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  1. Someone on the forums said it best, that saws should function similarly to beam weapons through continuous damage. It makes sense, most melee weapons rely on swiping & swinging, the saw is a more complex beast. A spinning blade rotating at a fast speed cuts through enemies & materials in a not so clean manner, gritty manner. Functionally, the Ghoulsaw is the biggest disappointment in a low while, and the recent attack speed nerf adds onto this problem. Something needs to change.
  2. At this point, the vast majority of stances require reworks to be more practical in movement & utility. The animation team has their work cut out for them, but this isn't 2013 anymore. No more excuses, get to it! I mean, how much longer do we have to wait for the entirety of Melee 3.0 to be released!
  3. Ya' know, I've never actually noticed if my Engineer can defend the ship. I guess she thinned the number of boarders by a few, but that really isn't enough to matter when they're still damaging my ship. If I could ever restructure the Command line (Goodness knows it needs it), I'd love for crewmates to have two roles, a primary & secondary, instead of just one monotonous role that limits their utility. An Engineer/Defender hybrid would definitely be a blessing to have. And if DE actually tried to make Liches & Sisters viable beyond just acting as Defenders with garbage, unmoddable weapons, it'd be pretty amazing to see them go to town on everyone!
  4. Ah, the sound team's greatest weaknesses: repetitive dialogue. This event is how many years old & we're still listening to the same lines being repeated in tandem with every single run, let alone with every Hemocyte spawn. I've muted all voices at this point, it just drives me insane. Between Nora, Lotus, Ordis & Vay Hek, I can't decide what's worse. At least Konzu's line about being "as big as a house & half as smart" is relatively amusing, but I expect better at this point.
  5. Most melee stances in the game are garbage in general, this is no exception. Dumb fun is one thing, but can a gigantic videogame chainsaw be semi-viable like it is in almost everything else? Do we seriously need to show some footage from Gears of War or Madworld? We tote around archguns without too much issue, why is this thing the exception. Not even Arm Cannons come with downsides quite like this. After 3-4 years worth of waiting, a slow, clumsily sluggish weapon is the last thing players need after the attack speed nerf!
  6. For as long as it took 'em to release this one weapon that was promised a few years ago, stats that good are only acceptable as recompense. Now we have to wait for that Archwing Glaive...
  7. A giant saw should, in theory, be able to match the two-handers in terms of raw damage with similar crit & status to boot. At least, that's what I think. But what do I know? Clearly a giant blade meant to rip through a variety of targets was never meant to be good. Counterintuitive, archaic design choices are archaic. Get your act together, DE.
  8. It's a great idea, why not? Arbitrary limitations are arbitrary. If balance is the concern, well, it simply isn't at this point. DE's last "balance pass" addressed nothing. Let the Hek users have their fun for once.
  9. Dead Space had this nailed down two years prior to Warframe's inception: allowing players to use their firearms while being dragged around. It's mind-boggling just how obstructive one attack can be to the pacing of the game, it's even worse to consider the fact that DE has done nothing about it for eight years straight, or however long it has been since the inception of Scorpions & Ancients. Such a simple addition would add so much value to the gameplay. We can already fire while in a prone, bleeding state, this shouldn't be difficult in the slightest to rectify.
  10. It's not that traumatizing. Seriously, with all the blood, gore, death cries & literal body part-stripping debt slavery, a dog yelp is the thing that gets you? I know I sound insensitive, but it seems like an overreaction on your part. What, are they going to replace the yelping with happy bark? "It hurts so good!" Yeah, that doesn't make much sense. Unless you want it to sound more "alien", there's no real solution to this.
  11. Ya' know, Nora is supposed to be a DJ, but never does her actual job. It's incredibly out of character for her to keep on harassing us while NOT showing off her talent. She's a one-note, hollow shell of a character. Might as well go for it, there's plenty of worthless, broken vanity projects already in the game. This'll add some much needed variety to the music & potentially make Nora interesting for once. In saying that, I believe we could make an in-game radio unique. Instead of going the typical route of licensed songs, why not have collaborative efforts to create original music for the game? Get whatever artists you like, or even have the sound team go ham like they did with the two songs they made.
  12. How'd that one song by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts go again...?
  13. Armor strip & a range increase would be nice. Anything that makes Atlas better gets a thumbs up from me.
  14. This serves no purpose & strips away an intrinsic component to the Warframes that have Exalted Weapons. It's not like Exalted Weapons are in a good spot anymore.
  15. Can we just do away with the ridiculously long names all together? It's incredibly annoying having to search at the bottom of the arsenal for Kuva/Tenet weapons.
  16. I've only got one question for you guys... Steel Meridian & Arbiters of Hexis quests when?
  17. Should've searched the forums for hundreds of auction house posts, now you're in for the ride of your life...Duck & cover, lad. People aren't going to be civil.
  18. ...I thought we were legitimately talking about more colors. Now I'm disappointed.
  19. Then how in the blazes can a Latron Prime do 5mil damage? Am I missing something?
  20. Rivens can't fix everything though. Plenty of lackluster weapons that underperform to the point that you're better off leveling & throwing away in the trash. Those are the weapons that I'll continue to express concerns about. Have Rivens ever redeemed the Stug in any meaningful way? Be honest.
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