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  1. 1st ability : switch the moddings between your primary and your melee weapons for a amount of seconds (all equipped mod are temporary counted on the other weapon, riven included) affect ability : duration / efficiency 2nd ability : place a void that vacuum dead enemies, each enemy took by the void heal the warframe and give a little bonus resistance while the void is active affect ability : duration & efficiency (for the drain of energy of the void) range (for the vacuum rangepower for the health and armor bonus 3rd ability : the warframe exploses a part of him self to make huge damage in a small area, losing some hp but hurting the enemies. affect ability : no energy cost, you pay in hp, but efficiency still affect the cost, power & range 4th ability : summon an amalgam (in same style of the warframe) not as tanky as atlas golem, but more aggressive. affect ability : warframe hp, armor & speed, spell power / efficiency for the energy cost passive : each mod with low health in a certain radius give a little spell power bonus (with a spell power bonus cap)
  2. hi ! can the bloodshell sigil (in garuda pack) be buyable alone for like 150 pl ??? thx for all 😄 have a nice day
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