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  1. Ah, someone else who actually noticed the blatant inconsistencies & is willing to call them out for what they are. Why play through quests like The Glast Gambit or The Silver Grove if it doesn't change the dynamic in player/syndicate relations? I can help rescue the Myconian colonists from the clutches of Nef Anyo and then immediately get a Perrin death squad hunting me down in the next mission. Why do death squads exist if the Tenno quite literally carry every single syndicate and could easily render them nonexistent with just a Machete and an ounce of sociopathy? More over, why have six factions inhabit a tiny space if they can't stand each other's guts? Faction syndicates lack nuance, there is no depth to the interactions we can have with them. Grind shouldn't be the only reason behind their existence, otherwise that immersive façade is as worthless as anything related to the Conclave.
  2. The impact of a raised cap will be more beneficial from a new player perspective. Syndicate farming differs drastically depending on how far you've progressed through the game. Newer players have more incentives to rank up when compared to experienced players, cosmetics are more compelling after all. The more experienced players typically invest in relic packs whenever new Price Accesses come along, they also try to sell augment mods & the occasional weapon, but the prior activity takes precedence over the latter. The only real solution to this debacle would be a potential price increase to relic packs, but that's something I believe these folks are trying to avoid. It doesn't matter to me though, as I'm still trying to get all I can from each syndicate without dropping too much plat, even as an MR 28 duderino. I've already spent several years trying to advocate for more syndicate cosmetics for just about everything, from K-Drives & weapons to Operators & Railjacks. An increased cap would aid greatly in my fashioning efforts should the time ever come.
  3. Ya' know, that's an excellent question. It serves as a segway to a rather odd point. Did you know that Plague Star's reward system has the highest standing cap in the game? Almost 500k. The highest reputation cap for anything in the game, not even syndicate caps reach that high. I wouldn't be too distraught if DE were to tweak the total limit at max rank for every syndicate. Less restrictions means more flexibility, and for those who have yet to farm every single syndicate item, this would be decent QoL. Why disagree? It's not like we already have a hundred different time-gates already...
  4. The sad thing is, it simply isn't possible. DE lacks the gumption & the writing talent. Grind is all there is & ever will be. That's why, in spite of my love for this game, it'll still remain hollow & empty.
  5. Lavos is the true master of elemental alchemy. Chroma should've been a full-on draconic Warframe, now he's just stuck in some sort of awkward limbo.
  6. Probably with the Kuva variant. If it ever does get one. Hopefully alongside the Kuva Sobek. We need more Kuva weapons, but DE really needs to streamline Kuva weapon farming first.
  7. "DE really needs to add a tutorial to _" That's a motto to live by at this point. A hybrid of transmissions/vocal instructions combined with text & visual aids would make anything easier to understand. If you have to rely on an outside source to teach you simple tasks, then the developers have failed to provide proper instructions. Show, don't just tell, simple as that.
  8. Nope. Rooster Teeth can sink, because it certainly isn't swimming well anymore.
  9. The arsenal is incredibly finicky as it is when it comes to loadouts. Your Necramech & K-Drive additions typically don't save normally when compared to the Archwing. I hope DE rectifies this situation on top of adding Archwings to the normal loadout selection. It's just irritating having to switch manually when the vehicular section is strange enough as it is.
  10. A Diablo-esque transmog skin system would be absolutely incredible to have in the game. Plenty of weapons have variants that would make for interesting skins. We've got how many Cernoses, and I'd love to switch the Kuva Hek skin with the Vaykor Hek skin. We've already got this going for Prime & Normal Warframe skins, why not bring this feature over to weapons? This certainly isn't the first time this topic has come to mind.
  11. "How to make Conclave way much butter for old and new players" How much bread do I need? Should I grab the corn cobs too? Your post title has a typo, I thought it was funny. I've got nothing constructive to add, Conclave is dead & DE's focus is exclusively on PvE content. Good luck with this.
  12. Oof, absolutely brutal hot take! Can't blame you entirely for being burnt out. Grind is all there is to the game. The gameplay itself is smooth as butter, but the fundamental issue with the game is the unsustainable nature of grind.
  13. Faction-themed Parazon skins would be nice, they're always nice. Anything & everything needs a Faction counterpart, Railjacks & Necramechs included.
  14. That's the point though. We've done it more than enough times throughout the game's life cycle. It's a time sink that gets increasingly redundant the more times you do it.
  15. ...All I want is Daikyu Prime...Then I can rock a full-on Primed Nippon style loadout with Nikana Prime & Hikou Prime...
  16. It should've been used for the sake of improving Kuva weapons instead of the redundant process that is Valence Transfer. Honestly, anything is better than Valence Transfer, including Forma.
  17. Steel Meridian & Arbiters of Hexis quests when?
  18. Someone on the forums said it best, that saws should function similarly to beam weapons through continuous damage. It makes sense, most melee weapons rely on swiping & swinging, the saw is a more complex beast. A spinning blade rotating at a fast speed cuts through enemies & materials in a not so clean manner, gritty manner. Functionally, the Ghoulsaw is the biggest disappointment in a low while, and the recent attack speed nerf adds onto this problem. Something needs to change.
  19. At this point, the vast majority of stances require reworks to be more practical in movement & utility. The animation team has their work cut out for them, but this isn't 2013 anymore. No more excuses, get to it! I mean, how much longer do we have to wait for the entirety of Melee 3.0 to be released!
  20. Ya' know, I've never actually noticed if my Engineer can defend the ship. I guess she thinned the number of boarders by a few, but that really isn't enough to matter when they're still damaging my ship. If I could ever restructure the Command line (Goodness knows it needs it), I'd love for crewmates to have two roles, a primary & secondary, instead of just one monotonous role that limits their utility. An Engineer/Defender hybrid would definitely be a blessing to have. And if DE actually tried to make Liches & Sisters viable beyond just acting as Defenders with garbage, unmoddable weapons, it'd be pretty amazing to see them go to town on everyone!
  21. Ah, the sound team's greatest weaknesses: repetitive dialogue. This event is how many years old & we're still listening to the same lines being repeated in tandem with every single run, let alone with every Hemocyte spawn. I've muted all voices at this point, it just drives me insane. Between Nora, Lotus, Ordis & Vay Hek, I can't decide what's worse. At least Konzu's line about being "as big as a house & half as smart" is relatively amusing, but I expect better at this point.
  22. Most melee stances in the game are garbage in general, this is no exception. Dumb fun is one thing, but can a gigantic videogame chainsaw be semi-viable like it is in almost everything else? Do we seriously need to show some footage from Gears of War or Madworld? We tote around archguns without too much issue, why is this thing the exception. Not even Arm Cannons come with downsides quite like this. After 3-4 years worth of waiting, a slow, clumsily sluggish weapon is the last thing players need after the attack speed nerf!
  23. For as long as it took 'em to release this one weapon that was promised a few years ago, stats that good are only acceptable as recompense. Now we have to wait for that Archwing Glaive...
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