appearing in a weapon case. Not only that, but each weapon case actually explains what skins you're can get from it, so you also have some control on what you want.

  7. I've been wondering for a while if the base proc chance shown is per pellet (like pistols) or per shot (like shotguns).


    Okay. So the Akbronco would have a 30% from 7 pellets = 5% per pellet base = 14% per pellet modified @ 19.6 pellets = 2.7 base proc per shot, 94.8% chance to get at least one proc. 


    With an average 2.744 procs per shot, and 50% of those elementals, thats an average proc rate of 1.372 elemental procs per trigger pull. Tysis pulls 2.8 per shot with 31.25% Corrosive, so ~1.925 of other elements.


    But Akbronco Prime fires a hella lot faster too :D


    Maybe, but the tysis would work better in terms of actually and steadily exploiting CC effects such as blast, shock, and radiation at any range, whereas the akbronco ends up distributing its pellets in an area at medium to long ranges, while mostly applying impact procs more than anything else.


    There's also the issue on how those chances are actually distributed among the damage types. I highly doubt that elemental damage make up 50% of the chance, considering that my personal experience provide only few elemental procs versus a large number of physicals in a single mission. There is also some curiousity as to how often a base element may proc instead of a combo element, such as toxic triggering when a weapon has corrosive.

  8. This.


    Depends on how you quantify 100% status tho. For the pellet weapons, with lots of multishot and a decently high proc rate, you can have an extremely low chance to not get at least one proc every shot. 


    For example the Pyrana with multishot and the event mods has only a 28% chance to proc per pellet, but fires ~34 pellets per shot, and averages around 9.4 procs per shot. The chances of not getting at least one proc in a shot is less than 0.002%


    Actually, the proc chance shown is the probability of at least one of its pellets applying a status chance. The actual proc chance per pellet on the pyrana ends up being barely less than a percent. If you applied max multishot and the damage/proc mods, it would show about 57% when in reality it's actually a 2.4% chance for each pellet.

  9. I for one am very excited that DE is offering this incentive.


    For those that have criticized this program so far, why be upset over FREE stuff that takes absolutely no work to obtain? Maybe you already have machete but who knows, they may have a weapon released in the coming months that you do not already have? In short, FREE stuff is GOOD stuff. :)


    So is S#&amp;&#036; also "GOOD stuff?"

  10. They first have to jump into P2W. What you mention is a bad marketing decision P2W would be if you HAD to buy them at stupid prices, but you don't so you're wrong.


    Yeah. It's not like you can pay $20 dollars to skip days to weeks of grinding and construction of stuff like Rhino or Vauban. It's also not like the prices are completely unbalanced, like paying $10 for a skana.



  11. But guys! It's not like they're EA or anything, right?

    DE's an indie company with only 20 people working so they'll get more people from PWE, right?
    If PWE controls DE, then Steve can get more money to go into the game, right?

    They can make other games better with their revolutionary Evolution engine, right?

    They could even make Star Trek Online play like their own Star Trek game. That was good, right?

    It's not like they're going to add fusion core packs that cost more to buy than to trade for, right?



  12. Bastille is a bit bad because the problem is that the enemy actually has to go in the trap.

    Rhino Stomp is bad if their's more enemies coming right before you activated it.


    Right, because enemies don't have to be in Radial Blind's radius in order to be blinded.


    Let's also ignore the fact that Vauban can cover a much larger area for a much longer time, and that Rhino can provide also damage buff for every weapon and not just melee weapons.

  13. Imagine it like this: You cook a food, and you test it yourself. You will notice some things that need improvement. You adjust the recipe, and test it again until you are satisfied. And then you invite your 10 other friends to try it. Although you think you've made a good enough food, now there's 10 other mouth which have different taste and different view about your food. They certainly have different opinion about your food. Now test the food to ten thousand people. You will get thousand opinion. Some of them maybe never cross your mind because even though you're a great cook, you're still a human.


    I can't blame DE for many bugs in this game. Even if DE test the game adequately, they can't simulate every possibilities. That's why we, the player, should give a good feedback for them to improve their game. And by I mean feedback, is a well-thought, well-phrased, backed with proofs, respectful feedback (it still can be negative feedback too).


    This would be an adequate analogy if we were discussing actual gameplay mechanics such as Melee 2.0 or a new mission type.


    Rather, it's everything else that's of concern. For example, someone's plate might be cracked or a spoon might have a hole in it. Perhaps a table has a short leg or people keep tripping on a particular rug. Not all people stop visiting a restaurant because of the food. I'm sure we've all been to places that had great food, but maybe took a long time to prepare, offered a clean table, or maybe had a roach pop its head out.


    These are the real problems; these issues that give cause for concern on your dining experience. With many bugs still existing since closed beta (the most noticeable one I've seen being the intangible cryopod cart in asteroid mobile defenses), it provides some concern on where their priorities really lie. Sure, a lot of these new foods and ways to deliver them are fascinating, but I'm still going to have a problem about that hole in my spoon.

  14. Eh... Ash, Banshee, Ember, Hydroid, Valkyr, and Zephyr should all be accepted.  They're all equal to the likes of Rhino.  Hell some are better.  They're underused by comparison, but it's not because they're not effective.


    Best-sellers are pretty spot-on, though.


    How the heck are Hydroid and Zephyr "equal" to Rhino? Sure, Zephyr can act as somewhat of a tank with Turbulance and her high health and shields, but I don't really see any other comparison.

  15. Are you currently aware of the exploit allegedly used and how it is done, provided it was done at all in such a scummy way?

    Keep in mind, WBP lost 52k points.


    From the initial "exploit" fix. The cap hurt WBP bad, too.


    There was no event winning exploit that went unnoticed this time. I'm fairly certain they nabbed or blocked most of the big ones, and certainly all of the event breaking ones. DE was very diligent.


    There is also the other side of this argument, in that this "exploit" has existed for months with a number of videos displaying such. They had plenty of time and opportunity to fix this by simply adding a level cap or even modifying the game to accept higher levels.


    The fact that they finally decided to fix it during this event doesn't quite fit the description of "diligence."

  16. pretty much all new plan tech weapons are unique.

    So far in U13, we've had nine clantech weapons released:


    Wrist claws

    An automatic Seuss-rifle with an Electric-shield-esque secondary fire

    a scatter pistol whose unique feature is its automatic fire

    A machete

    the Gilette™ Fusion Pro-polearm

    a burst rifle that's essentially a mix of a latron and burston

    A Corpus Synapse that has an arcing effect

    Dual Swords

    A crossbow that is marginally worse than its secondary cousin


    Of these, I can consider only two to be actually unique: the Venka for being the first claw-based weapon, and the Mutalist Quanta for having a design that makes no sense and an actual secondary fire. While some may actually be better in some cases, like the Nami Skyla's top slide damage or the Marelok's firepower, most others are either too similar to other weapons to be considered "unique" (such as the Akstilettos or the Grinlok) or are outdone by weapons later released in the market (the Ogris and Supra.) A lot of these weapons would be more fitting in the normal market rather than requiring the additional wait and effort needed from funding research.

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