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  1. Just doing a quick report, EST. Edit: Back online! Yay!
  2. Not sure if it's just because I'm been playing the game for so long, but one - difficulty is not a bug, two - it's quite easy. I don't have any special abilities or mods that help me complete the test. Just bullet jumping and aim gliding.
  3. Just did a solo 50-minute Infested survival Arbitration. During the mission, my rewards in order were: Vigorous Swap, Rolling Guard, 2k Endo, Orta sculpture, Orta sculpture, Orta sculpture. End of progress screen: Adapation and a little over 7k endo...I don't even know what happened here. No other rare mods, no seeding step, and I assume it instead gave me 3x2000 endo. Even with that, missing a reward 😐
  4. Had this happen to me a few days ago, thought it was just a host/client issue.
  5. You receive everything immediately, except the baro relay.
  6. Not sure if anyone else is having the same issue but on PC, tried clicking buy and it wouldn't do anything. I didn't get notified of any blocked windows or javascript or whatever. I'm using Firefox with Adblocker Plus. I saw the comment about clearing cache and tried that. Tried restarting the browser too, nada. I finally tried "open link in new private window" and finally asked me to log in and then I could pay for it.
  7. Long title. We waited up to ten minutes during one of the transition periods before aborting. The one time we were successful getting into Phase 2, one of our squad members DC'd.
  8. Just throwing my input in with the rest, but some of these suggestions in here are pretty over the top. Small or subtle effects are nice. This is kinda what it's supposed to be, something more passive. Full player or environmental (room) effects would just blend in too much with warframe abilities, enemy abilities, gunfire, explosions, etc. and just lead to more visual clutter.
  9. Using the sunpoint(?) mining tool. Mining spots are no longer highlighted. Both on the map UI and the mini-game. Tried brushing the laser over the surface of the spot and couldn't enter the mini-game to extract the resources.
  10. How are you doing so much damage with your AW weapon? I'm probably only missing one mod slot on mine and can't do that level of damage without Chroma's buff.
  11. Okay, some proper feedback after buying her from Day 1. Throwing multiple forma on her and using her during the majority of my Orb fissure runs. Before reading this input. Know that for beginning players, that barely have any mods and working their way through the starchart enemies, this frame does well enough. It's only when you get to higher enemy levels, compare to other warframes, or seek more utility, that the problems become more apparent. Balefire: With how slow it fires, the status chance should be higher. Everyone is asking for crit stats on it, I don't think that's as important. The damage is extremely high and does fine already, in my opinion. Pillage: is great. As others have pointed out however, it has almost zero effect on infested enemies. That's an entire faction where an ability doesn't do anything. It also has less effect on low level grineer units (not much armor to steal) or when the squad brings armor stripping abilities or multiple members bring corrosive projection. The damage from her 3 and 4 (Haven/Aegis storm), is barely noticeable on enemies after level 50. In my opinion, the damage could be completely removed from both abilities and they'd be better off. When you play at higher enemy levels, the extra drain is a burden, when you don't see much utility from the extra - but low damage output. Aegis storm: I have two major problems with this ability (as a more "Veteran player"). One, the viability of crowd control as a solo player. Two, the inability to use any weapon aside from Balefire while it's active. IF, you're playing solo or far away from your squad, the crowd control aspect of this ability sucks. You can barely move while using it, the base radius seems too low, you can't do much while in this state, after "uncasting" - enemies recover about the same rate you do. The crowd control aspect only works if you need to stall quickly for time. There are many other Warframes available, that can hard CC a crowd of enemies and still be mobile, while also using their weapons. Rhino's stomp, Nezha's spears, Vauban's bastille, Frost's avalanche, Khora's Strangledome, Volt's discharge. While these abilities don't provide energy orbs for teammates, they do allow the frame to stay mobile and use their normal weapons. If I could suggest some changes: Balefire - increase base status chance. Pillage - give an effect when casting on infested enemies. Haven - remove enemy damage or decrease the drain per enemy in some way. Ideally, have it provide some additional crowd control in some form. Aegis storm - allow other weapons to be used besdies Balefire. After de-casting, force enemy recovery to take at least 2-3 seconds longer than Hildryn to provide some crowd control when playing solo.
  12. Exactly. Plenty of Warframes out there that can hard CC enemies, and hit them with their normal (fully modded) weapons while still being fully mobile. With Hildryn, you can ONLY use balefire and you're stuck with a fairly slow move speed.
  13. How is Aegis Storm "that powerful"? The CC is similar to that of Bastille. The damage is fairly negligible after level 40 or so. The energy generation is only good for your teammates. The only weapon you can use is Balefire. If you play solo, or aren't near teammates, the CC is worth bubkis - as by the time you undo Aegis storm, the enemies recover 0.5 seconds after you do. The only argument for being so powerful, is that they are using it only on starchart-level enemies. Where the damage can actually kill enemies.
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