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  1. ENDGAME CONTENT IN WARFRAME WHAT!!!! Yea we all want it, admit it. Ones you got every last grinded point of MR and 50 floofs in you ship, you want something to do that is for the players who want to push themself to the edge.this idea can be changed or expanded But i want opinions about this. The content will be grindy but in a good way. This MIGHT sound crazy but i would really like too see customisable warframe mods, yes customisable warframe mods. The idea is this. There will be a special mission on the starchart in the void or somewhere. There you have a special kind of defence mission where you need to protect a powerfull crystal or something els from enemies. These enemies won't start at level 50 or like that, no they will start at level 100. The enemies will also have special effects every round. These can be resistance to sertain damage types, nullifier bubbles around all enemies or even your own weapons with your mods on it (far weaker mods so they won't 1 shot you). On top of that the defence objective is special as it has a set hp that WON'T regen. And on top of that if the objective gets damaged it will release specter like enemies that want to kill everything and ignore abbilites. This makes it a challenge already but you can just take inaros and tank it all right?? WRONG! everyone will have a set amout of hp that they WON'T be able to regen in any way or form (think blessing from trinity and renewal from oberon) those kinds of healing abbilities. Now you will be like "why would i want too play this when its so hard". The answer is 'orokin mutant cells'. These cells will allow you to make your custom warframe mods. When playing the mission you will get standing/points for a syndicate or whatever. you can trade the standing or points for the mutant cells to infuse with the special warframe specific mod. These cells can be anything from health too enemy radar. But there is a cap for how much the mod can have of course. Which is why you can also buy cells that decrease the primary mod stats (strength, duration, range and efficiency) to increase the capacity of the customisable mod. This opens a lot of possibilities for builds and ways to play different frames. You can make a volt mod that has max strength and sprint speed and make even the flash look like a joke. Or you can make a chroma mod that makes it so you overkill everything 15 times over instead of 10. Again i like too hear what other people find of this idea and maybe DE can get some idea's from this. Sincerly, A warframe player that wants endgame content. (also sry my grammer is not the best)
  2. At least wukong's passive is usefull unlike passive's like hydroid's or loki's
  3. Really hyped for this rework. Wukong is a frame that is way to bland in my opinion as you basically only use your 2 and maybe your 4. With this i think people can be more experimental with wukong and come up with new ways to play him. Also his 1 works like duality for equinox i think and if you know how op that is well.....
  4. Question: will we get special gear (like amps for eidolons) to take down the massive spiders in Orb Vallis and if so how do we get the gear??
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