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  1. 18 hours ago, Celimbor said:

    Well, thanks for nothing, I guess. I hope this isn't the last redesign of Xaku because holy hell this is bad.

    This note made me laugh and was totally redundant, if you actually check what enemies have either cloned flesh or fossilized. Then you'd notice that neither Eidolons nor Amalgams use these types health classes. I'm really wondering why they even mentioned it, they could've just said bosses. Anyways I don't see why "certain bosses" should retain these resistances, removing that 50% resistance makes almost no difference.

    Void damage's issue is armour and its terrible status effect.

  2. This augment is more of a quality of life change than anything else.
    There's a reason it fits on the exilus slot.

    It's plain and simple, it allows you to seek out uninfected enemies, end of story.

    If this augment wasn't equippable on the exilus slot, I'd stomp it into the ground.
    I'd much prefer every augment was exilus compatible though, since it's the most useless slot there is.
    If they can add the drift mods on there, they can add augments as well.

  3. The things that annoy me most is that you have to go out of your way to actually farm those thralls for murmurs and have him appear.
    You can't go open relics or farm for any resource and get those murmurs naturally. Worse yet, there are no endless lich missions.
    Despite having to go to select specific missions on a node, they can still steal your S#&$ in any kind of mission and there's nothing you can do about it.
    Except for you know, kill him.

    The stuff he steals isn't correctly recorded either, it gets pretty screwed the moment you have a booster active or he steals certain stuff.
    I myself still didn't get those 4 ayatan ortas back, not that I really care much though, but it shows how flawed the system currently is.

    Going back to the fact that you have to go out of your way to deal with him.
    The liches say it themselves... THEY ARE THE HUNTER! They definitely don't feel like it.
    Granted the easiest way to get the lich to spawn at least about every other mission, is to get him to rank 5.
    Once he has reached that rank his enrage meter won't reset.

    There comes another thing why they don't feel like a hunter, their AI, the way they respond to you.
    Currently everybody can just ignore the lich and they'll just stay in the tile they spawned in.
    They don't chase their adversary around, they don't feel like a threat at all.
    Other than that they throw their abilities around at random, especially their mobility one.
    I'd much prefer that they use their mobility to stay out of your aim or try to chase you.
    Rather than randomly hopping about.

    If they're supposed to be an enemy that is more on par with the tenno, DE failed with this one.

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  4. There's no need to post this multiple times. It won't help you get this fixed and as somebody said, provide more information than this.

    A few examples like:
    When did it start?
    What did you do before it started?
    What did you install lately?
    What Windows updates did you get recently?

    As for specs you should at least know what the 4 main parts in your pc are:
    In my case my PC specs are:
    - Intel i7 6700K
    - Red Dragon Radeon RX 5700
    - Corsair 16 GB DDR4 2133mhz
    - Asrock Z170 fatal1ty gaming k6+

    Other things to mention are your windows build and GPU driver version, in my case this being respectively Windows 10 19041 and AMD Crimson drivers 20.5.1.

    Anyways I'm having a similar issue for a few days now, I suspected gpu drivers first but now I'm not so sure. Could be Windows 10 as well, I've had a few updates recently for that.
    As for the framerate issues I'm having, it's stuck to 65fps most of the time. Exceptions being Cetus and Fortuna where it is 100-120. 
    It seems to be as if the game refuses to utilise more of my gpu, in my case it rarely wants to go over 35%.

  5. Today I updated from AMD Crimson drivers 2.4.1 to 2.5.1, after this update everything except for Warframe runs fine.
    Warframe appears to stick to 65 fps in orbiter, relays and missions.
    The odd outliers here are Navigation, Cetus and Fortuna, where it actually goes to 120 (the cap I set for Warframe).
    In both Orb Vallis and the Plains framerate appears to be normal until everything finishes loading, then it just sticks to the same framerate as any other mission.
    Especially the performance in the open world hubs are odd, since normally framerate here is lower in the game due to all the players around.
    One thing I've noticed is how the game refuses to utilise more than 35% of the gpu

    My PC Specs are:
    - Intel i7 6700K
    - Red Dragon Radeon RX 5700
    - Corsair 16 GB DDR4 2133mhz
    - Asrock Z170 fatal1ty gaming k6

  6. Yesterday I got 4 ayatan orta statues stolen. Today when I got rid of the lich, only seemed to get one back.
    I've known about the lich not giving stuff from caches back, or how you don't get all resources back when you have a booster.
    This however is just plain ridiculous that I spent time in arbitration, only to get the majority of it stolen.
    Either this is a visual bug or you don't recover everything back from the lich.


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  7. 25 minutes ago, Duality52 said:

    Bounties are great sources of a particular Relic, but that won't help players looking for a Prime Access Relic when all of the Relics are Unvaulted Relics. It would be more preferable if one drop table (Plains/Orb Vallis) features the Unvaulted Relics while the other one features the Prime Access Relics.

    About 2 years ago prime access relics were still available from bounties. At some point after a prime release they stopped doing this and only unvaulted relics were placed in the bounty drop tables. Ever since then I haven't seen prime access relics on those tables. I'm pretty sure they made this intentionally 'harder', so that the new prime maintains its value for longer until the next prime releases.

  8. I'd say that's on you, you should always keep an eye on your railjack's health.
    When there's a catastrophic breach you can see which breach to repair to stop the timer.
    The moment you do that you're fine for a little while which is when you should take care of the enemies.
    As for dealing with glassmaker enemies, slam attacks usually break all the glass bits.
    Other than that wisp's shock mote seem to break them as well.
    This is just one of the few ways to deal with it.

    As for railjack, It's hard as long as you don't have a well geared railjack I guess :v
    I can reliably solo any railjack mission with mine.

