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  1. Wanted to do the thing... but it's not that easy. I play Warframe since 2-3 years and there was a lot to do, so i played a lot. Now that i own anything that you can farm (only miss some arcanes that you dont need... why farm for kitgun arcanes if normal arcanes are stronger?) i want but cant really play. Would i recommand Warframe? Yes, but not because how things are going... it's more about the fact that you can play it for like 2000 hours before you run into the problems that you can get new stuff but the stuff that you can get is pointless. 2000 hours of gameplay is a lot of va
  2. I've seen the lastname Haded Egg... but today i spawned a very special Lich. I think the name stands for itself, so i chose to keep him as my future ally. Edit: In case the edit doesnt work: Name is KEBB AKOKK that turns into "Keep a @#&$" when you read it out loud. Edit2: Yes, great stuff warframe forum... you make my lich sound like "keep a...." but censor it when i want to spell out out 😄. Anyway... i did keep my "male reproduction part" Lich... GJ.
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