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  1. I want to see Mirage get some love. She was my original main, but there's no reason to play her when Gauss is just a better weapon augment frame. He doesn't have to choose between buffing the DPS of his weapons and having damage resistance, his damage resistance is better than hers (there's a few enemies that can ignore Kinetic Plating, like Toxic Ancients and certain eximus units, but they're few and far between; he's completely immune to damage from 99% of the enemies in the game), and his 1 makes him a lot more mobile. Not to mention he's a lot easier to build for. My Mirage build has at least 4 forma, including one umbra forma, while Gauss only needs one normal forma.
  2. I've noticed that the game really wants me to have the Drakgoon, Karak, Chakkhurr, Seer, Kraken, and Brakk. I have to really try to get a weapon other than one of those, and I'm not even interested in most of the "common" weapons. I've never seen the Ayanga or Kohm yet, and I've only seen one Shildeg and Twin Stubbas.
  3. Seconding the removal of shield gating for Corpus cameras. They don't have weak spots, so you can't oneshot them.
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