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  1. I like these changes. My only comments are Why does the list of parazon-vulnerable Grineer not include the Nox? They are both more durable and more troublesome than either Heavy Gunners or Bombards. I would love to be able to parazon those jerks more often. Given the rarity and inconsistency of opportunities to do parazon kills, the parazon mods which have just a percentage chance to trigger on a parazon kill are lackluster. Blood for Energy and the new Malicious Code mod should both be a 100% chance. Hard Reset is like Protea's Repair Dispensary - it's just another patch for
  2. Berserker I don't think the Berserker nerf is going the right direction. Having it trigger on kill is bad in several ways. It doesn't do anything until you get a kill, so it becomes less potent in proportion to how long it takes you to get a kill. The longer it takes you to get each kill, the less of a benefit you get out of it, and if you're struggling to get even one kill - say, on Steel Path - then it doesn't help at all. So it's a negative feedback loop - the more you need help, the less help Berserker Fury provides. Because the buff goes away if you go 10 seconds without
  3. In Devstream 155, the DE team mentioned that they plan for liches to retreat into Railjack when you figure out their Requiem pattern, and that you will need to run a special mission to confront and defeat them. I have a few concerns about this idea. I've been fighting liches a lot recently, and it feels like I end up playing solo 4 out of 5 missions. Not because I'm choosing to play solo, but because matchmaking can't find anyone to add to my mission. I think that this is a weakness of the way Lich missions are structured; they are separate from the normal missions, and you can only join
  4. It is generally known that if companion weapons are equipped with set mods, then the player's Warframe gains the increased set bonuses which it would gain for having those mods equipped on its own weapons. It is my understanding that the devs are aware of this and have chosen not to fix it for now. Today, I noticed that I was getting that same increase to set bonuses from my Panzer Vulpaphyla, which does not have a weapon. I originally had my Panzer Vulpahpyla equipped, and had Gladiator Might equipped on my melee weapon and no other Gladiator mods equipped, but the meter on Gladiato
  5. This change makes sense in terms of moving all the Railjack resources from shared to individual reserves, but there are some massive practical problems. The energy economy for warframes is one of the most klunky, awkward systems in this entire game; it badly needs a dramatic update, something along the lines of "scrap the entire thing and start over." It is therefore a poor foundation on which to build. Leveraging the energy system for Railjack abilities will be awkward at best and infuriating at worst. Here are a few pain points I foresee: In terms of spending energy, if the Warframe I
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