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  1. I would also like a command like this... or at least let /unstuck also reload the UI and reset the buttons. - How can it be that you're in a mission and the UI fails to upgrade (rectans, drills... you name it) ? - A waypoint doesnt get set (good luck finding the exit...might take a while) - You cant use your weapons anymore - You cant switch to operator - Abilities dont work anymore - Ever got stuck in your archwing boarding your railjack or a starbase/ship? And these are just some of the bugs where you better find a way to die and respawn.... Ever been in an Eidolon fight
  2. Got to say... out of all the things you have to do... you really worry about affinity? I always lvled my frames/weapons while i open relics in excavation or survival... just have one thing that can kill stuff and handle it while doing other things. Once your MR is high enoth to put on shield/HP from the start... it doesnt really matter what you play as long as you run a Atmos or Amprex or any other weapon that can wipe out big groups, if needed. You will spend so much time opening relics... even farming Khora will bring up frames to 30. Playing IO or Helene also works very well... ju
  3. You can only exchange as many tokes as they offer and the trades are "limited" to what you have. You can get like 10-20 father tokens... then you have to wait for new trades to come up. This means that i have to come online, trade... logg off.... then then do it again. This might work for you, but i dislike this system Talking about nonsense... how did a good railjack play a role in the event? You fly to the ship and park it at the sport where the AI didnt attack it... EVERYONE did that and it didnt matter if your ship had 1k or 6k hull. The Archguns are not really used
  4. I think the biggest problem with DE is that they ALWAYS feel the need to add new systems. The stuff that you listet was broken (railjack is still broken the moment many people try to play railjack at once) Do you even understand (based on the coders point of view) what a waste of time it is to always make up new code? The "new kavats" for example that you can mutate are a changed form of "build a part, then put X in and fuse it to something new". That is somehow ok.... Where it starts to become stupid is the tooken system (that is a changed system of the Onko system that you a
  5. I dont even understand why you think that "grind is the content", because for me the content is the new tools that you get to have fun with and not the way to unlock it. You basicly say that working to buy a car is what should bring me joy... not the part where i drive the car? If i would just take the money that i made before i "rob myself of the fun to work for the car" and that just doesnt make any sense to me. All i said is that the balance of the farming is off and that i dont like mining/finish and pref to REALLY play the game/my warframes. I also dont think that making me re
  6. I like the fighting... i somehow enjoy railjack, but i dislike that i have to learn new systems (that they have to code themself to do this) before i can do the most basic things. I even enjoy the vaultruns, but i think that the waiting time on the room before the vault is to long (half the time would've been better) and that the "gatter 12 things to mix them for a monsterdoor key" is also a bit weird. Over all... the dialogs are to long and the next event doesnt trigger before they're done talking and i dislike the way it slows me down (because i want to fight). I dislike the tunnels and like
  7. It's a MINING resource. I need to wait and trade my tockens and then i'm done.... why the hell would i want to learn this system if i should be able to just buy the remaining 30 with plat? I have 4000 plat from selling other things... THAT is part of warframe so what makes you freeloaders think that you're alowed to offend me like this? Some people have a life and dont want to relearn systems over and over that they then will never need again. I still have to spend the time to find out how i get the "new kavats" in the damaged form to evolve them with "Son" (because it's DE and we ne
  8. The problem is that you dont seem to understand my problem here... It's a MINING Resouce that you cant really get from mining, because it's so rare that it doesnt even drop if you do vault runs. They come up with ANOTHER new mechanic and it's not an alternative... it's a necessity that you cant avoid. You and the others confirm it....they tweeked the numbers (you need this for the new frame and the mech) so that you have to do the new mechanic, because the other ways dont make much sense, so i have to learn the symbols to get Thaumic. Why even making it a ore that you "can get f
  9. Depends if you want to play WARFRAME playing your WARFRAME or if you want to play worse versions of "mining simulator", "deer hunter" or "sega brass finishing". I mean i enjoy the coop part of railjack, but in the end it's also just a rushed version of star citizen coop ships where the marines got replaced with warframes. I still like smashing things with my frame and in the end i like space games.... but most of the other things they added are just "we want to be like rockstar with GTA... lets add 100 minigames into our main game", but the problem is that the minigames are not fun. If
  10. yea... that's the part of the "towers" that i dont really want to do, because you need to learn what symbol needs what damage type. I see it as a way that they want to force us to learn the lore behind what symbol means what... like the worms for "day and night" are vass and... omg i dont even care. I'm ok with them calling cats kavats.... but REALLY? a new word for day,night, fear...chaos (that what they stand for). I'm fine with learning the basic rules of warframe, but it has reached the point where knowing anything about warframe is somehow harder than goin to university. If
  11. Since the release Otak doesnt have Thaumic... I'm even 99% sure that the goods that you can buy from him NEVER changed. I still need 30 Thaumic and mining it... i feel that it doesnt drop. The towers, well... i just dont want to learn what of the towers needs what type of kill to drop the mining/finish loot..... Is it really so hard to let Otak sell Thaumic? I dont even understand why there is a "Deal of the day" on a NPC that sells things for plat... by the same logic i shouldnt be able to buy the other stuff all the time. I dont even understand why there is a RANDOM system that
  12. Got to say... there are "some" frames that i really dont want to refarm. Equinox and Trinity for example.... it doesnt matter to me that you dont need those two here, because you play warframe to complete stuff AND you get points for them, dont you? What is the point of making people refarm these two frames? If you mastered the frame before... you MASTERED it. I dont even understand why you cant use a prime or why you even need to feed a frame to that thing, because if you own that frame. It's just another "here, lets redo the stuff you did 2 years ago..." Railjack -> Farm
  13. I think the title says it all. 1) Never found even one Scintillant so far and based on what people say... they seem to be unichorn rare. I cant build my Mech and i cant build the new warframe.... wtf DE? I need at least 7 for WF and Mech but cant drop it? 2) I need 60 and 80 Thaumic for the mech and new Frame... i have like 400 of the other stuff but 60 Thaumic. How is that possible? Is there a day/night droptable for mining? How can i have more of the rare last level ore (that i cant buy the blueprints for so far) than the ore that drops in packs of ~6, but is mandetory for almost a
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