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  1. They added 3+1 weapons and 1 frame I did the quest and then ~10 runs per coin level that took me about 5 minutes each. I didnt get the frame parts (people said bugged right now?)... but since i have all the weapons and the drop chance for part's 11%... i will buy her with plat that i got from selling other things. The ironic part is... it makes a lot more sense to use vaulted relics and try to complete 3 framesets to sell (and then buy the new frame) than farming the frame and wait 3.5 days to build the frame. But hey.. i have the plat anyway.. so i just buy her if i should come back. It's not like there is anything to do with her and i will not reach MR30 this year anyway... what is the point of playing anymore?
  2. That was more a reference to how people get their first frames (because "normal planet" frames drop like this) compared to how you have to farm for the new releases, because in theory it's sometimes easier to get prime frames. To put this into perspective for 4 people using the same relic: 0 Radiant, 4 Intact 7.76% 4 Radiant, 0 Intact34.39% A single radiant relic has 1 10% dropchance... that is almost the same chance that you have when you try to farm Protea parts (she has like 11,1111% per part). It wouldnt be so bad to farm it if i would do other things while doing it (like newer players) and if they would drop the correct void traces (and not only 10 if you not roll the 2000 credits). Maybe you should just be honest with yourself and take it for what it is... they make it hard to farm so people have to play more to up the gametime on steam, just like when they added nightwave to make people log in and play old stuff to get the Umbra Forma. If there wouldnt be the nightwave going on right now.... i wouldnt even play. It REALLY makes me wonder how a studio with over 300 employees needs so much time for things like this, because hardmore shouldnt take more than 2 days for ONE dev. Step 1: Copy the old missions Step 2: Edit the name of the files and change the "rule" for the level that enemys spawn with by "+50" or "+100" (no new code needed... just change those numbers) Step 3 Add them to the starmap using the scipts that they have in place (you unlock arbi once you finished everything and nightmare if you finish the whole planet... just add these missions to those rules) I mean... let us open relics like this. If you start with +50 levels at the start you get better rewards, just like when you would stay in a survival for over 2 hours you get a fully buffed relic every 5 and more traces because of a bonus. WHY is that so hard to extend the game with rules that are already in the game? How bad does your own code have to be that you can not reuse/copy your own code?
  3. congratulations that you're fine with Lichs "as is" after them changing the original grind to a tolerable level. i mean i'm done with it and the "you can see what weapon you get before you kill the lich spawner" but it's still terrible if there are almost no players and you get a planet with some really bad missions on it and dont have other people that take you into "their" missions to unlock the 3 symbols in a way that doesnt force you to play spy missions spawn your Lich to die and spawn another "red planet" that has missions that at least make sense to play. As i remember... Europe, Venus, Earth and the 3rd starter planet (because you have to go to Mars) are the worst planets for your lich to take, because of the low numbers of "good missions".But that wasnt my main point... How many times did you had to go to the open world areas now to fish/mine or do missions for nightwave? Do you really want to do 3 more rescue missions or some other stuff that you've finished months ago... just to get yourself 4500 standing for your Ubra Forma? The hardmode will AGAIN be the next version of "replay the same stuff" because DE for some reason cant create new stuff fast enoth... while still beeing a big studio and owning the (for a long time) 4th most played game on steam that made MONEY FOR YEARS TO COME. What comes next? I think in about 2-3 months we get another prime.... hardmode is also on the way... (they still dont know about rewards). Unknown release for Tao system and Corpus Railjack... abd "The New War" turned into "the Cold War"
  4. Lets try to make is "as short as possible" and break it down to the point: Why are we even playing Warframe? I started like 2 years ago and thx to all those unvaults i got everything that gives MR xp (and no.. i dont have the founders pack for those who cant focus on the topic itself). For the longest time i always had those goals: 1) get stronger 2) build setups that i enjoy 3) get higher MR for standing per day/free stuff from syndicates) Since over a year i got the feeling that DE Devs dont even play their own game and have almost zero understanding of what makes Warframe fun/challenging and have come to the conclusion that "rework or reuse tilesets, add new drops and call it content" seems their way to go, because those who buy plat are the new players and not those who got lots of plat and nothing left to do (those are just there for inflation.. they need new buys to get RL money). I'm losting the vision that warframe has... if there even is one. Problems that i see: -MR29 to 30 might need 2 years...beacuse there are not enoth -New things are ALWAYS behind massive grind walls. Remember the "good old days" when you had to kill a boss that had a 33,33333% dropchance for any part? With Protea we're not at the 11,111% chance that also needs you to do some other things to even "enter the lottery" that is just a little bit better than Lichweapons pre "you have to run about 40 times to get the