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  1. This change makes sense in terms of moving all the Railjack resources from shared to individual reserves, but there are some massive practical problems. The energy economy for warframes is one of the most klunky, awkward systems in this entire game; it badly needs a dramatic update, something along the lines of "scrap the entire thing and start over." It is therefore a poor foundation on which to build. Leveraging the energy system for Railjack abilities will be awkward at best and infuriating at worst. Here are a few pain points I foresee: In terms of spending energy, if the Warframe I
  2. Oh awesome, great find! I checked the source and just saw the big SVGs, and assumed they were pre-generated. Thanks!
  3. The biggest problem Railjack has is that the space combat just isn't fun. The archwing vs. fighter experience should feel like a dogfight in a flight sim game, or a fight in a mech game like Zone of the Enders. It should feel like chasing down fighters and killing them is possible but challenging, but it shouldn't take a lot of effort to kill a single fighter. It doesn't feel like that now, because: the usual dogfighting pattern is to pick a target and follow them while trying to walk your shots into them. We can't do that now, because even with speed mods equipped, archwings are su
  4. Thanks for the stats site, Rebecca. It's really nice. Is there any chance we could get the stats in a raw data format? I would love to throw all that data into a spreadsheet and tease out some trends, and I bet a lot of other people in the community would too. We could manually copy all these data points from the stats site, but I bet someone's got a JSON or CSV or something lying around that they could give us. Please?
  5. Hydroid’s Tidal Surge and Lavos’ Vial Rush operate in a similar way; both cause your Warframe to dash forwards rapidly for a short time, both travel in the direction your Warframe is facing, and both cannot change directions while in transit. This inability to turn limits the utility of both of these abilities; in tight and cluttered corridors, it’s easy to get caught on some object and not travel as far as you intended to. Revenant’s Reave also causes him to dash, but instead of traveling in the direction that Revenant is facing, Reave always travels away from the camera - that is, it al
  6. When I use Lavos’ Vial Rush ability, if sprint was on before using the ability, it will be off after the ability finishes. The reverse is not true; if sprint was off before using Vial Rush, it will still be off after the ability finishes. I have not subsumed Lavos to Helminth yet, so I don’t know if this issue occurs when other frames use Vial Rush.
  7. In Warframe, throughout the game, the only way to recover health and energy that is always available are the health and energy orbs which drop from killed enemies. The problems with this system are: You need to kill things to recover your health and energy, but your ability to kill things decreases when your energy is low, and the risk involved in killing things increases when your health is low. The more you need them, the less able you are to kill things to create them. Orbs drop from enemies randomly, so there is no guarantee that health or energy orbs will appear when you need
  8. Hi DE, thanks for the stream! The stuff you showed looks cool, and I'm exited to see it (eventually - I'm on console) but I have a couple of immediate concerns. The "use necramechs in normal missions" feature was originally described as a minor feature - something you all would just switch on, and not worry too much about it working perfectly. So I'm excited that you all came up with Operation Orphix Venom to give this minor feature a purpose, but launching this minor feature alongside a new mission type which requires us to use that feature sounds like a bad plan. New features often don'
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