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  1. (PS4)Khaleg

    Why no dedicated servers?

    So, as you experience is bad, because you cannot be the host the 90% of the time, because your UPnP is not working well, you prefer a network infrastructure change to a centralized server, or group of servers, that, I bet, would be located all at EE.UU. (or at important locations, all far away from the ours) So we, that are six thousand kilometers away from these servers, would be these not having a good experience the same 90% of the time. No thanks, at least, just as is now, my experience is good enough, when the host is near me. In your scenario we would get bad experiences all the time. Please, do not tell me about Azure / Amazon cloud services. Even in these cases this cannot be compared to playing with my friends and clan mates that are around two hundred kilometers from me and many times even we are clients of the same ISP. You should think that all is relative and that all depends on the situation of every player, and not extrapolate your circumstances to all player population. A centralized service would be beneficial to you and others, but may be not for all. I would agree having a centralized server only if this is accompanied by an increment in the number of players per mission / session, instead the maximum of 4 that we have now, this would be a good trade off, but this is unlikely, because DE should tweak the difficulty per enemy. Kind regards
  2. TL;DR: UI Suggestion: Implement the old and the new UI at same time on all platforms New one: When using touch pad (on PS4) / mouse (on PC) Old one: When using game pads (on all systems) Hello dear DE I understand the intention on unifying the UI between PC and console, and I am not against this standardization. Anyway as other have said it is true that with this new interface all actions are more costly in time. In its current form, this UI does not adapt well to a game pad. I would like suggest that, instead remove it going back to the previous one, you would implement both at same time. Just make all UI working as before when using the analog stick or digital stick, and move the pointer when using the touch pad, left the button shortcuts as were before too (triangle for upgrade, square for appearance...). Doing this will allow everybody to use whatever they like more. Even more, why not doing the same (only that the inverse) on PC. People using a game pad would behave the same as on console auto selecting the menu options, and people using the mouse would behave just as this pointer. Here is your standardization, the best of both worlds. I have not experience on XBOX, so I do not know if they have touch pad as in PS4, anyway, on XBOX, I bet all people will be fine using the "old" system with the analog stick. It would be the same on PS4 Thanks a lot I will be happy listening the community about this suggestion.
  3. (PS4)Khaleg

    PS4 Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.17.0 (+ hotfixes)

    Hello, Thank you for the update, These are "problems" that I have encountered through the few hours that I have invested since the 22.17.0 update: In Archwing mode or with flying Warframes: - Use of L1 and X has been reversed by default. Now L1 is "go down" and X is "go up" and this not feels natural. This is not a big deal, since that it is configurable from the Gamepad settings inside the game, so if you are not comfortable with this, customize your Gamepad settings. At Dojo: - The game becomes not responsive when you exit from the MODs manager. The solution is quit completely the game. - The mist decoration does not work fine, only shows the mist animation when you edit the decoration and move it around. The first time that you are placing the decoration, no mist is shown, this happens even after completing its construction. I do not know if this is due to having a more exaggerated mist when editing, but I do not see any mist at all after its construction. Kind regards
  4. Hello, I can confirm the followings bugs that have happened to me personally: - Can't use any ability, auto revive or use operator cause "ability in use" (if you want to fix this you have to jump into water) Confirmed happening, and it is a hassle, you cannot do anything except moving around doing nothing. Would be due to some rare race condition when issuing an ability and changing to Operator very quickly afterwards - Synovia hitboxes are busted: 6 times out of 10 the damage is 0 even if you aim right This is happening very frequently, may be it is only a visual glitch in the UI, but apparently, the Synovias get no damage. I know that DE is investigating this. I think it is way more frequent when you are not the host. - Eidolons teleporting random even if there are dozens of lures close and attached to them Very true, not always but happens on occasions - Lures still block aim This has improved significantly, but, yes, still happens at times. - Vomvalyst that goes underground or/and are unkillable during the shields regeneration phase Yes, this happened to me too - Vomvalyst spawn: need more around! Not a bug to be fixed, but yeah, would be helpful having more of these to charge the lures - Sometimes less lures spawns and get 8 of them needs more time The time is very tight, true, and due to some bugs it is all way more complicated fulfill the three captures in the available time span Kind regards
  5. Hello, First of all thanks for the latest update, it is very enjoyable and welcomed. I would like to do a suggestion about usability in the new Arcanes system, that it is fantastic, of course. Please add an indicator with the number of assets in which each Arcane is in use, for example, a black square in the top right corner of each Arcane, with a white number, indicating in how many Warframes / Zaws / Operators / Amps the arcane is installed. I think that this little usability modification would be very helpful. Thanks a lot. Kind regards
  6. (PS4)Khaleg

