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  1. In fact, remove all Orb Vallis missions until the memory issue is fixed. I can understand an occasional crash, but every single time I go out into the Vallis? Fix it or take it offline until it is fixed. This is infuriating!
  2. For the love of all that is Holy and right, please get someone to fix the Profit Taker and the Exploiter Orb Mother missions! They are unplayable in their current state. They crash the game completely and dump you back out to the console dashboard. This has been going on for over a year and it is only getting worse. We never see any response to this issue. It is never discussed during the Devstreams. People have stopped running these missions because of this. This appears to be headed in the direction of The Conclave. As I understand it, The Conclave was so bugged for so long the community aba
  3. Need to revert the Ltrox Une Bonus to its original state. It is impossible to complete that scenario with the shield drone intact
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