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  1. I'm glad this works for people but as soon as someone throws out an offer at me that's super low I just say "no" and move on.
  2. I may be unwise in this but I put adaptation in most of my builds, lol.
  3. If you have profit taker bounties unlocked you can use those. Makes it way faster.
  4. This is a surprisingly good point, but I have a feeling some of the dispos prob need to change lol. I know people don't enjoy dispos going down for certain weapons, I know people pay a lot of plat for certain rivens but you have to accept at some point the risk of purchase. Otherwise you'll perpetually be disappointed and upset.
  5. Oh, I don't personally need them or want them at the moment, just commenting on the oddity. Requiem relics are sort of completely different from normal relics, I would never expect them from syndicates. Also I have like, 200 atlas prime relics so if I was going complain about too many it would be those haha.
  6. I realize they said that these relics were going to be permanent in railjack, but if that's the case, is there any reason why you can't get them from relic packs? I may have been enormously unlucky in my rng, but I did think it was strange that 3 syndicates at cap didn't yield a single of these relics. I have an odd suspicion that they will be rotated in and out with other vaulted relics, similiar to how they rotate bounty relics... ...but I'm not sure. I may have just been very unlucky, lol.
  7. I did notice that pathing on pet ai is wonkier than normal. I would often look for my pets, only to find them multiple rooms away covered in enemies. Typically in missions this would only happen once, maybe twice, before they would warp. Today in every mission I went into with a pet, they simply wouldn't warp at all, leaving them to go down triple or quadruple the amount of times they normally do. It almost feels as like if they attract aggro, then they're being denied the ability to warp -- but I'm not sure what exactly is going on.
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