  9. 15 hours ago, (PS4)northern_rebal said:

    Then I take back what I said ... this seems reasonable behavior on your part.

    I'm not sure what he could see, or how he'd have any idea of what you were doing.  Was it his liche?  Maybe he thought you were trying to steal him.

    He was using Nidus as well, forgot to actually check if he linked to it after I unlinked.
    I linked to it out of habit, then I checked if it was mine since I forgot my lich's name.
    It'd be funny if he thought it was possible to steal a lich.

    I could assume the game bugged out and made him unable to perform a mercy kill.
    Hasn't happened with my friends however, so while not impossible I think that's unlikely.

  10. Basically what I did was to link with nidus to the kuva lich. All this does is give me damage reduction and deflecting everything to the lich.
    He's immune to all the other effects of this ability. I've used this method with acquiantaces and know that it doesn't affect anybody.
    Neither does it interfere with lich mechanics, it just makes me harder to kill. Despite that he still one shots a linked Nidus.
    Didn't mention this at first since It's not really relevant to my question. The conversation was rather short since he couldn't speak English.
    He tried to, the results were funny however.


    I report you Nidus!

    Is pretty much most of what he said. All it pretty much did was make me laugh.
    I couldn't care less about what he said, however I got curious if there'd be any threads on this.
    Searched it up and didn't find anything conclusive on the subject.
    Overall response to this thread is kinda what I expected on the matter.
    I guess I learned some new abbreviations as well :v
    If this is a one time occurrence, it's not worth the time for support unless he does this on a daily basis.
    In that case he'll get a warning I suppose. 

  11. What do you do when a player threatens to report you for no/silly reasons?

    Earlier on somebody threatened to report me for something he didn't like, even though it didn't impact him in any meaningful way.
    I figured he just got annoyed that I beat him to the punch (he was using the same frame), nonetheless I cancelled what I was doing.
    Later on at extraction he once again threatened to report me. After getting back in the orbiter I ended up reporting him for harassment.

    Was this the right thing to do? I originally planned to ignore it, but after he threatened me once more I decided to do it.
    Frankly this situation is too stupid to even consider starting a thread for, nonetheless I thought I'd try asking in here.

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  12. It definitely could use more info. Not only for enemies, but also for items, objects.
    For example argon crystals should note what it is, where it comes from and a helpful note that this item degrades every day.
    It also shouldn't just rely on purely scanning, there's a lot of occasions in the game where this isn't practical (like archwing/railjack).

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  13. I was doing Murex's with my team until we had to wait minutes before we got a killcode. As this was just unbearable to keep on doing space team, we switched to ground team and did a full mission.
    Together this amounts to 6045 points, enough for a 10k bonus right? When I got the inbox message it only took the score from kill code receivers into account while still giving me both emblems.
    I consider this an oversight as you can switch flotilla and still get 10k total bonus with the same amount of score.
    And in this case the cause was completely out of my hands.

  14. On 2019-07-08 at 1:31 PM, lainverse said:

    I expected Catchmoon rivens plummet to the ground, so I didn't even bother looking for them. Well, I don't bother looking for specific rivens at all, but this one I'd sell on sight for exactly this reason. No reason to invest absurd amount of time into things which won't last and it were dead obvious that these won't last at all since this portable fek-all device is tremendously powerful without any rivens at all.

    Regarding Gorgon... have you ever seen Prisma Gorgon? Besides, it's surprisingly good weapon to deal with Plague Star boss. No wonder it got popularity spike and rivens got nerfed a bit due to this. I expect it to return back in the next rivens updage or in the following after it.Technically Pyrana and Rattleguts may rebound a bit as well since they got popularity spike for the same reason. Not sure, though.

    Straight to 0.5 and in some rare cases even a little bit below I guess. With how popular Ignis Wraith is I not surprised at all. Why anyone even bother acquiring a riven for it anyway?

    I think they are not happy that people still one-shot Eidolons with these. Besides now we have Velocitus which does pretty much the same. Yes, the archgun.

    It's 1.15 -> 1.1. Why it lost even that 0.05 is quite surprising, though. Sicarus Prime is nice, but not _that_ nice. Apparently it is, though.

    Seems like a bad reason to me if that's the one, even without a riven I managed to one shot limbs at times and usually it's by taking advantage of abilities.
    Snipers aren't the only weapons that do that as well. At this rate they're gonna nerf them till there's no point using them.


    13 minutes ago, Kitsune5603 said:

    Can you people stop complaining about riven nerfs when the clear issue is that the weapons were too OP with rivens? Its meant to keep the game balanced, not give OP weapons even more OP builds smh

    Most of these weapons nerfed aren't even OP, that would be high damage and multitarget which these nerfs aren't.
    A single target weapon can be ridiculously powerful, but it's still a single target weapon.
    Quite some of these weapons got nerfed the former time as well.
    Akjagara for example is getting heavily nerfed, sure I had 400% extra damage when it was still max dispo which was awesome,
    but there were still many other weapons that outdamage it because of aoe.
    You could argue it fires ridiculously fast, but this was balanced by the small clip and the reload.
    I don't mind that they rebalance dispos but nerfing the same weapons over and over again is very unfair.
    They promised not to nerf by more than one blip, but this is basically the same thing, just stretched over more time.

    It's also pointless to nerf rivens to the ground til they're basically useless and a waste of plat and capacity

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  16. Right now our clan's a storm one, but we count 30 players with only like 1/3rd actually active.
    It's been a pain in the butt for quite a while already and somebody suggested downsizing for now.
    Would this have an effect on the hostile mergers event? (I'd assume no but I might as well ask)

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