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  1. Out of the 4 times that I've encountered the Wolf 2 of these times have been very recent. With the Amalgamated Wolf prowling around the system, there's the off chance that you'll run into him, this time with lackeys. The Saturn Six Fugitives weren't too much of a problem at stages of the event, but they've only become much, much worse as you get higher into the levels. After basically being pub-stomped by these Molotov chuckers in a Hydron run with an unleveled Baruuk & an unleveled weapon that can't dent the Wolf at all, I'd like to kindly ask whose idea it was to make these guys completely impervious to damage? Them being at level 70 or 75, you can bet all your platinum that I went down way too many times, even the squad I was in got completely annihilated. Not being able to damage them at all to relieve some pressure while also handling the Wolf & the oncoming hordes of Grineer (Not that they're even difficult to deal with) IS NOT good game design. But...What do I know? I'm just some random schmuck that doesn't tote around a Pyrana Prime whenever I go leveling.
  2. Honestly, I wish I knew, but DE likes to keep most plans hush-hush. I love what they did with Strata/Larunda, and I can only imagine what other relays could look like with a similar remodel, different colors & signature frames. If I had to guess when the Zylok would make its return, it would most likely be with a random alert or possibly in the possession of Baro.
  3. Afraid of adapting to something new, or do you want the most boring meta to kill the game slowly? Either way, the OP's point still stands, and "Noob idea" hardly qualifies as a valid criticism. The archaic state of the meta has been hurting this game across several modes, not just Tridolon. It's with this decreasing gap of viability that has seen most frames fall out of favor, and worse cases like Vauban & Wukong fall below the line of what's acceptable. Limbo has been used before in Tridolon runs to great effect, especially when it comes to damage mitigation. What's the worse that could happen if DE changed a few Eidolon mechanics around and promoted a more open playstyle? New players are already locked out due to the lack of a certain class of void-oriented weapons.
  4. What exactly are you looking for? Purely Arbitration-themed stuff, or Arbiter cosmetics? If it's the latter, I'll riot. I've been legitimately waiting for syndicate cosmetics across all the 6 groups, and having only one set available would be a huge waste of potential.
  5. I'll go out on a limb here & say that most people care about fashion-frame to a high degree. We all love our skins, colors, syandanas & more, but one particular topic I have to bring up today are our Kubrows & Kavats. While typically sidelined due to genetic degeneration & time maintenance, some people still use these little fellas in the occasional mission. Now while this topic doesn't pertain to any bug, it's just a minor irritant. As some of you may know, a few Kubrow & Kavat skins can't be used alongside the various armors available in the game. These skins include the Drahk, the underbrush Kubrow, Hyekka & the moonless Kavat. This is most likely due to meshing issues that currently make it a challenge to implement. Meshing issues are a real big problem for the Helminth in general. If DE were to ever rectify this issue in the future, I most certainly wouldn't complain. I mean, have you read the description of the Kuva armor for Kubrows? It explicitly stakes that it can be worn by Drahks, but when players use the skin the armor prompt isn't available. Just another issue I hope gets addressed with a companion update.
  6. I don't know what I just watched, but I like it! Thanks for the laugh, amigo.
  7. Unfortunately it has been stated multiple times that bird companions aren't likely due to the "difficult" animation requirements that'll come with them. I disagree with that statement however, especially since Wisp has been DE's gateway into experimenting with different movement animations. DE should always be willing to challenge themselves whenever possible, and I sincerely hope that they do consider adding Condrocs as companions.
  8. Yup, you read that right. After having repeatedly ran Phase 2 of the Profit-Taker bounties, I've only acquired Atmo Systems once. I've acquired nearly everything else besides the rare mods, I've even obtained Repeller Systems...Multiple times. Many players can attest to how broken the RNG is for Atmo Systems. Since I've yet to reach rank 3 of VS, I can't outright purchase them. Ironic that a rare drop is easier to acquire than the uncommon item. Fix this RNG already, it is driving me insane!
  9. Until the day DE decides to actually give faction syndicates like Steel Meridian some major attention, I guess I'll have to be satisfied with this new armor set...Still pretty cool though.No...Seriously DE, Steel Meridian armor...Where is it? I desperately need an Operator suit to boot.
  10. Oh...Already did it, but I still need the Endo anyways. Thanks.
  11. Is our lord & savior Faven still working those jobs? Haven't heard from the bloke for a while.
  12. Are you guys planning to rework the faction syndicate system in the future? The only reason I ask this is because... It hasn't changed much since it was introduced, it has gotten quite stale & monotonous, plus you could bring forth the newer mission modes you've introduced over the years. I'm talking Archwing integration, Railjack missions, Defections, Kuva Survivals, stuff like that. There needs to be a stronger emphasis on each figurehead. I prefer them to act like Eudico, not take a back seat like Konzu. They seem pretty aimless. Solaris United, the Ostrons, even sorties provide more in-depth mission descriptions & overall objectives. I want to IMMERSE myself into the syndicates. There are ENDLESS ideas for rewards that could come from this system BESIDES Warframe augment mods. Warframe armor sets, Operator suits (Even the Vent Kids got operator suits before the likes of Steel Meridian, this is sin, blasphemy!), Emblems, REAL Glyphs (Not those awkward faces, those give me the creeps), Noggles, Warframe skins, Pet cosmetics, Robotic cosmetics, Landing Craft skins, K-Drive scrawls, Weapon skins, Railjack-...You get my point. Standing needs to be independent, NO shared standing pool that slows things down to a crawl, and the Sigils should remain completely cosmetic. I didn't theme my clan off of Steel Meridian for nothing, so please give this old system some love. There is so much potential with the faction syndicates, yet we haven't seen that potential fully realized yet. I know you guys have so much stuff planned for the future, but don't forget about older content like this.
  13. All further recruiting is postponed until we advance into Shadow Clan tier. I'll post updates as things progress.
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