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  1. I've gotta be real with you, these changes gutted Vazarin's dash. Removing the invulnerability? That's fine by me. It was too much. However. 500 flat health. Over 5 seconds. With no stacking. The average non-excavator defense target has tens of thousands of health. You're limiting the dash to basically 2% (being generous) health restoration per five seconds for everything but an Earth defense or Excavation. I want there to be more interesting schools then the energizing dash machine, please don't do this to me. Can we make it 5% guaranteed at least? Warframes wack health / damage scaling makes flat numbers equivalent in value to the post-WWI German Mark. Alternatives: Increase the flat HP gain and let me stack it. I'd be fine using all my dashes to recover a few thousand HP between waves. Gives me reason to go grab other waybounds too. Or, give it a passive ability to increase incoming healing. A healing cashback, if you will. While under the effects, any healing gained form either natural regeneration or other team abilities is matched 50-100% by Vazarin Credit Union.
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