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  1. Can we do something about not only custom ability menu keybinds for Railjack, but the fact that this update broke my ability to use the ability menu keybind at all on ANYTHING but the garbage default? I'm using the original 2014 (context action started to include reload, but crouch on O) controller layout with R1 melee and L1 ability menu and I literally can't use that at all now thanks to someone breaking the specific ability menu tab option controller in the settings for an option for omni tool. I'm sorry, I'm just extremely frustrated with each update making controllers work less and less on console. EDIT: After further testing, it seems the ONLY buttons that don't work for it are L1 and the touch pad. L2 works, but that's a wack button map. I don't know who did what, but I'd appreciate it a lot if it could be fixed ASAP. I can not enjoy playing this game otherwise because Circle is the worst place for a melee-focused player to have melee be since it means I can't move the camera at all if I'm using melee (which is especially bad for redeemer), and L1 melee means I have to bird talon the left side of my controller constantly for combos, neither of these options are fun.
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