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  1. Is there a specific category you'd like us to file the ticket under when sending it in?
  2. Came in the top 1k but got no pop-up for the email at the end either, same as a friend of mine. and of course i didnt have the forsight to think something would go wrong and didnt screenshot the final scoreboard that showed my rank and score. i would really like to be able to claim the decoration and glyph.
  3. Yup, ranked in the top 1k and never got the popup to enter my email. a friend of mine also had the same thing happen.
  4. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  5. Can also confirm. prior to the update i had the 'padding' (chest, shoulders, etc.) colored red, they are now all black with only some barely visible red trimmings around the incorrectly colored areas. Also, the Commodore prime hood's collar when open may have changed it's color as well, but i cant be certain on that one. When this gets fixed can we please also get a pass on the Commodore Prime Apparel (belt + chain) as well so that they have the proper movement physics and positioning they had prior to the operator cosmetic rework so that they stop hanging so low and clipping through the operator when it isnt standing straight up in it's idle pose? it clips through the operator model anytime you move around in operator mode.
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