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  1. Given today's announcement of the upcoming deluxe skin for Valkyr from Liger, I would like to suggest a few small-to-moderate tweaks to Valkyr's kit. She's not in a bad place overall, but her abilities feel a bit outdated and a bit clumsy, and could benefit from some minor improvements. I tried to make suggestions here that are mostly simple numerical changes or copies of existing effects, in hopes that they would not require a lot of development time to implement. Her passive, 50% faster knockdown recovery and immunity to hard landings, is not actively bad, but it is far weaker than most other warframe passives and does not significantly affect her playstyle. I suggest adjusting her passive to also include an effect similar to that of the Rage mod, so that when she takes damage to her health she gains energy equal to 25% of the damage taken. This is less than the benefit of the Rage and Hunter Adrenaline mods, but would still be a large benefit for her, and would both fit her theme and synergize well with her abilities. Her Rip Line ability is great as a grappling hook mobility tool, but is poor at its other use - pulling creatures towards her. Successfully hooking a creature requires precise aiming - if the pinpoint-center of your reticule is not on your intended target, you miss. And the cost of missing is high - usually when you want to pull a creature in, you very much do not want to be pulled to that creature. I suggest altering Rip Line so that it has different tap / hold functionality, as other warframe abilities do. A tap should pull a target in, and a hold should pull Valkyr to the point she is aiming at. I also suggest adding a small amount of aim assist to Rip Line when it is used to pull a target in, so that we don't need to be quite so precise. Also, pulling an enemy in with Rip Line is not as useful as it could be. Enemies pulled with Rip Line are impelled towards Valkyr, but the force of the pull varies and the victim usually either doesn't get all the way to Valkyr or else flies past her. Nidus' Larva ability and Vauban's Vortex both have the ability to pull enemies to a specific point and stop them there, which makes them much more useful. I suggest altering Rip Line to employ the tech used by Larva, so that if an enemy within 15 meters is pulled by Rip Line then it will consistently arrive at Valkyr's location. Enemies beyond this 15 meter limit would just be impelled towards her, as they are currently. This 15 meter limit should be affected by increases to power range. Enemies which are pulled this way should also be knocked down. To balance these improvements, the damage dealt by Rip Line should be reduced to match the damage inflicted by Excalibur's Slash Dash ability. (250 at max rank) It would also be fun to alter the animation for Rip Line to match this functionality. When an enemy within 15 meters is pulled to Valkyr's location, she should strike the victim as it arrives, to visually justify their sudden stop. This would be a bare-handed strike or a strike with one of her claws, not a hit with her equipped melee weapon, so that the animation would be consistent regardless of the melee weapon she is using. If used in mid-air, this animation could resemble a volleyball spike, smashing the victim down toward the ground. Valkyr's Warcry ability is excellent overall, but does have a few points where it could be improved. Its cast speed is slow, and you cannot move while casting it. Since the ability is also expensive to cast, doesn't last very long, and can't be recast until it ends, this extended cast animation feels bad. I suggest increasing cast speed by 20%, altering the animation so that we can continue moving while casting it, and allowing us to recast it before it expires. Also, the armor bonus provided by Warcry is percentage-based, which makes it insignificant in all cases. Warframes which don't have much armor to begin with get a proportionally small (and therefore irrelevant) armor boost from Warcry, and warframes which already have high armor get a larger numerical boost but still don't get much benefit due to the diminishing returns on high armor values. Examples: Banshee has 100 base armor (25% DR) and Warcry takes her up to 150 armor. (33% DR) Excalibur has 300 base armor (50% DR) and Warcry takes him up to 450 armor. (60% DR) Valkyr has 600 base armor (66.6% DR) and Warcry takes her up to 900 armor. (75% DR) By comparison, Wukong's Defy ability provides flat armor, and can take his armor from its base value of 250 (45% DR) up to 1750 armor (85% DR) without any mods. This is a far more useful bonus. I therefore suggest changing the armor bonus provided by Warcry to a flat 500 point armor increase, still affected by power strength. This will be much more beneficial for low-armor allies (Banshee goes to 66% DR, Excalibur goes to 72% DR) and slightly better for Valkyr herself. (she goes to 