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  1. Look, sherlock, I don't have solid proof. But everytime it happened it happened exactly the same way, thus there is a pattern.
  2. Are you seriously expecting me to trace my internet connections to everything at all times?
  3. If it were on my end then it would have been just me disconnecting from the session. But I was left with the other three players, none of us got anything. I've seen this happen enough times now to recognise a pattern. Play 5 rounds of defense/5 minutes of survival, whatever, wait for the timer to count down, then cut the connection. The game will instantly switch hosts and forfeit the reward screen. It's classic griefing. And host migration can only be eliminated by having the game hosted on DE's end, not by the players through p2p
  4. I've been having it happen more and more recently that, when playing with randoms, the host deliberately interrupts the connection in an endless mission right before the relic reward selection comes up, resulting in a host migration which COMPLETELY FORFEITS ANY REWARDS. It's so #*!%ing annoying. I lost "garbage" relics, but also radiant relics, including the limited edition Saryn/Spira relics and Axi relics. This needs a very thorough rework. Because if this continues to happen I will quit playing warframe much sooner than I've planned. I've made a post about this before. Host migration is a very serious weakness of the game. And I'm quite sure that DE at this point has enough money to throw at the game to rewrite the netcode and put up dedicated servers. Like any other game worth its salt.
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