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  1. I dislike playing Index for hours to get credits. I dislike that i have to wait to get a survival Arbi or running the open world missions to get some good endo. I have to run both to get enoth credits and endo to rank up mods. If i need void traces i have to run fissure missions anyway. I just dont understand what's so hard about pressing 3 for seeker missiles and aiming the big gun at the crewships. Going for the stations is basicly just "hack something here..." and and kill enoth enemys to get 10 reactans... how is this harder than normal fissure missions? It's "easy mode" if you ask me. For me it's really A LOT less work than running normal missions and i cant understand why people dislike this gamemode so much, because boarding something is way simpler than doing normal missions and running the index and way more work as well. And Steel Path? I just use WuKong with a Zarr and wait in the corner, press the windows key to watch streams. When the screen starts to flicker i click on the game with the mouse and kill the Acolyte... i only have to pick up the loot like every 2-3 minutes and fight the Acolyte. If i compare this to how i played before.... it's never been this easy before to farm stuff in Warframe for me. I mean the Neo and Axi relics that i get from railjack are max buffed and the Kuva and Umbra Forma that i can buy for steel are the most endgame stuff i can think about. Hell, i can even trade the riven things in once a week to get more rivens... if it not for Nightwave i dont even run Sorties anymore. Steel Path fissures could make it a challenge again, because the corpus and grineer missions are harder than the infested and just not woth it (because they dont drop anything special and why would you run the harder enemys if you can just kill the infested?)
  2. You can do the skrimish in 3 minutes and get lots of endo from the salvage parts + credits. I dont even understand why people do normal Axi relics anymore and wish there would be more neo skrimish missions (the axi one is basicly up all the time). For lith, meso and neo i maybe do excavations or survival, because it's easy chillout mode.... but railjack with 2 people using seeker and 1 person boarding + 1 person doing raid or seeker as well isnt hard at all. I wish i could sell voidkeys... i got like 200 that i dont have any use for right now. I mean really... why wouldnt you fly missions that give you buffed relics + endo + credits? seems like such a waste. And the acolytes are also not that hard to kill... i really wish i could salvage those primary/secondary arcanes or trade them in for steel to buy something
  3. Go on your own railjack and use the navi ON THE RAILJACK and you should take off with your own ship for others to join you. My personal problem is more that i cant limit how many people join to keep like 1 AI on the railjack if you really just want one person for the big gun and someone that is doing the stations...the AI with a good Brama or Zarr that repairs anything is way better than lost randoms that dont know what they're doing
  4. I have lots of Anmo systems... but i need the highest one that i think also drops from the spider. I mean today i did mission2 ONE TIME for nightwave and....i got atmo systems AGAIN
  5. I would say that you guys just missed something and it did onehit the defence target or some other BS. I dont even understand the point of going for a long defence like this, because defence is slow and unlike kuva survival.... you dont get anything special from defence missions that makes it woth to stay. Excavations? Can be faster than survival Survival? Easy going with rewards every 5 minutes Thinking about it i can see that you might do defence in steel path, because once the wave is done you can fight the acolyte without adds.... but if this is your problem you might wanna switch frames or get some better weapons.
