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  1. It's a great idea, why not? Arbitrary limitations are arbitrary. If balance is the concern, well, it simply isn't at this point. DE's last "balance pass" addressed nothing. Let the Hek users have their fun for once.
  2. Dead Space had this nailed down two years prior to Warframe's inception: allowing players to use their firearms while being dragged around. It's mind-boggling just how obstructive one attack can be to the pacing of the game, it's even worse to consider the fact that DE has done nothing about it for eight years straight, or however long it has been since the inception of Scorpions & Ancients. Such a simple addition would add so much value to the gameplay. We can already fire while in a prone, bleeding state, this shouldn't be difficult in the slightest to rectify.
  3. It's not that traumatizing. Seriously, with all the blood, gore, death cries & literal body part-stripping debt slavery, a dog yelp is the thing that gets you? I know I sound insensitive, but it seems like an overreaction on your part. What, are they going to replace the yelping with happy bark? "It hurts so good!" Yeah, that doesn't make much sense. Unless you want it to sound more "alien", there's no real solution to this.
  4. Ya' know, Nora is supposed to be a DJ, but never does her actual job. It's incredibly out of character for her to keep on harassing us while NOT showing off her talent. She's a one-note, hollow shell of a character. Might as well go for it, there's plenty of worthless, broken vanity projects already in the game. This'll add some much needed variety to the music & potentially make Nora interesting for once. In saying that, I believe we could make an in-game radio unique. Instead of going the typical route of licensed songs, why not have collaborative efforts to create original music for the game? Get whatever artists you like, or even have the sound team go ham like they did with the two songs they made.
  5. How'd that one song by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts go again...?
  6. Armor strip & a range increase would be nice. Anything that makes Atlas better gets a thumbs up from me.
  7. This serves no purpose & strips away an intrinsic component to the Warframes that have Exalted Weapons. It's not like Exalted Weapons are in a good spot anymore.
  8. Can we just do away with the ridiculously long names all together? It's incredibly annoying having to search at the bottom of the arsenal for Kuva/Tenet weapons.
  9. I've only got one question for you guys... Steel Meridian & Arbiters of Hexis quests when?
  10. Should've searched the forums for hundreds of auction house posts, now you're in for the ride of your life...Duck & cover, lad. People aren't going to be civil.
  11. ...I thought we were legitimately talking about more colors. Now I'm disappointed.
  12. Then how in the blazes can a Latron Prime do 5mil damage? Am I missing something?
  13. Rivens can't fix everything though. Plenty of lackluster weapons that underperform to the point that you're better off leveling & throwing away in the trash. Those are the weapons that I'll continue to express concerns about. Have Rivens ever redeemed the Stug in any meaningful way? Be honest.
  14. Then clearly you need a break from the game if you aren't going about it with a mature, levelheaded mindset.
  15. We could potentially expand the power of single-target weapons by improving headshot multipliers, assigning additional weak points with their own multipliers, adding various debuffs to these weak points & also buffing punch-through. Maybe we could even have various ammo types. Single-target weapons just don't do enough. Not only do they lack oomph, they also lack strategic value. The Nox might be a gimmick, but I believe we can expand upon that concept more to make enemy engagements more organic. I almost always try to aim for the head when using these weapons, but if that's all I'm doing, then I'm extremely limited in utility. Aside from straight-up buffs, which DE REFUSED to do, that's all I can think of. Then again, the Plexus modding system has never been used for our weaponry for whatever reason. I know I'm spit-balling, but what else can I do at this point?
  16. The Plexus is the future of modding, I don't know why DE hasn't gone through with applying the Plexus mentality to everything. It would most certainly make sense on the Beast companions if DE wanted to avoid giving them claw weapons.
  17. This discussion has happened before. If you don't wanna stab 'em, clear 'em out so the next one can hopefully spawn. A simple solution, no judgment required.
  18. It doesn't matter how many times I have to say this, I agree that Valence Fusion is an unnecessary component to the Nemesis System grind. Just as Forma should be used as the main component to increase the elemental bonus percentage (Simply because it provides an added incentive alongside MR), so too should Kuva or another unique resource be used to change elements. Players already have to deal with RNG pertaining to the weapon your Nemesis will spawn with, the RNG of your Nemesis spawning in-mission, the RNG involving mod combination & the Requiem Relic/Mod grind. Yes, grind is circumvented through Murmur progression, Rage Meter progression, the Oull Mod, player trading & the Requiem Ultimatum beacon, but all of this takes a couple hours to burn through with just one Nemesis. If we can just trim the fat a little more, the Nemesis System would be absolutely perfect, and that's without addressing the total absence of Lich/Sister customization.
  19. If anything, I think a Steel Meridian quest should involve Dr. Tengus & a Warframe intrinsically linked to the Twin Queens, a sort of parallel to Protea's relationship with Parvos Granum. He's the one responsible for experimenting on the Infestation during Once Awake, the proper restraining of the Grustrag Three, the creation of the Ghouls, along with Vay Hek's mutilation & cyberization. Of course, the Kuva Fortress lacks an Assassination node, so this would be the perfect set-up. The Corpus have Protea, the Infestation has Nidus, the Sentients have Revenant & Caliban (SoonTM), so the Grineer deserve a Warframe that's tied to them. Unfortunately, I don't even know if DE is concerned with tying up loose threads. The Arbiters of Hexis are the only other Syndicate lacking a quest, along with any tangible lore that explains their purpose. With Call of the Tempestarii & Wave Rider being indicative of DE's continued interest in Warframe quests, I hope they address this issue in the near future, before diving head first into Tau.
  20. It's a mess with good gameplay. They don't want to sort through that mess to refine it though. They'll just keep throwing "new" things at the wall until it sticks. I enjoy the game, but the lack of proper management or roadmaps is a confusing thing. The weapon divide still exists, quite a few old Warframes deserve attention, old bosses still require reworks, syndicates feel pointless without a boatload of content to burn through, the lack of legitimate interactive tutorials is questionable, Beasts & Robotics are in a precarious state right now, Trials aren't back yet, Melee 3.whatever hasn't been released yet, Specters just....exists, as does stealth, and I could mention hundreds of wasted opportunities to flesh out the lore, but I won't. It's redundant to even waste my time on the forums, DE doesn't care about this platform. At this point, I could make a name for myself on Youtube to grab their attention way easier than with any half-decent/garbage concept I could come up with here. They'll keep pushing on ahead with whatever random idea until some big-shot with a decent following, or someone like Rahe, actually riles them up. God, I don't know if feedback ever really mattered, but I sure wish it did now. I don't think the New War will change much unfortunately, they'll still be running around like a decapitated chicken, tending to far too many unnecessary tasks at once.
  21. This was bound to happen with the Helminth system in place. Why put all that time & effort into fixing a Warframe when you can replace their garbage abilities with something better? It's not like other F2Ps go to such an effort to make sure their playable characters are at least balanced or useable...Oh wait, they do. What's your excuse, DE? You're lazy, nothing else to it but that, that's why we've got content half-a-decade-old that's in poor shape.
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