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  1. @[DE]Rebecca@[DE]Megan... Still no news on whether or not this will ever become a thing for non-steam users? Why even have a standalone client if all focus is on Steam?
  2. Given we've got to TWENTY ROUNDS of this stuff, we've determined this program is a huge success... When will we hear about availability of this content on your STANDALONE client? All of the data is already in the client, just stupidly flagged as hidden in the various market screens and appearance screens for reasons I don't even know WHY? What's the deal, @[DE]Rebecca@[DE]Meganwith this?
  3. Can I access Tennogen on my standalone client please?
  4. Yeah, the dark theme still feels unfinished, and honestly not as dark as it really should be. Its more of a mid-light theme than anything else. I've had to use something like Stylish with a user CSS sheet and my own tweaks to make the dark theme ... feel more like a dark theme and fix the major issues and incompleteness of the theme in general. ... I'm just an amateur, but this feels MORE like a dark theme than the grey theme we have now that's apparently a "dark theme".
  5. We can avoid this problem if MM/DD/YY and DD/MM/YY would just go the way of the dino and either write out the month name or abbreviate it if lazy, Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec instead of a 2-digit month number. Always hated date formats for this.
  6. The light explosion while within range of one of those damaging void tears is far to excessive on both the blinding light coming from it as well as the major amount of screen shake they produce. Could it be possible to heavily reduce the intensity of both of these effects?
  7. Can we get fixes for a few of these elements that are still light-theme bound for the dark theme?
  8. There won't be any update notes posted until the patch drops.
  9. I actually noticed this was possible on the Landing Craft customization screens. I too would love to see this brought possible to the other aspects of color choosing in the game.
  10. As you can see, I currently sport the Dark Lotus Theme for my UI. Why is my UI so yellowed out on these particular setups? Can we get a fix for this?
  11. In Update 29.10.8, there were mentions of fixing HUD colors for Railjack. ... Any news of if/when the UI will finally get unified like everything else is being unified? I'm tired of seeing everything all golden colored when in Railjack/Necramech when I've purplized the rest of my UI with this color theme that costed PLATINUM to unlock.
  12. I use the Dark Lotus color theme for my UI. Why is my HUD still vitruvian in color?
  13. What is this in my loadout then?
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