  6. https://youtu.be/NA5vT1LooXk?t=1024 Just listen to what he says.... i mean they did rework the new player stuff a bit AGAIN (Josh was playing the version that now has the Bulletjump, that's new) but the over all thining of DE is that it doesnt help to make a good tutorial. I myself also added any card i had at the start. Once i came to "level up your mods" I took a closer look and just added life/shield and flat damage/attackspeed. I've seen many streamers that didnt understand that 3% cold resist is war worse than 120% more life... but how do you explain this system? The problem seems to be that people see "it's complex.... ok, i'm out". You would have to give people life/shield mods (because you cant make a quest that needs a mod that is a random drop... i had people go to saturn and not drop the rifle % damage mod serration) and then teach them how it works in a "controlled environment". For me it was fine What can i do? Well, i can click on the notes that blink... so i do that (i have fun killing stuff.. what do i care?) I run out of notes... what's that? Oh, it's a gate that unlocks a new planet... i should do that. The basic idea worked and to be fair.... you get a PM from Lotos to the inbox that tells you to do this (i saw it in his video... i think after he killed Vor) This topic reminds me of this Megaman X video that explains how passive tutorials work and how modern games think that you're stupid https://youtu.be/8FpigqfcvlM I think IF you are not totally stupid you should be able to understand how you unlock the starmap AND the junctions teach you new stuff as well. Sure, the system could be better... but Warframe is "do you enjoy killing stuff?" and if you dont enjoy the killing part... then warframe that isnt based on story might not be for you. I think the bigger problem is that the marked starts and the default is "show plat price" and you need to know how to find low MR weapons that you can buy for credits (this totally needs a tutorial that forces you to craft at least one weapon and explains you what resources you get on what planet)
  7. I worte with Josh after the stream and told him about the 2 part documentation about DE on youtube and how it saved the studio. He didnt had the time to watch it but watching the video where he said "this is from the makers of UT" that part of the script is not true, because he said on stream that it's like UT and when i told him on discord he wrote: "ooh they made unreal tournament this makes a lot of sense" I also talked about the discounts and that people guy plat with 75% discount, so here i somehow like to claim that he removed the marked prices from the script because he noticed that complaining about the prices wouldnt make sense after what he learned from me. I really wish he would had taken the time to watch the 2 part docu from NoClip and learned that steve is the reason for the bad tutorial, because he claims that better tutorials dont effect the washout rate, based on he bock he likes.... the same guy that replaced the sniper in UT with the shock rifle. The one part he somehow also gets wrong is that he maybe never had someone that explained stuff to him, but based on the limited options he learned by himself that he has to unlock more planets and how to di it. I mean the game could-should explain that levelups give you more points and how forma fields work.... but i would say most people are smart enoth to figure it out. It's funny how he calles it a big mess of systems and he hasnt even unlockt anything that isnt part of the base system. I will never understad why any openworld has its own rules and why the game just doesnt explain you why you need an AMP or lenses and all that other stuff. I mean yes it's part fun to learn it bny youself, but some things you really cant even play without using the wiki. Or would you know what you need to craft the right drink to spawn the Warden on Earth?
  8. As i said before... it's not that i dont like the grind... it's adding grind to stuff that people dont enjoy to make you play it.... and then people never go back there again, because it wasnt fun. Please dont tell me that anyone plays those "escport" missions that you needed to grind for Harrow or that anyone plays Mobile Defence if it's not part of a quest or Nightwave. And here we come to my point... i buy some things with plat, because the time to grind for it sometimes isnt worth it by design, while it was before they started to test the limites with what they can and cant do. You know... when the first warframe parts had a 33% chance per part... and then it switches over to systems having 22% and the others 39% on later bosses. For Lichs i do the mission on Sedna and you can quit/restart the mission once you saw the Kuvaweapon. So thank you for proving my point... you by yourself say that you need to do something extra that you didnt had to do before, therefor making the grind to spawn the correct weapon (that will have a lower and lover chance anytime they add more weapons to the Sisters) beeing worse than the Kuva Lich system. If they add the Invested versions you can be sure that it will be the most painfull system that is possible based on numbers that they think we can tollerate. THIS is my point here, because they dont "respect" you here so you have fun... but they want to make you suffer als much as they cant get awaywith. By the way... did you notice that i dont complain about the railjack missions to farm Holokeys? That's because i can pick what mission i want to run to get the keys and they drop while doing relics, but the Railjack survival forces the whole group to quit, because you need to leave with the Railjack as a team
  9. same here... i explained to you and you just dont get it. You talk nonsense that has noting to do with the thing that i'm talking about, because it's about the Formas and how this will effect the ingame economy. You can build one forma per day and this limits players that dont have plat or saved up forma. You cant say "just sell prime stuff and buy it" because if anyone does this the supply of plat is the ingame economy will ruin prices, so you will have to sell 6 trash items to get 1 plat. Please explain to me how forma isnt the limiting factor. If you have 19 kuva weapons you have a 5,26% chance for the last weapon that you need. If they add 31 more weapons you have a 2% chance Once they have 100 kuva weapons you have a chance of 1% to spawn the lich with the weapon that you want Just because you say "i did it... and it wasnt that hard" has nothing to do with how it will become IF THEY ADD MORE WEAPONS to this system. I'm talking about how it will become in the future... not how it is right now. What do you think howmany runs you will need if they add 20 more sister weapons? How fast will you run out of tokens to open the portal? We will hit korean MMORPG levels of grind, but at least we can trade those.... IF you can find one that sells you the new super rare weapon that anyone wants. It's about how it will become in the future... not how it is right now
  10. No, i did read it, but you dont understand it You are not limited by the forma BP but by the time you need to build them. If you are a new player that doesnt have 100+ forma saved up then you can forma 1 item per day OR you have to buy extra forma with plat. How much plat people pay you in trades is limited to how much plat is in the system In the future you and me will have our stock of forma and the plat we save up now... but new players will have a harder time saving up and will have to spend RL money to get plat... that is what will happen if we will not get more "finished forma" to drop (i think you can get them as a super rare drop on lua?) We have: 19 Kuva weapons 8 Sister weapons 4 Weapons that you buy for holo keys 2 Mechs 33 things that need 5 forma = 165 Forma to get them to lvl 40 So you need AT LEAST 165 days where you login every day and start to craft formas as it is... at it will get harder and harder. This doesnt include the dojo weapons that also need 1 forma each, Forma for Warframe builds, basic weapons, the storyline weapons like the Paracesis and builds on Pets/sentinels. And again: They removed the forma from the Plaque Star event... so please dont tell me that they know that they create a bottleneck here sp people buy forma with plat.