    PS4 Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.13.2 (+ Hotfixes)

    Hello, After much testing all this time since the update I have confirmed This: - This happens only when you are not alone, with more players in the team, it does not happen being alone. - The alleged 3D mesh corruption in the arsenal is not true, in reality is the arsenal being opened (in use) but your Warframe being invisible, so the opened arsenal is visible, and the geometry is different from when closed. - This happens more frequently when experiencing higher latency, so would be related to data communication across server / clients, Since that this does not happens being alone, probably it is more related to communication between clients. Kind regards
  7. (PS4)Khaleg

    PS4 Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.13.2 (+ Hotfixes)

    Hello, First of all, thank you for this update, I am enjoining it very much. Bug with arsenal still persists Functionality affected: User Interface / Arsenal / Movement / 3D Objects Dependencies: Unknown - Investigating How to reproduce: In the orbiter, enter the arsenal, some times, the 3D model for the arsenal is not complete or correct. The warframe will be invisible and you will be unable to exit the arsenal, you are apparently stuck there. To unstuck you from this state, open the menu clicking on Options in your gamepad, select Navigate and click the circle button on your gamepad, now you have exited from the arsenal, but you will be invisible. Enter to the arsenal again to make you visible again, and exit the arsenal. This same bug existed on the previous version. It is very rare and happens some times. I have to determine if there are any specific condition to produce this. Thank you and kind regards
  8. (PS4)Khaleg

    PS4 Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.13.2 (LIVE!!)

    Thanks a lot. At least shared bug fixes between PS4 and PC are listed there. Kind regards
  9. (PS4)Khaleg

    PS4 Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.13.2 (LIVE!!)

    I bet all is already written in some place, if so, would be only a copy / paste work. If you know that something is 5 pages long is that you have read this already xD If not... what is DE using to track bugs and bug fixes?, a handwritten note pad? Even if was so, you always would take some pictures from it. :-)
  10. (PS4)Khaleg

    PS4 Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.13.2 (LIVE!!)

    I am very interested in this 5 pages long list of fixes too. I am not afraid of read through :-) Would be possible to know the content of these 5 pages, please? Kind regards
  11. Hello, New bug found. Sometimes after exiting the armory, the player is unable to move, and the avatar is not visible. Armory shows as if still were in use. How to bypass: After the bug has happened, open the menu, go to Navigate, exit the MAP. After this the player will walk invisible. Enter the armory and exit the armory. Functionality affected: Avatar movement, avatar visibility, armory functionality Dependencies: In the orbiter, enter the armory Exit the armory (it not depends on the speed entering / exiting) this happens after checking installed MODs during several minutes, for example. Kind regards
  12. Correction: I experienced this when a contract was chosen by a party member, but it is not only related to this. It happens when another player joins the party too, and, probably happens at random too, so would be it is not related to someone joining or choosing a contract. Kind regards
  13. Hello, Additional information: Seems that Titania flying is treated as an Archwing, because if you press L1 the sound related to engage boost / turbo mode for the Archwing may be heard. This was not the case in the prior version of the game, where pressing L1 while the Razorwing hability was in use moved Titania UP at different speeds, depending on if L3 was pressed or not (L3 = High speed mode on / off). Kind regards
  14. Hello, New bug about being stuck with no possible movement if a Cetus / Konzu contract is selected by anyone in the party while the client have the menu opened. System affected: User Interface Functionality affected: Avatar movement Dependencies: Client must to have the general menu opened / Armory / MODS Another member of the party must select a Konzu contract How to reproduce: Client 1: In Cetus, not going solo, open the menu by clicking on "Options" in the gamepad. Client 2: Selects any Konzu contract. Client 1: Closes the menu by clicking "Options" in the gamepad. Client 1: Now Client 1 is unable to move and the only thing that may be done is abandon Cetus. Leaving the party does not fix the problem. Thank you and kind regards.
  15. Hello all and dear DE, I do not know if this is intentional or not, but since this update I am unable to use the L1 gamepad button to go up with Titania while in Razorwing if I am in high speed fly. Warframe affected: Titania Functionality affected: Movement Dependencies: Razorwing mode must be active Hig speed (sprint) mode must be active L2 (Zoom) not must be in use How to reproduce: Make sure you are on land, walking (srpint disabled). Go in Razorwing mode, while flying, L1 moves the warframe UP, X moves the Warframe DOWN. Now press L3 to enter in high speed mode, (sprint if on land). Now X moves the Warframe DOWN, but L1 does not works, except if you press L2 (zoom) at same time. @DE, please fix this, with this functionality broken is very uncomfortable to use Titania, since that elevation movement is key to allow movement while targeting Thanks a lot and kind regards