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  1. Very disappointed I lost out on an umbral forma and the wolf armor. Will there be a chance to ever get those items for those of us who missed the majority of season 1?
  2. Curious if vaulted status indicator has made it to the relic screen revamp that is coming with this mainline. Can anyone at DE Confirm? @[DE]Steve
  3. Looks awesome. I just hope 2FA changes aren't coming with this update to where I'd need some app on a phone (Such device I don't own). Hopefully the masterminds at DE are aware that not EVERYONE in the world has a phone.
  4. Those of us who took a break from the game during the majority of Nightwave aren't fully ranked out with this season. Is there going to be a way to obtain the rewards that were missed @[DE]Marcus? As of this post I'm only rank 12 in Nightwave because I missed several weeks of it.
  5. Reread the quote. The guy I quoted said apparently all of the content is free.
  6. How could I earn the Edo Prime armor set in game without paying for a prime access and/or vault access pack?
  7. Relic Screen: Any updates on vaulted status marker/icon?
  8. Just like the daily login system. Congratulations.
  9. So more falsely advertised free things because a paid subscription to another service just like the falsely advertised "Free with Twitch Prime" stuff is. Wonderful. Please stop saying this crap is free when it really is NOT. Otherwise provide it to EVERYONE.
  10. I see there hasn't been -any- updates/fixes to the horribly-implemented dark theme of the forum. What with having many of the elements on the page still being themed akin to the light theme. I can see that the dark theme was just hastily slapped together with absolutely no regard as to how it looks other than "Let's just darken 60% of the page" and call it a dark theme.
  11. Lovely, more "free with 3rd party paid subscription" stuff, just like the amazon/twitch prime stuff.
  12. Super disappointed that owners of the Stalker theme don't get the new background and has to pay an additional 50 plat for the full package.
  13. I am so disappointed that owners of the Stalker theme did NOT get the background retroactively added to them and DE wants an additional 50 plat for the full theme.
  14. When will we be getting new Tennogen for Non-Steam PC users? Or better yet, when will the existing Steam Tennogen also be available for Non-Steam users?
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