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  1. I love this new gamemode from a gameplay standpoint. The "sentry buster" style of defense is really fun and refreshing, especially after the changes to make their spawn location more varied. However, my main concern is with the replay value and rewards of the gamemode. I love being able to influence the tier of rewards I get, but it doesn't mean anything if the rewards are just standard fluff and some garbage (hexanon drops that are less than you get in normal gameplay). I fear that once the event passes, this will be just another one-off minigame node attached to old content people will pass by on their journey (Defection, Infested Salvage, Ambulas etc). I propose adding an elite node in a style to ESO, with much higher enemy levels and tougher or even more Demolysts to stop per conduit. Then, fill the reward table with treats that could keep any Tenno in the cocktail of unflinching violence and pseudo-random rewards. Things like pre-upgraded relics, large Endo packets, maybe even a shot at something like the rare Broken War parts. I would come back and play that all day.
  2. I'm looking forward to this! It always sucks to sleep through a rare alert like a potato or nice helmet, and I've enjoyed the similar system with Arbitrations (albeit, hopefully credi will be less of a pain to earn).
  3. Servofish Dating? Am I hearing this correctly? Full resolution version. https://i.imgur.com/4IotAcj.png
  4. Would it be possible to implement advanced controls for Sigils and Syandanas, as posted here?
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