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  1. Yay, Nightwave updates. Yo DE, when will we get the following: Tennogen on PC Standalone Vaulted icon on Relics Those two things should be extremely simple to add, since PC Standalone users already HAVE all the data for Tennogen, it's just very STUPIDLY hidden from view for god knows what stupid reason. Show it, provide a link to Steam with it. Good and DONE. Vaulted icon on relics, your menus already HAVE this information in the cumbersome mouseover+tab menus. The data is already exposed. Just MOVE it front and center where it belongs and not hidden in sub men
  2. An armor set + fancy ephemera + two 90-day boosters is not worth $49.99. I would agree with it if it included the 1050 platinum that the Firewalker pack has to go along with it. As it currently is, I'd see it go for $19.99 to $24.99 instead. That I could support.
  3. Primary and Secondary weapons need overhauls and reworks to rebalance them across the board, eliminating the need for riven bandaids. Rivens need to be removed. No more arbitrary balancing weapons based on usage numbers. The new UI needs a complete overhaul to bring it back inline with some of the older screens where ALL INFORMATION is up front and center, none of this hiding stuff behind additional tabs, additional menus, funky mouseovers and tab-mouseovers.
  4. @[DE]Megan@[DE]Steve@[DE]Helen@[DE]RebeccaWill the Prime Ephemera be farmible in game?
  5. And this is why I'm asking for developer response on this, because its quite the shame to be penalized for wanting to run things standalone. Feel free to check my post history, I've been asking about this for months. I'll continue asking about this until I get response from Digital Extremes regarding this problem. As @IamLocohas asked, Why is there a standalone version that doesn't get access to the amazing creations by your community when you already work deals with them to publish them to consoles outside of Steam? This doesn't make a lick of sense.
  6. Still failing to see any of this Tennogen even though I'm on PC. Are you sure its available? Or is it only for Steam? If the latter, when will it come to standalone?
  7. @[DE]MeganWhen will Tennogen be viable to use for those of us that do not launch via Steam? This patch aside from the bugfixes doesn't provide me with anything new.
  8. @(PS4)chaos-SD Select your entire post, then follow these steps to make it legible for users with BOTH forum themes.
  9. When will Tennogen be available for those of us that launch through standalone and not through Steam?
  10. Any status updates on a relic UI update? Would love to see vaulted status as an icon overlay on relics instead of where the data is currently exposed in the form of those cumbersome mouseover+tab menus the UX designers seem to think is a good idea for information. _______________________________________ Tennogen being visible for non-steam launched users when? The data files for it all is in the game. We even have the categories in the marketplace for them in the game. They're just empty which to non-steam users, seems like it doesn't exist, despite the constant news of Round 17, Rou
  11. I've noticed trading seems to derp out if the player you want to trade with gets transported directly into a railjack upon entering the Dojo. Try having them fast travel to one of the labs and see if that helps open up trades.
  12. The Orokin Derelicts no longer exist...
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