78% DR) Valkyr's Paralysis ability is outdated and irrelevant. The core idea, sacrificing shields to damage nearby enemies, is interesting, but is out-of-place on Valkyr - her low shield value makes her poorly-equipped to inflict damage with it, her tendency to be close to enemies means that she often doesn't have shields on-hand to power it, and she has no innate way to acquire overshields. The stun which the ability causes is occasionally useful to set up finishers, but just attacking enemies directly will usually kill them faster. And Paralysis doesn't match her theme or synergize with her other abilities - a build for Valkyr which maximizes Paralysis does not play towards Valkyr's other strengths. To reshape this ability into something more relevant without completely changing it, I suggest this: Remove the ability's connection to Valkyr's shields, so that casting Paralysis does not deplete her shields and the damage Paralysis deals does not depend on her shield value. Instead, alter Paralysis so that it deals 500 base damage at max rank, but multiplies that damage by both her power strength and her current melee combo multiplier, and consumes the melee combo counter when cast as if Valkyr had used a heavy attack. Casting this ability should not consume the melee combo counter if it doesn't damage any enemies, but it should also ignore heavy attack efficiency - when it does hit an enemy, it should always consume the entire melee combo counter. Have the type of damage dealt by Paralysis match the types of damage dealt by her equipped melee weapon. The proportions of those types should also match, so if you're using a weapon that deals 45% slash damage, then Paralysis should also deal 45% slash damage. Instead of a stun, make the ability inflict a stagger on affected enemies, but also allow it to inflict status effects based on the types of damage it is dealing. Give it a give it a base 25% status chance, and multiply that status chance by both power strength and Valkyr's melee combo multiplier. These changes would fit Valkyr's theme better, and would make Paralysis more powerful and much more useful, but the need to build up the melee combo counter each time would balance the power increase. Hysteria is a good ability with a lot of unnecessary complications. The escalating energy cost is irritating - Hysteria's damage output is similar to Excalibur's Exalted Blade, but it is far less sustainable. The way that Hysteria stores damage and may return that damage later is non-obvious and frustrating. I understand that these mechanics are meant to balance out the invulnerability which Hysteria provides, but it doesn't need to provide full invulnerability. Nezha's Warding Halo originally provided full invulnerability, but it was changed to instead provide 90% DR and status immunity. I suggest that Hysteria be changed in a similar way - instead of full immunity, change Hysteria to provide 90% damage reduction and status immunity while active. Don't change the ability's lifesteal or its 25 energy activation cost, but get rid of the escalating energy cost - it should just cost 2.5 energy per second without any increase. And get rid of the damage storing effect also. This change synergizes with the change I suggested for her passive ability, allowing her to recover energy and sustain Hysteria by taking damage, and then heal that damage with Hysteria. Also, activating or deactivating Hysteria resets Valkyr's melee combo counter. This reset is unnecessary, and would interfere with the changes I'm suggesting for Paralysis. Hysteria should not reset the melee combo counter at all, either when it is activated or when it is deactivated. EDIT: I was mistaken about Hysteria dropping your combo. What actually happens is that Hysteria and your melee weapon have separate, independent combo counters. I suggest that this be changed - have Hysteria and your melee weapon share the same combo counter, so that the combo you have built up is still available to Paralyze if you activate Hysteria.
  2. The numerical adjustments sound interesting, and I’m excited about the improvements to mobility while on Merulina. Please consider giving the mobility improvements to all K-Drives, and not just to Merulina. Please also allow us to mod Merulina like any other K-Drive. Right now, Merulina is strictly worse than every other K-Drive because they can all equip mods and she cannot. Many of the K-Drive mods would make much more sense on Merulina than they do on other K-Drives. In particular, the K-Drive mods which inflict damage are largely irrelevant since the damage they do is small and there is no way to amplify it, but if we could put them on Merulina and their damage would then be multiplied by Yareli’s power strength, they might see some use. At the very least, please communicate to the community 1) if you are planning to make Merulina moddable, and 2) why or why not, and what technical issues prevent her from being moddable.
