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  1. Lordwolfspirit

    Devstream 123 Overview!

    I realy like the idea of the spaceship hangar in the dojo, but I have 1 question.. the ship is it from the clan or from yourself? Because I prefer a own ship.
  2. Lordwolfspirit

    Winning arcane helmets

    That is a great idea
  3. Lordwolfspirit

    Make secondaries usable while riding K-drives

    I think it is a wonderfull idea, when I am using the k-drive I feel me defenceless. This will remove that feeling and the k-drive wil be more acttractive to use.
  4. Lordwolfspirit

    Winning arcane helmets

    @ rapt0rman You know why they phased it out?
  5. Lordwolfspirit

    Winning arcane helmets

    Hey warframe community, So a time a go devstream 122 came out and they talked about The Wolf of Saturn Six, I realy like the idea. This week I was thinking about a system to win back the arcane helmets. Because you can't get them anymore or you need them to buy for hundreds of plat, what is personnaly to much for me. But then I rememberd that in the devstream they talked about a mission that gives you special rewards, So I think it would be cool if we could win the Arcane Helmets in The wolf of saturn six, so we do not need too pay so much. Please let me know what your thoughts are about it, Lordwolfspirit
  6. Lordwolfspirit

    Crash on open roam

    Thank you was planning too check the pc out in the weekend.
  7. Lordwolfspirit

    Crash on open roam

    Well the pc is less then 3 months old, could it be so fast dirty then?
  8. Lordwolfspirit

    Plenty of Servofish Contest [Winners Announced]!

    Nature Man Oberon, 32 I am a man of few words but I have a big heart of gold. As work I make medicals from pure nature materials. In my free time I like to be in the nature, my dream is still to hitchhike a long way in the woods with a friend but that did not yet happen. I realy like kubrows and have one of my self called Skull. He also enjoys the walks in the nature. I hope I find a women where I can share my big heart with.
  9. Lordwolfspirit

    Twitch prime broke

    vGeo thx i will try.... and Highlander well i did the steps correctly but it did not work.
  10. Lordwolfspirit

    Crash on open roam

    Anyone knows how to help this?
  11. Lordwolfspirit

    Crash on open roam

    Already found it in the launcher. Gotta go for now, bey bey.
  12. Lordwolfspirit

    Crash on open roam

    How can i see? It says 64bit mode is on and directx 10 and 11 are on... I use newest windows version.
  13. Lordwolfspirit

    Crash on open roam

    Base specs pc: 16Gb ram, core i7 8th gen and a nividia geforce GTX 1080
  14. Lordwolfspirit

    Crash on open roam

  15. Lordwolfspirit

    Twitch prime broke

    Hello warframe community, I got another problem, I wanted too create an account on twitchprime, but I tried like 10 times and they say all the 10 times that there was a general error but, everything was correct implemted. This where the steps I did: - Made a twitch acount (2/3 year old); - Made amazon acount; - Activated free amazon prime trial on; - Then I went too twitch and tried to get the free trial of twitch prime. Anyone knows waht I am doing wrong? Btw I live in the netherlands.