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  1. One major bug that is happening is the host migration after completion of a mission. You extract from a mission, land in your orbiter, examine the rewards screen, then a host migration hits. Upon resolution of the host migration, you have lost all of the focus, affinity and/or rewards from the mission. Happens almost every other mission. Just starting happening upon the drop of the Jovian Concord.
  2. Almost every single time you change a Warframe or alter an appearance, the Network Not Responding error kicks you to login. This is still a persisting issue from a previous hotfix.
  3. The issue that most people seem to have with Garuda is that she actually takes skill to use. Her kit is hands down one of the most synergistic kits on any Warframe in the game, but if you press the wrong button at the wrong time, you do risk the possibility of dying. This high stakes playstyle is not uncommon, as there are many self damaging weapons in the game that people enjoy. Her 4th ability is an absolute powerhouse, slash is one of the most underrated, but powerful procs in the game, capable of dealing massive amounts of damage. I would absolutely never use Mirage in place of Garuda. It is like picking an apple or an orange, their abilities are not the same, and they should not be used interchangeably.
  4. I did take this into account with my testing and frequently ran missions with a Nekros with each frames. While the innate slash is beneficial, I found that slash procs were easier by bringing a high slash melee with extended range, such as the Secura Lecta. By doing this, the slash procs did not matter as much and you can ensure your tentacles are free as well. I have long since discarded Hydroid as a viable solo loot frame, and I would apply the same generalization to Khora.
  5. I would disagree with this. i have done thorough testing with both frames in the capacity of being a loot frame. Though there are pros and cons to both frames, Hydroid seems to come out on top each time. Both Hydroid and Khora have comparable range and duration when maxed, so that is not a problem. Hydroid lacks the base damage with his tentacles that Khora has, but benefits by having the 100% drop rate in his augment. However, Khora has the ability to cast two strangledomes; a benefit right? Wrong. The base efficiency of Khora is much lower than Hydroid which results in very rarely being able to feasibly sustain both strangledomes. Also, Hydroid, though limited to how many enemies he can retain in his tentacles, is actually more efficient at retaining the enemies if they come near as the tentacles can flex to reach them, where Khora’s strangledome is restricted to retaining enemies at the intersects of the net of the strangledome. This means that she is really only feasible for jumping into a pack of enemies and casting it, instead of the simplicity of casting it and leaving it to do its job.
  6. This, I understand, is a AFK cheese ability. However, OP mentions that Rhino and Nezha using their tanking abilities as provided to them in their kit is a cheese AFK ability as well, which is bothersome because you still need to play the game in order to complete the objective in the Index. This would immediately disqualify them as "cheese" frames and makes 95% of his original point invalid.
  7. Why do you consider these two to be cheesing the game mode? Both of these still require you to be vigilant as there are multiple things that can strip your shield, and once it is stripped, energy can sometimes be difficult to obtain to recast these abilities.
  8. Agreed. While waiting for a pigment to finish researching, I was able to collect 5000 additional pigments of the same colour. Seems like a complete waste of resources if there is no application for them.
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