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  1. Johnny5five

    New Arca Plasmor visual/sound is HORRIBLE

    For the record I do like the new sounds it makes, but the particle explosions could use some toning down. Ask nicely and they might do just that.
  2. Johnny5five

    question about arbirations

    Yes you need to clear every single node on every single planet/void/derelict/kuva fortress etc.
  3. Johnny5five

    New Arca Plasmor visual/sound is HORRIBLE

    There is a new graphical option in the menu to turn intensity up and down. Try that it might help.
  4. Johnny5five

    TennoGen Round 14 - Accepted Items! 

    I was hoping both of the frames would get Mithra editions. I guess Khora will remain unused until her flower bulb head is addressed.
  5. Well for one thing, with a booster Kuva flood rewards ~2400 kuva for an average of about 7 mins of work. Another thing is you don't need nekros or hydroid for a 20 min run in survival. I do it solo all the time with Nidus and never drop under 80% life support status. Add to all of that doing one thing over and over leads to fatigue so switching back and forth helps with that as well.
  6. I second this. Boosters aren't really needed for people who have been playing for awhile and have everything they want already, rivens/arcanes aside.
  7. Johnny5five

    Bad Hosts are People!

    If you start a mission and see that you are hosting, abort mission or alt F4 and try again. You won't be selected to host all the time so its shouldn't be that big of a deal. I mean its more than most people have to do but the problem here is on your end. Also don't use wifi if at all possible. Plug your PC into your router/modem directly. Cat 5 cable is cheap.
  8. You can't really believe DE is losing money on anything it does. These bundles contain gear and accessories that were made sometimes years ago so really what are they spending money on when the bring it out of the closet to sell? Lower prices will drive more sales, its that simple.
  9. Johnny5five

    Camera shake Nausia*** Please DE read this***

    There is a toggle for screen shake in the menu. Even with it off there are a few things that still shake the screen on occasion but its much better overall. Go to display tab and its right above GRAPHICS QUALITY.
  10. Johnny5five

    Support, how long?

    Thats understandable but no one here is going to be able to give you an accurate answer. Could be 3 days could be 3 weeks.
  11. Johnny5five

    Feast your eyes on Dex Zylok and Zylok Prime

    They look great and unless it gets a major buff thats all they will be, hip accessories.
  12. Johnny5five

    Per-Object Motion Blur Instead of Camera Motion Blur (Current)

    You are missing a whole lot of things motion blur is used for. It is used sometimes to hide or reduce whatever the developer wants hidden but its also used simulate things like speed, tunnel vision etc. And no 8K textures are not running on "low end" cards. We are still firmly planted in the 4K arena.
  13. Johnny5five

    Per-Object Motion Blur Instead of Camera Motion Blur (Current)

    I like motion blur when its implemented properly and not obnoxiously over used. Please update warframe with per object motion blur.
  14. Johnny5five

    Stream Date: Devstream #116 Sept 14!

    Elite alerts when? We noticed the texture upgrades and performance improvements in the game this week, if you could go over what was done and what graphical upgrades we can expect soon? We really need solo extraction in survival/excavation missions. Daily login rewards?
  15. Johnny5five

    Is DE ever going to do something about AFK players?

    Sounds like a situation you chose to create. And the game is age gated and rated M. There are no legitimate excuses for offloading your responsibilities onto other because of the decisions you made in life. You can pause the game solo at any time outside of the plains.