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  1. I got an inbox message stating that ALL tenno are invited, but I'm failing to even see this Tennocon relay, only Strata and Tennolive ... Thanks for the false advertising Baro.
  2. Yet this video doesn't seem to have that requirement. Try again.
  3. Couple posts below the OP ------ e: Imagine this tho, for an announcement as important as Tennocon, the embedded video actually works, unlike the ones posted regarding the Livestreams and the dev workshops that have this age-restricted ... junk ... going on with them. ... What is the deal with that?
  4. I see the video is still broken. Please fix.
  5. With the continued nerfs heading for Melee, maybe its time to just remove Melee and its mechanics from the game and just require people to use guns in this looter shooter game.... Well played DE.
  6. Let's see one where there are no rivens in the loadout at all.
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