  3. I recently ran a Railjack Orphix mission, and noticed that I got Railjack engine parts as a reward and not arcanes. So I took a look at the mission reward tables. The rewards for this mission type are bad - ridiculously bad. For all four Orphix missions nodes, the rewards for both rotations A and B consist entirely of Railjack parts, relics, and Endo; only rotation C contains Arcanes. Since the Orphix mission type delivers a reward for every third Orphix, and the reward rotation follows the standard AABC pattern, this means you need to kill 12 Orphix to get one arcane. The arcanes which do drop on rotation C are still weighted according to their rarity, so gathering a complete set of anything requires a truly stupid amount of time. To illustrate this last point, let's consider some examples. Arcane Nullifier is a common arcane on the Venus drop table. The formula to calculate the expected number of trials to reach a certain number of successes is N / P, where N is the number of successes and P is the drop chance. We need 15 successes, and the drop rate is 10.34%, so our expected number of trials is 15 / 0.1034 = 145. That is to say, on average, a player would need to run the Venus Orphix mission through rotation C one hundred fourty-five times to get a complete set of Arcane Nullifier. For Arcane Grace, which is a rare drop on the Veil drop table, the drop chance is 1.41%, so the expected number of runs is 15 / 0.0141 = 1064 - over a thousand runs to get a complete set. This is absolutely, inexcusably ridiculous. By comparison, each of the Eidolons guarantees an Arcane drop, they don't require you to have a Railjack or a Necramech, and they don't require you to do an extra busy-work bonus mission (i.e. the Railjack part of the Orphix mission) just to get the opportunity to fight them. The reward tables for this mission should be changed. They should not include any Endo, or Railjack parts, or Relics; they should not include anything other than Arcanes. To decide which arcanes they should drop, take the Teralyst's Arcane drop table, divide it into four groups, and assign each of those groups to rotation A for one of the four Orphix missions. Do the same thing with the Gantulyst's Arcane drop table for rotation B, and the Hydrolyst's Arcane drop table for rotation C. Yes, this is much faster and more targeted than the Eidolon farm; that is reasonable, given that the Orphix missions require the player to also invest in both a Railjack and a Necramech. The investment required to do Orphix missions is higher than it is for Eidolons, and the rewards for doing them should therefore also be higher.
  4. The Tenet Diplos are an excellent weapon overall, powerful and fun to use. The only down-side to this weapon is the lock-on feature; it sounds fun in theory, but is actually a detriment to the weapon in practice because of the way it is implemented. For context, when a player wielding the Diplos is aiming down sights, the weapon will lock onto any creatures that the player’s reticule passes over. When the player presses the trigger while the weapon is locked on, it fires two shots per locked-on target which home in on their targets, and then loses its target lock. It also loses all target locks if the player stops aiming down sights. The weapon will not lock-on while the player is firing. The problems here are: * The lock on indicators are shown on the targets’ heads, but the shots the weapon fires do not actually home in on their heads, they home in on their center of mass. Therefore the homing shots rarely get headshots. * The homing shots consume twice as much ammo as normal shots, but do not appear to do any additional damage. * The weapon’s trigger normally operates in full-auto, but when the weapon has a lock it switches to semi-automatic. That is, pressing and holding the trigger when you have a lock does not fire continuously, it fires the same two shots per target as it would if you simply tapped the trigger. * Because the weapon loses its locks when you fire, you cannot tap the trigger to fire at the same targets repeatedly; if your first seeking shots do not kill the target, you must lock onto it again. * Because the lock-on feature activates when we aim down sights, it often occurs when we do not intend it to. The only way to fire this weapon at full-auto while aiming is to aim _away_ from your target, hold the trigger to start firing, and then move your aim onto your intended target. This is needlessly cumbersome. So, to summarize, the lock-on feature seems designed to get a bunch of one-shot kills all at once, but because it doesn’t do more damage and doesn’t target heads, it can’t accomplish this against high-level enemies. Because it doesn’t allow automatic firing while locked on, at high enemy levels the lock-on shots actually kill enemies more _slowly_ than the normal firing mode. And because the lock-on mode is activated by aiming, we often activate the lock-on mode unintentionally and it is difficulty to use the weapon for precise automatic fire. To fix this, I suggest the following changes: 1) Alter the lock-on feature so that it is not activated by aiming and instead is toggled on and off with the alt-fire button, as it is with the Sepulcrum. 2) Either alter the weapon so that when it has a target lock, it still fires at full auto and does not lose its lock until the target dies or the player deactivates lock-on mode, or fix the homing so that it correctly homes in on the heads of its targets. * If you choose to let it fire at full auto, I also suggest that you move the lock-on indicators to the target’s center of mass, to correctly indicate to the player where the shots will be going. * If you choose to fix the homing so that it targets heads, I also suggest that you increase the amount of damage each homing shot deals. The weapon can fire almost 10 shots per second, but against a single target it usually takes more than a second to acquire a lock, fire, reacquire a lock, and fire again, which makes the per-target fire rate closer to 2 shots per second. Therefore, I think that doubling the damage dealt by the homing shots would make sense. Maybe double the ammo consumption of homing shots as well, to balance this benefit.
