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  1. Reminds me of Nyx's Aurelia tennogen skin. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1329001809&searchtext=
  2. I second this. Boosters aren't really needed for people who have been playing for awhile and have everything they want already, rivens/arcanes aside.
  3. Elite alerts when? We noticed the texture upgrades and performance improvements in the game this week, if you could go over what was done and what graphical upgrades we can expect soon? We really need solo extraction in survival/excavation missions. Daily login rewards?
  4. Sounds like it will be selected and thats great. I haven't played much with Equinox because I really dislike its design. This skin really helps with that.
  5. I am having the same issue and it seems like this is widespread. Hopefully they are aware and are working on it.
  6. I had to carry every single group in every mission and I'm only MR16. I ended up having to do the first defense mission myself after quiting twice due to someones terrible internet connection and a group who decided that standing next to the objective was the most work they were willing to do so I left after 3 rounds. They were all newer players <MR8. Either these missions should be labeled properly reflecting their actual difficulty or MR locked. I know that sometimes MR doesn't mean anything, most of the time it does. But I mean after the first mission it was pretty clear what to expect from the rest of them. The number of newer players that dont' seem to care about anything is getting out of hand. The sigil really isn't anything special at all and I enjoy fashion framing quite a bit so if you can't play this weekend don't worry about you aren't missing anything.
  7. Hi, I have a request here! Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/zaugheek/los-pistoleros-jonaty-garcia-instrumental Second request optional obviously but I would greatly appreciate it. Not sure if either song is doable so one or the other.
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