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  1. Too much time and effort required for potential rewards. 99% of the time people leave first chance if they don't rage quit or die before that.
  2. Johnny5five

    Fix Ember!

    My only complaint is that she still takes shield and health damage while on fire but recharges energy. Why can't certain frames like ember and frost be immune to those damage types? I don't see a way that could be exploited and I don't see a balance issue with it. #Makeallpassivesuseful
  3. Sometimes people will straighten up and fly right when threatened with being reported. It's got nothing to do with epeen or ego. I don't really like reporting people unless they acknowledge the error of their ways and cement the fact that they do not care or are abusive about it. Most people do care enough about their account regardless of what they say that a ban threat will straighten them out without having to actually be reported. Less inbox garbage for support to have to sift through can only be a good thing.
  4. You are right. I am less of a liar and more of a dumb dumb. I caught a Tromyzon and not Synathid. Blame DE for making this nonsense more complicated than it needs to be. It was an honest mistake.
  5. Yes I've caught one. I don't remember where exactly. I believe I was using bait at the time.
  6. Reminds me of Nyx's Aurelia tennogen skin.
  7. Johnny5five

    TennoGen Round 14 - Accepted Items! 

    No date yet. They are busy getting Fortuna out in 2 weeks so who knows. I can't really see them going 2 weeks without any kind of update so it might come before that.
  8. Johnny5five

    New Arca Plasmor visual/sound is HORRIBLE

    For the record I do like the new sounds it makes, but the particle explosions could use some toning down. Ask nicely and they might do just that.
  9. Johnny5five

    New Arca Plasmor visual/sound is HORRIBLE

    There is a new graphical option in the menu to turn intensity up and down. Try that it might help.
  10. Johnny5five

    TennoGen Round 14 - Accepted Items! 

    I was hoping both of the frames would get Mithra editions. I guess Khora will remain unused until her flower bulb head is addressed.
  11. Johnny5five

    Mask of the Revenant: Chroma Prime 23.9.0 +

    I second this. Boosters aren't really needed for people who have been playing for awhile and have everything they want already, rivens/arcanes aside.
  12. Johnny5five

    Stream Date: Devstream #116 Sept 14!

    Elite alerts when? We noticed the texture upgrades and performance improvements in the game this week, if you could go over what was done and what graphical upgrades we can expect soon? We really need solo extraction in survival/excavation missions. Daily login rewards?
  13. Sounds like it will be selected and thats great. I haven't played much with Equinox because I really dislike its design. This skin really helps with that.
  14. Johnny5five

    Warframe Prime Time #217: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    Elite alerts coming soon?
  15. Johnny5five

    Platinum Loans

    Aw common guys. You don't want slimy predatory services like payday loans in your game? Party poopers.