  5. For the new gunblade and the free Loki Prime, yes. But DE’s promo said you need to be logged in and in the special TennoLive relay to get the Tannuki armor and longsword skin.
  6. I disagree. I’ve been playing since 2016, and while the ride has been bumpy, I think that Warframe has been continuously improving. But if you’re disappointed, that’s OK. I’m just hoping that DE notices this issue and fixes it before TennoLive - I want that armor set and sword skin. :)
  7. I also am having this problem.
  8. Yareli is fun to play. Her main gimmick, cruising around on Merulina and tearing things up with a secondary weapon, is overall good and fun, and her passive works well to support this pattern. Her main gimmick has a weakness, however, in that many rooms are too small to use Merulina effectively, and Yareli’s defense depends on having Merulina active. I think that this could be improved if Merulina were made a little smaller, so as to collide with the room less, and perhaps if Merulina were able to do some parkour maneuvers. For example, if Merulina could grind on walls the way that K-Drives can naturally grind on rails, that could help navigate small, compact areas more fluidly. Also, we should be able to mod Merulina like any other K-Drive. The interface for that exists, the mods exist, and some of them would be great for Yareli. The ones that spend and regain energy would be very interesting, and the ones which deal damage would also be very interesting, especially if their damage is affected by Yareli’s power strength. Also, mods which prevent knockdown and stagger should also prevent Yareli from being knocked off of Merulina. Yareli’s other abilities are less useful, mainly because they don’t synergize well with her gimmick. * Sea Snares has a fun and useful effect, but is too slow and short-ranged to work well with her usual pattern of gliding around, so there is little incentive to use it. * Sea Snares would be better if its projectiles were launched in a tighter spread, traveled faster, and homed on enemies from farther away. This would make it more useful in general, and especially while riding Merulina. This behavior could also be controllable as a tap vs. hold pattern - perhaps tapping the ability launches just one snare at higher velocity, and holding the ability launches three or five in a progressively wider spread and at lower velocity. * Sea Snares could also have synergy with Merulina - perhaps if we make Merulina collide with an enemy caught in a snare, the snare would pop and deal a large amount of damage to its victim. * Aquablades doesn’t mesh well with Yareli’s movement pattern - glancing hits from it aren’t significant, but to really get the most out of it you want to get close to the enemy and stand still, and these are not things that Yareli wants to do. * Aquablades could be improved by allowing the mods on Yareli’s melee weapon to affect them. This would make them much more potent, which would be a good payoff for the risk involved in getting close enough to hit enemies with them. To balance this, their damage probably would need to be decreased. * Instead of having Aquablades have a duration, they could have no time limit but instead be charge-based - six charges, one blade per charge, one hit per blade, and adding duration increases the number of charges. This would be less of a distraction while riding around on Merulina, and could help further mitigate their strength if they are changed to let melee mods affect them. * Aquablades could be altered so that making a melee attack launches one of the blades like a glaive. This would give them a useful secondary purpose, especially if we were able to launch them like this while riding Merulina. If Aquablades has a duration, then the blade would come back after launching it, but if the ability is altered to have charges instead, then launching a blade would consume a charge. * Riptide has potential, but it currently functions largely as a medium-radius vacuum nuke which also makes a mess afterwards, which isn’t especially something that Yareli has much use for. * Riptide would be greatly improved if it would hold enemies for a short time before exploding, allowing us to shoot its captives while they are restrained. Perhaps we could recast it before it expired to end it early, or hold-cast for a more forceful explosion. It could also be modified to increase the damage which its captives take from other sources. * Sea Snares could be altered to interact with Riptide, so that Riptide would pull in snared enemies from much farther away. This would make Sea Snares more useful by allowing us to manipulate enemies in large and interesting ways. * Aquablades could be altered to interact with Sea Snares. The blades could do more damage to snared targets, or spread the snare when they strike a snared target. If the blades can be launched like a glaive, they could have strong homing for targets caught in snares. * Aquablades could interact with Riptide. Enemies struck by Aquablades could be automatically knocked towards an active Riptide. Enemies caught in Riptide could take more damage from Aquablades. An Aquablade which is launched at a Riptide might home in on it and ricochet around inside it, like a projectile inside one of Mag’s bubbles. Also, there should be a glaive weapon or a glaive skin which looks like one of her Aquablades.
