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  1. Reminds me of Nyx's Aurelia tennogen skin. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1329001809&searchtext=
  2. No date yet. They are busy getting Fortuna out in 2 weeks so who knows. I can't really see them going 2 weeks without any kind of update so it might come before that.
  3. I was hoping both of the frames would get Mithra editions. I guess Khora will remain unused until her flower bulb head is addressed.
  4. I second this. Boosters aren't really needed for people who have been playing for awhile and have everything they want already, rivens/arcanes aside.
  5. Elite alerts when? We noticed the texture upgrades and performance improvements in the game this week, if you could go over what was done and what graphical upgrades we can expect soon? We really need solo extraction in survival/excavation missions. Daily login rewards?
  6. Sounds like it will be selected and thats great. I haven't played much with Equinox because I really dislike its design. This skin really helps with that.
  7. Aw common guys. You don't want slimy predatory services like payday loans in your game? Party poopers.
  8. Is there anyway to implement a sort of network analyzer system that checks the performance of your network connection and if it falls below a certain threshold it turns on the never host option without the ability to turn it back on manually? Sometimes taking the decision making ability away from the person is best for everyone. If I had an unreliable network connection I wouldn't be playing games online at all. I can only speak from my own experience on PC but since the host migration issues sanctuary onslaught launched with were patched I haven't had a single one fail.
  9. While OP could have been less inflammatory they are just expressing frustration thats been building over time so its understandable from that perspective. I get frustrated as well after spending a good deal of money on a good PC and good internet only to have all of that reduced to dog poo as soon as a host with a terrible connection appears. And that happens with enough frequency to cause frustration. 60 dollar AAA games have a paywall preventing those less fortunate or those that just don't want to spend the money from playing it. This is a free to play game that has an extremely low entrance requirement. I just don't think DE are doing enough at this point to address it. At least it seems that way. Lack of communication might be the reason. Thank you for your input SilverBones, its always nice to have professional input from the "inside".
  10. Alright SilverBones so your post hasn't explained why players can't toggle a switch that says host/never host? Can you shed some light on that request? Yes I know there will still be people that don't care how their situation effects others or are aholes that are out to troll. There isn't anything that can be done in that situation except dedicated servers.
  11. I am having the same issue and it seems like this is widespread. Hopefully they are aware and are working on it.
  12. I had to carry every single group in every mission and I'm only MR16. I ended up having to do the first defense mission myself after quiting twice due to someones terrible internet connection and a group who decided that standing next to the objective was the most work they were willing to do so I left after 3 rounds. They were all newer players <MR8. Either these missions should be labeled properly reflecting their actual difficulty or MR locked. I know that sometimes MR doesn't mean anything, most of the time it does. But I mean after the first mission it was pretty clear what to expect from the rest of them. The number of newer players that dont' seem to care about anything is getting out of hand. The sigil really isn't anything special at all and I enjoy fashion framing quite a bit so if you can't play this weekend don't worry about you aren't missing anything.
  13. Hi, I have a request here! Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/zaugheek/los-pistoleros-jonaty-garcia-instrumental Second request optional obviously but I would greatly appreciate it. Not sure if either song is doable so one or the other.
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