last kuva weapon on a lich.. now enjoy killing him..." - Storys takes WAAAAYYYYYY to long to even be relevant anymore. The two part story of DE and Warframe on Youtube has two moments where Spacemom and Steve are saying why others said that they will fail and they managed to avoid it for a long time... but it seems that they've forgoten about this very basic problem: https://youtu.be/UOE6528pwFc?t=1491 What i really dont understand is how DE is working in itself, because it shouldnt be a problem to start the same missions (like they always do it) with a different starter level of the enemys... and then just add some stuff to the drop pool. Again we're talking about this for months... hard more still isnt there and they dont even know what drops there should be. I mean you would kill us with dropchances and i would pref tokens and a shop somewhere to a "alternative universe" with the same stuff... but in harder... " and just make Wraith and Vandal weapons there. Just a little reskin and some changed numbers... THIS shouldnt take longer than a month and would take us weeks to complete. What did we get? Well... i got the new weapons the first day...I will buy the frame, because the dropchance is to low for me. Seems DEs wish for plat inflation is working... but i wonder how many peoplers they will lose if they dont remember THEIR VERY FIRST PROBLEM, because if there isnt anything to do... people will quit. Once my nightwave is at 30... i'm also gone. Not because i really dont want to play... but the way DE is releasing unimpressive (mostly buggy) grindfests has done his work on me. If you see "the vision" then please tell me about, because i dont think that it's worth to play a game anymore that releases 3 frames per year (that you can just get if you take a long break) and then some reworks that force you to replay stuff that you finished long time ago. Ok for new players that still got things to do... but for me i wish they would FINALLY release the Tao system and those purp aliens that you can grind standing for (in the hope that there might be something to do that means content for more than 2 days)
  5. It's easy if you have a frame for this, just like Saryn makes ESO easy and gives you Khora. You have to be able to do it with "normal" frames as well, because otherwise it would make it impossible to do it without the correkt frame
  6. But you can test all of them to learn about the "rules" for that test... and if you fail you have to wait 24 hours but you dont lose MR exp that you have to farm before you can have another try. And no... you dont need to limit the movement to keep things fresh without any warning and link it to punishment if the person for some reason fails the test. Some people just handle pressure in different ways.... to start a timer to make people act faster and change the excisting rules without telling is what triggers fails and people have all right to be mad about it. If i tell you to flipp a pancake 5 times... time starts now... Then most people will grab the pan and try to flip the pancake without even checking how much time you gave them. And i also dont think that they will check if i did something to the pan.. like making the handle lose, so the pan will fall apart if you hold it wrong and try to flipp with a lot of power/force. It's the same concept of using a ping pong ball that someone has to head back to you... and while they are focused on something else (in this case there are a lot of things that people could focus on, because anything is new) and then you change the ball or an egg.
  7. Simple: Movement is the same You dont have to farm things to try it You can practice them You respawn 3 times if you fall
  8. Harassing and stubbornness (you dont argu... you're just a troll) would be the more accurate words, because that's what you've done with me before, because you dont seem to understand how stupid it is to put the info on what to do in a mission on the start button (and you can only see it if you hover over it). How ignorant does someone have to be to not understand that my 40+ upvotes (with a long text that most people just didnt read.. because... people are people) and now this one with another 50+ upvotes AND YOU STILL seem to belive that you beating this the first time wasnt just luck. Good game design teaches you about the rules or rule changes in a save environment and lets you retry if you fail (to make sure that you get the rules) before you can move on. 1) Warframe told us "falling down isnt a big deal... you respawn" (in the MR test you get 3 trys) 2) The timer also comes when you play elite sanctuary onslaught, but it comes to tell show you that you have to take the portal to move on. So when the timer comes the natural instint, based on Warframes set rules in the past is "i have to move on to the next place to trigger something". Where else do we have a timer? Well, we have it when you have to pick a relic... it's als a "hurry, hurry" situation, so spawning a 60sec timer (without explaining the rules in a save environment) is VERY, VERY bad game design. There is no logical reason for a warframeplayer with 1000-2000 hours of warframe to know that they have to hover over the startbutton for the game to explain them the basic rules... and what you link there also doesnt explain the rules/punishment for failing. In the past you got blueprints to craft "the key" to start the mission and you could retry it again if you fail... why isnt that a thing anymore? They even added a limit of 20 glass.... so even if you fail to notice this "secret mission" you cant have more than 2 trys before you have to farm missions again to get another try.... that is ridiculus
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