  11. Here is the funny thing.... this is my point. The point is that DE makes it harder grind so you will spend plat over doing it by yourself. Removing formas from Plaque Star while moving it to the invested planet is just one example... And new players are low on forma, so they will have to buy plat forma to drain the marked from plat. More and more unvaults... so the expensive items drop in price, so people BUY PLAT and then the items that they need. Did you ever notice that the prices on consols are lower than on PC, because PC has more plat and that is why they pay you more than on consoles? I'm selling all my stuff now... because the prices will drop more and more, but hey... if you dont understand it then it doesnt matter... just keep on doing what you doing. I also have about 150 forma saved up, but for the new players Warframe will be like a mobile game with microtransactions... while they release a mobile client. It's good to be wealthy in Warframe now, because the future will drain the plat out of the system and it will become harder and harder to get, while they will make more money than ever before... and you stand here clapping for it....
  12. And here we go again... the next person that worte a lot but ignored that my point is the forma grind and the problem that anytime they add a new sister/kuva weapon it will be harder to get because the pool is bigger. Maybe i should add this as TL:DR
  13. If i have anything.... how would i envy others? Whats wrong in your head? It's more that i feel sad for you that you seem to see me as the problem here, because i pref RL over doing so many runs to get 3 weapon parts to get an item that gives 3000MR exp. I mean you really must have a lot of time to kill (very ironic that the people who defend this waste of time have so many postings here).
  14. I just wonder what you do with all the multiple sets that you got while you farmed your primes. I got my plat from that, so i traded... it's not like i spend 1000 euro to skip something (that in case it kills content for me. and not for you..no clue why you attack me here again). i guess we could also argue if farming the same enemys on the same tilesets (space ships) is "new content" when you combine Railjack with survival. I just dislike doing the Railjack part to then have a teammate leave after 5 minutes of survival (that forces the whole group to leave) if you have to stay 20 minutes to even get the chance for the weaponpart. Farming the Octavia part in the wrack was ok, because i could use the drops to builds the invested dojo weapons... but this railjack survival? Only if it would give me new stuff that i can use to craft bigger health or energy reg or something else that is worth my time. ---------- and by the way... i guess you missed the point where i complained about DE giving out stuff with Events that others farmed for (Arcanes from Orphix for example) or the time i spend hunting Malice and the others to gain my Argon Scope that now isnt hard to get anymore. Yes, this is one of the things that started my anger with DE and if you would read what i wrote you would also see how annoyed iam about them adding the new mods and arcanes on stuff that i just finished farming. Why would i farm this again to get another adoptation or rolling guard? That is part of the plat that brouht me those new mods and arcanes. Same with the missing prime parts that i brought with drops that i got in the past or while farming for the new stuff.
  15. Well, i have the electric ephemera.. it droped while i helped a friend to get the frame..... or was it because i killed that spider for nightwave? I dont remember... It sure is my decision if i want to farm it or not and how much i want it, but the hardest part about this is my thinking here, because my brain keeps telling me "if it would've been able to drop while i farmed for something else.... i might had gotten it". In case of old, deleted base frames that i cant use for the helminth system the feeling is even worse, because I had it and deleted it, because I thought i would've the better version and there is no logical need to keep them. The fact that i deleted the extra blueprints, because i wanted to clean up the forge, because i cant hide things that i mastered.... that is the icing on the cake that triggers me the most. I dont think that new players are happy when i join their group and blast their boss down before they even see the boss.... but that's another topic. I might do the rest one day if someone needs help, but with Chroma that i can only cant with standing.... that one really makes me mad, because i want to try that buff on my mesa
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