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  1. I have no issue killing or surviving but there is never enough enemies to keep effenciency up when I go solo..
  2. If I don't do it i won't get her which is a loss for players not DE which is kinda lame. It's not about time or nerve it's the fact that noone stays past zone 4 or 6 and noone is farming her ever because of how stupid her farm is. If you are not gonna add creative fixes for the clear issue of DE abandoning new content and just slapping grind or pay for it on it then you are part of the problem.
  3. Yes it is noone stays past second A rotation lol and if they do they leave after B rotation. I could spam Recruiting channel all day and no body is going to respond because they either have her or dont want to stay until zone 8...
  4. Look I don't mind grinding her blueprints out for a week but when you can't find anyone to do it with you and you dont have a nuke frame like saryn or mirage it's literally impossible to farm her last 2 blueprints. Plus frustrating that I have to use plat I would otherwise use for more useful stuff like arcane mods or prime parts to get a frame that soon or later will have a primed version that you can get for less plat than the original cost on the market. If they made a quest for her I'd be more than happy for the new content something that is lacking in warframe.
  5. Anyone else think that it's kinda lame how it's better to farm prime parts to sell for plat to get khora than it is to actually farm her? Some one in my clan literally farmed for her blueprints for 3 months. Everywhere I look throughout the internet for Khora farm everyone one says the same thing it's stupid and noone wants to farm her because it's more efficient to farm prime parts to sell for plat. I'm not an impatient person but it's definitely frustrating learning that what you want is secretly locked behind a pay wall...
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