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  1. Absolutely not; in fact I hate all that is related to mobile gaming. All that mobile gaming has done for the gaming community is bringing on us loot boxes and damn microtransactions, being full price games or not. Many time ago I was a very happy gamer when all game was released complete, no DLCs, no chapters, no pay to win, no loot boxes, no microtransactions, no paying for cosmetics, all was included in the relased game, you paid the game one time, and you were getting the full game, period. Aaaah... these were good times. Maybe many of you have not seen this. In my opinion mobile gaming has done a poor favour to the gamers. Warframe is free to play, and I understand that the finantial model have to be based in microtransactions, but the approach that the publishers are taking now, launching full priced AAA titles full of microtransactions infuriates me, to be honest.
  2. Just this, plain and simple. If you fly, you avoid dealing with any obstacle tied to orography. It is so simple. An Archwing always will be the best option to go from A to B quick, being Itzal or whatever Archwing you choose. And if there is an Archwing quicker than other, then this will be the best option over every else. Nerfing something, because there is no better option is not a good idea. Do you want see K-Drives being used?, make them funny or useful then. Make them part of a rewarding activity, if there is no activities, being worth, tied to the K-Drives use, you will not see these being used, period. People are no fools, they will choose this that is optimum (or funny) for the task. Everybody uses the Lanka or Rubico to fight the Eidolons... why not nerf these then?, so people will be forced to use another weapon. Why not go further?... why not nerf all weapons, except the Pangolin sword,... I rarelly see anyone using this... oh my God..
  3. Hello I have these suggestions to the developers, please consider. <TLDR> - Substitution of essential mods (+Power, +Damage, +Energy...) by effects depending on Warframe level and user's mastery rank as in RPGs, this would free MODs slots for new MODs. - Game play time stops when the users is in a "modal" window (choosing a reward from a opened relic, for example). - Log in the profile about the three latest missions (mission name, node name, team mates names, UTC time, end mission status, end mission rewards list) to easy support in case of rewards are lost. - Opinions are welcome 🙂 </TLDR> - Each time new content is released, new utility mods are created, this means that we should trade off currently mods, that many times are essential or are a must have being equipped, by the new ones that many times are only situational, curious, specifics or even funny. With this in mind, many times is not worth lose MODs slots to try new MODs. Here my idea: Why not tie some MODs effects (as MODS giving extra health, increased power or increased energy) to the User's rank level? Then these MODs would no be needed any more, giving extra space for new ones, not having to increase the slot numbers. I am thinking about a system similar to how RPGs are, but not based only in the Warframe level, this would be based on user's Mastery rank combined with Warframe level. - The game time should stop when the player is dealing with a "modal" window, for example when we are choosing the reward for opening a relic, the time in the game should stop, so people that is bleeding do not die, time countdown for focus balls, abilities and their effects stops, and so on. - Many times there is a host migration at the end of a mission and all rewards are lost, then we must open a ticket to support, but they will ask for information that, probably, the user does not have in this situation, I suggest implement an in game log, in the user profile, for example, in which the information about the Mission type, Node, team mates, UTC time, and list of rewards is stored for the latest three missions. So we would have all data needed to ask for support. I do not know if a button, in each mission logged, to ask for support directly would be possible, but would be very helpful indeed. I will be happy to know your opinion. Thank you. Regards
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