  9. When DE announced this, we (the community) pointed out that when the XP cap for Helminth goes up, those of us who have used the Helminth system should be retroactively granted the XP appropriate to our use, and that not doing so would effectively punish players for investing heavily in the Helminth system. It now appears that DE’s only response to this concern was to add a line of text to the update notes to rationalize why they wouldn’t be doing that. This is disappointing, especially since DE is often very good about compensating players for their investment when a system change alters the value of that investment. This explanation also does not hold water. “This is similar to other MMOs, you won't retroactively get leveled up for past play when the Helminth level cap increases.” * No, it isn’t similar to other MMOs, because we cannot redo our subsumes. * Other MMOs might not track excess XP and apply it retroactively because for those MMOs, levelling up is the game. With Helminth, levelling up is the entry fee you pay to be allowed to play the game. * Other MMOs might not attempt to calculate a player’s excess XP retroactively because the various actions players take which can generate XP are numerous and usually not recorded. With Helminth, it is clear for each player which warframes they have subsumed, and what the XP value of those subsumes would be. Assuming that DE does not keep records of each interaction the player has with their Helminth, the least they should do is to calculate the minimum amount of XP a player would have earned for the subsumations they have performed, and ensure that that player has at least that much Helminth XP after the cap increase. I am excited about the new Helminth abilities. I am not interested in the new Helminth Invigorations at all; they feel gimmicky and aren’t predictable, so I was planning to avoid them entirely. I have subsumed every Warframe which was available prior to this patch, so my investment in this system should allow me to explore the new abilities; indeed, if I were to make a new account now, it would do so. But now instead, I will be required to earn those abilities, I will be required to invest more for those abilities than newer players will, and I will be required to earn those abilities by interacting with a system I wanted to avoid. -_-
  10. On one hand, this was a bug and I’m glad it’s being fixed. On the other hand, equipping Gladiator mods is one way we can mitigate the melee nerfs which are about to arrive, and putting those mods on your Sentinel is the most convenient way to use them. Removing this interaction right before these nerfs doesn’t feel good, especially since many of us are concerned that these melee nerfs will be a significant reduction in our quality of life. It would be nice if we had a direct, intentional way to use your companion to enhance your attacks. Like, for example, a sentinel precept mod which gives your warframe’s melee weapon +60% critical chance and +20% critical chance per combo count. So it’s like True Steel and Blood Rush combined, but with half the strength, the mod goes on your sentinel, and only works as long as your sentinel is alive. I feel like that’s a reasonable balance of power and limitations. You could have similar mods for melee status chance, and for ranged critical and status chance. This would give us a way to tune our sentinels more closely to the frames they’re supporting, and make them more directly relevant in combat.
  11. I recently noticed that the pillars in the Dojo's Great Hall are not positioned symmetrically. This is hard to explain so I took pictures. 1: My Trading Post is centered between these pillars, but is off-center relative to the wall. 2. I have a bunch of 4m catwalk sections running behind the pillars, all aligned to the 1m snap grid. The right-side column lines up with the snap grid on its right edge. 3. The left side column should therefore line up to the 1m snap grid on its left edge, but it does not - the edge lands behind the pillar instead of next to it.
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