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  1. DE if you guys are not planning on making more content like the tennocon gameplay, can you guys just make a totally new game based on open world Teshin? I would love to use him to defeat all the frames and lead them into the void. Harnessing the powers of each frame he takes down. A more technically skilled game verse the random spamming of nuking weapons and abilities. I'd love to see a branch of Warframe in a different direction. I'd also gladly pay for the game if its done right also. :)
  2. Actually why not only allow AOE explosive activating one head shots. Best balance to nuking weapons.
  3. An AOE that does 1000m 2billion base damage with infinite magazine and no reload, beam weapon.
  4. Since the sister's will teleport around, As long as they have an open shot to anyone in the team, there is a chance for them to proc the Radiation proc. You cannot kill your team till you or they are proced. So you will need perfect timing to kill your team. lol it was probably one of the few time I felt like there was a real competition in Warframe. I highly recommend it! hehe
  5. Super exited and I hope everyone is also. PVP mode is complete! I had such a blast with this game mode and I hope DE expands onto this concept. The sister's update for Railjack finishing Sister mission has the potential to proc Radiation for team self-damage. For some odd reason as I was rushing into our first sister out of the 4 on Neptune RJ, I noticed everyone was slowly following about 1-2 rooms away. When I would stop so would they. Before I got into the room of the 1st sister I stopped. Finally one of them slowly caught up and run into the room and I followed. The other two stood at the door and was shooting their large AOE and beam weapons at our directions. We both went down immediately. After our first sister kill we continued to the 2nd. Same thing they followed and would stop as I slowed down so I stopped before entering the next room for sister spawn. I figured out what the slow running was for. As I jumped into the 2nd sister I saw the two players from back a far aiming at me while I was standing by the opposite direction of the sister's location. After that occurred I turn on my ability to tank them and we pretty much just started aiming at each other and stopped targeting at the sister objective completely. I was able to kill all my pub teammates as they couldn't defeat my damage immunity ability. After 4 kills on each one of them on our 2nd sister. One by one they were extracting. I don't understand why they wouldn't finish what they started. I mean isnt this PVP mode? We didn't finish missing because host migration cause a RJ bug.
  6. Im assuming they are releasing crossplay sooner than we thought.
  7. You do know you can either hold aim to slow down your fall speed or do a roll before you land heavily?
  8. I been saying for years now Warframe community has a hard time with any kind of challenge or having a failed mission. Too many time I'll see players abort mission just because they cannot no brain the missions. DE made it this way or was it the community themselves?
  9. The new demo is how Warframe needs to be rebalanced. 15-60m AOE killed any kind of gaming in the game entirely. Also DE wants us to focus on the Art work but they killed the art team by making us only look at the RED ARROW's on mini map as everyone just uses the largest AOE for all content now.
  10. Yeap i think everyone got booted out of Warframe.
  11. Tennocon Baro is paid access only. If it is to happen, I can only see the 10th Anniversary as a possible release for all prior year bundles. Most 10 year anniversary's are usually over the top celebrations for the company and customers. If companies every start falling off profit on the business side, they release content that they know can make them money. You can see this in almost every game company that ever existed. Even doing 75-90% off entire games and exclusives.
  12. Hi DE, When first starting Warframe, I had no idea that there was unique rewards for getting the Tennocon pass. Sometime in the regional chat links there are some old armor sets that we wish we could get our hands on. It would be awesome if we could farm them from the Tennocon Baro pass. Maybe not this year but sometime in the future.
  13. Finally someone with common knowledge. Thanks for understanding not a perfect balance but better option for large nuke weapons.
  14. Just a suggestion to give single target weapons a reason for use again, especially for SP and up content. With the introduction of the Galvanized mods we finally have a chance to have a reason to use single target weapons over AOE meta's. This was the exact way you were able to balance Split Flight from the large AOE nuking bow but now those bows have a similar mod. By allowing AOE's with these mods it defeats the purpose again to even run any single target weapons. It has become prevalent that only large AOE's are being used with these mods even for SP and beyond content to nuke entire area with even more power than pre-Sister's update. Even without these mods these nuking guns were already clearing huge areas. Or if your intention is for us to only use these nuking weapons, I understand the direction of diversity in weapon choice. Thanks in advance.
  15. I think the funniest thing is that the people who claim just play solo or saying the DE shouldn't put Co-Op into Warframe because your team can one shot you, are the same exact people were complaining about instant self-kills before DE removed it. Self-kill was the perfect balance to these random nuking spammers. Essentially these player say its okay for me to kill team member but not myself. What hypocrites they are. lol Most people enjoy the fact they are not playing solo on missions, if not these players must have a lonely life. I'm all about having a good balance.
  16. Bro your talking to a community where 75% enjoy afk macros, to room clearing, to all about biggest numbers. I agree with you but 75% are just trolls when it comes to any rebalancing. And if you try to give options, Im sure you already know their response: either play solo or play a different game. These are actually the ones who invest tons of money on rivens and cry once DE changes the dispo.
  17. I think you haven't played since update. "Hello" the OP is saying the same thing, they are getting killed from teammates.
  18. I already know this, but still that doesn't negate DE is always trying to push for Co-Op. It's just a lot of failed attempts.
  19. I thought DE is pushing for Co-Op.
  20. Im gonna try this out. Thanks :)
  21. Yes this Radiation Proc from Sisters update has contributed to 90% of my deaths on runs. Please, rebalance these nuking weapons and frames to do self-damage also. So they can feel the pain of everyone else in their team instantly dying. Also can you make Mesa bullets shot back into her also? She been accounted as killing most teammates since update. Thank you in advance.
  22. I see some player with more teammate kills than enemies. DE you honestly need to add either self-kill back or rework nuke frame and weapon in general. On one occasion I was killed over 10x in one mission by either Mesa or AOE weapons. I see mostly 99% of Mesa killing teammates because of the unskilled aiming of Mesa mains and Wuclone attacking your one your proced with Radiation, outside 90% of everyone use the 15m AOE weapons.
  23. The other option as Im positive we dont want is to be like every other game and it take 6-12 months to get to the next level.
  24. Do you remember before Limbo's rework, he actually killed players? They left mission because he controlled space time and all frame abilities and guns had no use. So in all honestly he was the God DE had to nerf. lol Even today he's gotten the most synergy nerf's for so many different mechanic in game. His coding actually breaks DE coding team too many times. lol I miss trolling with old Limbo.
  25. And yet "you are here," which makes it all worth it. lol I love how people's actions speak louder than words. :)
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