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  1. Yay, one thousand days of waiting for meaningful rewards. Except not. Out of all of those evergreen rewards only of note is 50k kuva for someone like me who can't care to run 8 missions for a single slot pull with 1% chance to get what I'd wish for or maybe riven packs if you're unlucky with sorties. Everything else by that point is just... I am at a loss of words here. -3 exilus adapters? I will not put exilus on everyframe - by 1000 days I can buy enough to put into every warframe and it's prime variant, by 1000 days I will simply buy enough of them for frames I wanted... (hell, some people might actually build a lot of them by 1000 days if they stick to f2p) -3 forma? Oh my, I am sure I will not build any forma during 1000 days of logging in/playing the game, what a treat! -4 weapon slots? Please take all of those from my rotation and add them for someone who just started - 10 slots nowadays without adjustment for current amount of weapons (as opposed to say... 4 years ago?) is giving impression Warframe forces to spend money on plat. -Endo? By 500 days most people swim in it unless they max out all primed mods as ALL drop tables are pretty much polluted by various amounts of endo. (some amounts straight out insulting to the player) If this is the extend of this "rework" please stop wasting time of your staff and redirect them into something that: A. Actually matters B. Will not look like a damn offense in form of scrap offerings, unless it's Sargas Ruk who's behind all this.
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