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  1. So i created a different thread about this earlier not realizing this might better fit here in the megathread but i encountered an issue with one of the Lotus flowers after subsuming Mag: TYPE: In-Game, Helminth DESCRIPTION: Subsumed the Mag warframe and it's corresponding flower either did not grow, or grew within the wall VISUAL: See link to thread below for screenshots REPRODUCTION: Can't manually trigger this myself due to the somewhat random nature of the Helminth Flowers EXPECTED RESULT: Flower should have appeared/not grown inside the wall as this was previ
  2. So im a handful of subsumes into the Helminth system and after subsuming Ivara and her flower winding up being more gray they yellow/orange even though i was only using default colors i decided to start taking screenshots of each new subsume to better track each new flower that grows from the wall, and im glad i did as it appears that some flowers can still grow in the wall, or possibly fail to grow. Yesterday I subsumed mag and took a screenshot right after starting the process, it's been over 24 hours and mag is now fully subsumed and Helminth is ready to accept another frame, but looki
  3. I may be misunderstanding what you meant there, but i was talking about using the cyst to infuse an ability into the warframe that has the cyst, not subsume the frame and give it to helminth. you could easily take a brand new, right out of the foundry copy of a frame you want to subsume and give it to helminth without a cyst to avoid giving up your existing cyst too. Additionally getting a new cyst to start growing on a frame isnt all that hard. it can be as easy as asking a friend or clan-mate to run a mission with you using a frame of theirs that has a cyst in order to infect your frame
  4. So another idea came to me about a potential use for the Cyst in the overall Helminth system: When infusing an ability into a warframe, if it has a fully grown cyst, allow it to be drained to moderately to highly reduce the infusion cost. This idea would be predicated on allowing us to remove a frames immunity to future Cysts so that they can be re-infected with a new one, and since Cysts already grow slowly it already has a built-in cool down/time gate so that players can still experiment with trying out different abilities on frames.
  5. Are there plans to allow Warframes to have their immunity from receiving new Helminth Cysts if they've had them previously removed now that new system is in place? Are there any plans to integrate the Cysts into the broader Helminth system? I've made a thread suggesting possible changes for the Cyst witrh more detail in another thread over in the feedback section which can be found here
  6. Now that the Helminth system is in place and players can now do more with it beyond draining cysts for the companion it would be nice if we had the option to allow players to remove the immunity to the Helminth Cyst and allow them to be re-infected with one. This would allow players to regain a cyst on a given frame after removing it for whatever reason that may be. (accidental removal, fashionframe, etc.) Additionally I have a few suggestions with regards to the Cyst, both visual and mechanically. First suggestion, please consider moving the option to remove the Cyst into the overal
  7. When choosing to sit in the Helminth chair after installing the segment with a warframe that has a cyst you're presented with a quick menu choice of either removing the cyst, or proceeding to the full Helminth menu. (see the spoiler tag below) Please consider moving the remove cyst option into the actual Helminth menu. Additionally can we please have the option to re-infect a cured frame with a new cyst and remove it's immunity? Now that we have the Helminth system it would be nice if players could toggle the immunity. While i cant speak for others, it would be nice to have the toggle i
  8. I wish that had been in place a few hours ago before i accidentally removed a cyst from a frame i wanted to keep it on. ah well.
  9. I know this is early as the update just launched and odds are no one will get the orbiter segment for a bit, but i do have a small suggestion regarding the Helmith Cyst, which has been in the game for a long time now. While i understand players sometimes dont like having the cyst ruining their fashion frame and can choose to remove a cycst from a frame and permanently innoculate that frame from further cyst infection and prevent that frame from ever getting another id like to offer feedback and a suggestion on this now that we'll be able to freely add and remove abilities to frames: pleas
  10. I second this. with the addition that once we are loaded back into our orbiter the fashion frame display at the top fades away and shows us that we are back in the orbiter. and expand the player preference menu to the sorting options because currently the 'importance' option is showing mostly the common resources first and not things like rare mods etc. To be honest id also rather see two of the columns in the resource section of the results/progress screen converted back to a section dedicated to mods like the previous screen had as well.
  11. Will the flower's colours match the default colours of the subsumed frames, or colours we set in the arsenal before we subsume it?
  12. Is there a specific category you'd like us to file the ticket under when sending it in?
  13. Came in the top 1k but got no pop-up for the email at the end either, same as a friend of mine. and of course i didnt have the forsight to think something would go wrong and didnt screenshot the final scoreboard that showed my rank and score. i would really like to be able to claim the decoration and glyph.
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