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  1. So we wasted our time in the Dev Workshop thread giving you feedback for the FOLLOWING Stupidity that still made it into the patch: Greatly appreciate wasting our time. Thank you.
  2. The optimizations were so successful that no data ended up being received from Twitch, thus no hit to the servers at all. Good job, I knew something was up when I didn't receive the drop.
  3. @[DE]SteveWith the upcoming Mainline, will we be getting that vaulted status icon in the relic screen?
  4. We are going onto 4 years of this program, @[DE]Taylor. When will this program be available for those of us who don't launch through Steam? I don't have the patience nor the bandwidth (Only 6mbps download speed) to reinstall the game through Steam. The FAQ states, and I quote... (I hate this Invision Board Editor so...) So what's the status on this coming OUT of requiring Steam to access the Tennogen content? You already install all of the tennogen content files to us, why is it all hidden?
  5. Going to echo the community here, PC No drop as well. Had the stream open from the very beginning, even dealt with the constant buffer wheels I was getting.
  6. I have a sneaking suspicion we might be seeing them side-by-side....
  7. Going to be so disappointed if the drop continues to not work for me.
  8. Still so adamant about showing us all the relics despite not owning them, eh? Still so adamant about hiding vaulted status in tab menus, eh?
  9. If that's the case, that's quite the slap in the face.
  10. PC Player here. Have Twitch linked, have Mixer linked. Been watching via Twitch, haven't gotten drops from the twitch.tv/warframe channel since Fortuna dropped.
  11. Going to ask again, since it hasn't been answered. Why is this necessary? Did something in the backend change that requires this? Why do events suddenly have to be in sync?
  12. Same. I was about halfway through (Rank 14) by the time DE pulled the carpet out from underneath me.
  13. Curious, what is the reasoning for this? Why does this operation have to be synced with console? Is there some underlying change somewhere that requires stuff to be synced these days?
  14. How about not showing them at all like we've been asking for?
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